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 I see red, blue, and green lines in my eyes when i move them. Please tell me why & how can i fix it.?
especially when wearing glasses / contacts....

 eyes changing colors???
is it true that your eye color changes according to your mood? why and if thats not the reason then which is it???...

 I whant to buy Rimless glases for about $300 does anyone know a place like so?
I whant to buy some new glases for a bout $300...

 What are the translucent bubble-like shapes that seem to float around on the surface of my eyes on sunny days?
They're most noticable on bright sunny days, but they're always in my vision.
They're definitely physical objects and not my imagination because they're affected by gravity (T...

 Bad eyesight?
My friend.
wears glasses by looking at her pictures and her eyes how bad do you thinik her eyesight is?
1 not bad- 10 very bad.
thanks i just want to know....

 Why would an eye dr. recommend PRK over Lasik surgery?
I would prefer lasik, but the doc told me PRK would be a better choice for me. What's the difference other than PRK hurts more, longer?...

 Some questions about laser eye surgery???
1. How much is it?
2.What exactly do they do to you?
3.How effective is it?(how well does it work)...

 Im thinking about getting contacts?
Im thinking about getting contacts but don't know how much they charge for the exam. Also what are some good contacts that don't dry your eyes? How often do you have to clean them and with ...

 Anyone have a really good egg roll recipe?
All the ones I have founf on search engines are either vegetarian, (which I don't really want) or use shrimp as the meat and I'm not a shrimp fan. thanks so much!...

I am worried / curious if anyone knows what are the long - term effects of having astigmatism in your eyes?
I cannot see writting too well like in books, on product labels... and often I need ...

 My left eye hurts sometimes in the back an and my eyesight is getting?
worse!!!!!! Help!...

 what is the point of having contacts if noone ever contacts you?
guess im feeling left ...

 Exceding the daily limit for contacts?
Right now I'm "suppose" to wear contacts for a max. of 10 hours a day, and change them every 2 weeks. Well.. ever since I got them (excluding the first week where the doctor said to ...

 Is having really prominent red eye in photos indicative of any medical or physiological conditions?
I have noticed that I get red eye in photos much much more than most people. Huge bright red circles, when no one else in the photo has them. I have light eyes, but even other people in the photo ...

 do you know any web site that sell that kind of black contact lens that cover also the white of the eyes?
im sorry for my ...

 Can you apply tear drops while wearing contacts?
Will it cause the contacts to stick more to your eyes though?...

 what does this mean?
i see yellow dots often..and no i didnt stare at a light too long, either.
Is it bad, or is it nothing to worry about?...

 Does anyone know of any really good eye drops for severely dry eyes?
My eyes are very dry. THANKS;)...

 Eye hurts.. help!?
I am a frequent contact wearer (daily) and I just noticed that whenever i move both my eyes without moving my head to the right, the eye muscles hurt. They feel sore. I was wondering if this has to ...

 eye floaters cause glare?
I recently started seeing floaters. They are not as bad as when I first got them. But now when I look at light sometimes, I see a type of glare. It's only when I am looking at, for example, a ...

Gas permeable lenses have a cloudy circular haze.?
The soap I use daily, is not effective at removing it. Any ideas??

Quite possible that they may need polished.

try some "enzyme" cleaner like this:


it'll be in the contact lens section of the grocery store or pharmacy, near where you bought the "soap" or daily cleaner..

if that doesnt work, they may need to be polished (ask your optometrist) or even replaced.

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