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 twitching beneath the eye?
usally were you get dark circles
the twitching is only on the left eye not on the right
it'll stop for a min. then start twitching again
When i woke up today there was no ...

 m 22 male .. my eye sight -5 .if i don't put glasses is there any side effect?

 New Glasses....lens not right?
I just got me new glasses today, but i didn't pick them up my father did. As I thought, usually the person who owns the glasses can't tell if one lens is stronger than the other. But, I ...

 My contacts are making my eyes extremely red?
I've had soft-lens contacts since July, but they've only started making my eyes red since mid-November.
I've changed my contacts regularly and take them out every night and put ...

 I don't want to wear glasses !?
But it seems like i need to , my dad told me i need to wear them because i cant see some text
from far away i didn't go to an eye doctor yet , but its pretty much obvious i need to wear ...

 what vision makes you legally blind?

 Why do so many girls turn to contact lenses?
I was at an event Saturday night,and a girl I know was there and she had her glasses on at first,but then she left and came out a few minutes later without them as she had put on her contacts,now in ...

 HOW do I get contacts out of my eye??? and other Q's..??
I know how to get them in.. i went to my shopko eyecare place and i got it on the white of my eye and then i remember starring at it for a while, it was all rinkly.. but COMFY, anyways, i accidently ...

 My contact lenses went dry but I left them in solution and they're soft again. Is it okay to still use them?
I've looked online and some people say it's fine and some say to throw them away.
So is it okay?...

 I have "-7" (minus 7) power in my one eye and wearing specs, can it be made normal with some natural treatment?
can it be corrected with treatment which doesn't involve English ...

 Is it bad that i'v been sleeping in my contacts for 3 months straight?
It feels fine. i forget i have them in....

 I can't find my contact in my eye but I know it's there. How do I get it out?
Ok my eyes started irritating me so I went to take them out. It took a while but after I rubbed it I finally found the right one folded up in my eye. Now it feels fine but I can't find the left ...

 Can you feel eye contacts and do they hurt?

 Hi. Is it okay if I went in the shower with my eyeglasses on?
especially if i didn't wipe them?no jokes. thank ...

 Can't look at things without squinting my eyes?
One of my friends recognized a few days that I always looked like I was "deep in thought". I told her I wasn't and realized I was squinting my eyes. Lately, I've been finding ...

 Lump/ball under eyelid, anyone know?
A while ago I had a sty. Or so the semi-reasonable doctor said. Some time after I noticed a little bead under my eyelid. It feels like a pellet or something. It's not near my lashes, it's a ...

 my sons pupil is no longer round its a oval/egg shape what does this mean ?
my son is 3ys and i have just noticed that one of his eyes has changed shape i was round and now a oval/egg shape what does this mean is it anything to worry ...

 What is causing my strange eye twitch?
I had a slight twitch in my right eye for a couple of days but it has happned before and gone away so i thought nothing of it. But this morning after putting my make up on they both started twitching ...

 how long should one pair of contacts last?
i have prescribed contacts,how long can one pair last? can it last for a year or half a year?...

 Do contacts change your eye color?

Annabel M
How do i keep my tobacco from drying out?
I've recently bought a tin to keep by tobacco in, but within a few days it goes really dry. is there anything i can do to stop it drying out so quickly as i don't smoke loads.
Thanks x

put it in one of those things they have for cigars....it works for them. humidifier??

keep it in the pack and put an elastic band around it tightly after you use some.

Should keep it fresh.

My dad swears a piece of orange peal keeps his tobacco fresh.It doesn't make it taste like oranges either so no worries there.

when i smoked we used to put a bit of cabbage leaf in the tin

i smoke tobacco too and i also keep it in a tin but mine never dries out. I did hear once though that if you put a slice of fruit in there that its meant to stop it from drying out but its disgusting as all the tobacco sticks to it! Maybe you should just keep it in the pouch it comes in. Like i said i use the same as you and mine doesnt seem to dry out at all!

Only put a bit of your tobacco in the tin at a time, leave the rest in the pouch. If you are lucky enough to have bought several duty paid pouches of tobacco from Europe, keep them in the fridge

dont keep it in a tin thery are the worst

keep it in the freezer

keep it in the pouch that you buy it in, then keep it in the tin, if you dont smoke very much,put a green cabbage or lettuce leaf in with it

Ron S
Put some of it in a plastic bag in the refridgerator. Only put what you need for the day in your tin.

But I agree with the above, pack it in and you won't need to keep it fresh.

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