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 Eye color meanings for green/blue eyes?
Hey I'm Marissa.. I was just wondering what you guys could help me with.. I want to know what my eye colors mean!! I'm just wondering... My eyes are a kind of light green (like a frozen pea ...

 Should I get my eyes checked by an optometrist? I can't focus on near things when I play sports.?
I can still see far, but when I look at my hands-I can't see.
This happens EVERYTIME I play. Is it cause for concern?...

 Why do your eyes change colors?
My eyes have always been blue. Then as I got older they turned grey-blue. NOW, they are green-grey. I rarely EVER see blue in my eyes. In fact, I haven't seen blue in them in months. I miss my ...

 My eyes sometime blur up?
Sometimes my right eye will randomly blur up for like 3 seconds, then I blink and it goes away. Why does this happen? If it helps I already have glasses....

 why cant i look at 2 object with 1 object do i have carprell tunnal?
or tunnal ...

 the little pink dot at the corner of the eye?!?!?
what is it called? like the little pink thing between your eye and nose??!...

 Why do our eyes look smaller when we wake up?
Why do our eyes look smaller when we wake up?
but as the day goes it returns back to normal size?? and what can you do to avoid it?....

 What's my vision?
My friend and I are talking about who has worse vision but I can't find out what mine is. So I have a piece of paper from my optometrist from about last year. I have no idea what it says, and ...

 Hi i know this isn't the right section but could you help me out here?
i need to know if your "short sighted" i.e can't see from far are you + (plus) dioptres or - (minus) dioptres?

it would be a big help thankyou!...

 Will there be negative effects if I am to eyedrop directly onto my pupils on prolong basis?
Esp. when the doctor had prescribed for the use of medicated eyedrop for post cataract surgery for about 4 times on average for a month?...

 My eye glass prescription calls for 24 prisms, can anyone tell me how they work to correct double vision?
After being in a head on collision I developed double vision within a month. My Dr. prescribed prisms to correct the problem and for the first few years I went from 11 to 24 prisms. Now my vision ...

 Can i wear contacts in the water?
like at a waterpark?
how about in a pool?
in the shower?
can someone explain this to me?...

 do you like my eyes, should i get colored contacts?


 What is the average cost of a eye exam at Wal Mart's vision center?
Also about how much are glasses, if needed?...

 I've been sorta lazy with cleaning my contacts, now I have protein on my right contact. How do I remove it?
Yes, yes I know, I shouldn't have! But I learned my lesson. Now I know why you have to clean them every night. Anyways, how can I remove the protein buildup? I tried rubbing it off with solution,...

 Is it okay to use regular glass cleaner to clean eyeglasses?
For some reason, my glasses catch fingerprints easily (even if I never touch them), and using the cloth that came with them alone never really works. If I can't use glass cleaner, what can i do ...

 I think i scratched my eye using contact lenses?
Ok this happened last week. I was taking out one of my contacts from my right eye and as i was taking it out i let go off the contact and the side of it slid off my eye. Now its been bloodshot red ...

 Extreme itching in my eyes?
After every 2-3 days, I get severe itching in the corners (the ones close to the nose in both eyes) of my eyes. Sometimes, the itching is there in only one eye.

When I am unable to hold ...

 Can ones eye change colour?

 I looked up what asigmatism is but I didn't get it.?
Can someone explain it to me in English, and not in Scientific?...

Does one eye see things brighter than the other eye?
It seems to be so for me. Is this normal? Is it how most people are?

♫♥☆XxAly Rox Her SoxxX☆♥♫
It's for me too. One of my eyes in 20/40 the other is 20/20. And that's with my glasses ON so I probably need new ones. And yes i think it's normal. It's not rare..

Ohhh you said brighter... Sorry that i misunderstood. But i don't think there's anything wrong with seeing brighter in one eye.

How MUCH brighter do you see with the other eye? Is it very noticeable? Do you have any other signs or symptoms of vision problems?

Seeing things very slightly brighter in one eye than the other can just be a normal variation between your two eyes, as pairs of things on our body are rarely perfectly equal.

However, there are many eye diseases that can cause one eye to start seeing worse than the other, whether you notice one eye is blurrier or one eye is less bright or one eye sees colors different. So if this is a significant different between your two eyes that has seems to come on in recent years, I highly suggest that you get a complete eye exam with an optometrist (eye doctor) to make sure you don't have anything gonig on back there.

Chances are, it's just a normal variation, but again if it is a large difference between the eyes you better get it checked out just in case.

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