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 I'm 16. When I turn 18, would it be bad/dangerous to get LASIK eye surgery?
I don't want to wear glasses and I'm so scared to touch my eyes that it's nearly a phobia which is why I can't wear contacts. I think that LASIK is great because it lasts for a ...

 What are the glasses called that have a line across them?

 Eye color...............................................?
If you had to choose what color your eyes were what color would you want and what color do you think is the best. And yea I have Blue eyes and is there any way to get the contacts to make them look a ...

 if you super glue your eye lids open can you still goto sleep?
is this some type of torcher ...

 Do you change the solution in your contact cases every night?

 My son Sparrow just escaped in a weather balloon, should i call the media?

 my contact is stuck on the top behind my eyeball. HELP!?
what should i do?! This morning at 7:50am something, i put on both of my contacts on successfully, but somehow the right eye contact went up behind the lids...the left is okay though. I took the ...

 Which is the left and which is the right contact lens?
My left eye is the stronger eye and my right eye is the weaker eye. I have two lens; one is marked -4.75 and the other is marked -5.00. Which lens is for which eye? No my aqueous humour doesn't ...

 When will my eyes stay the same? (glasses perscription)? they were a -8.50 and now they are a -9.00 and -9.25?
My new glasses make things look smaller than they are and its slightly irritating, how long until my eyes will adjust to the new prescription? and when will they stop getting worse?...

 can u rub your eyesif you wear contacts?
im gonna get them and i rub my eyes when they itch so watch should i do?? what should i do when they itch?...

 What will my doctor do?
I am prescribed to Cymbalta for depression & anxiety - I'm also prescribed to Seroquel for sleeping problems and bipolar depression.. I have been taking these medications since November ...

 How can you improve eyesight?
I want to know if there are any exercises or diet that would improve your eyesight please tell me. I already wear glasses and I want to know if I can do something to improve my eyesight....

 my boyfriend is having issues with only his left eye, it goes blurry to the point of him not being able to see?
it's only his left eye and now along with the blurriness there is a throbbing behind his eyeball. The eye will start watering out of no where and then the blurriness comes on. This has been ...

 Im losing sleep over this. please help?
i was at a resturant and someone had a regular red laser pointer and was pointing at the wall .I happen to look up and looked at the side of the laser. the laser beam never hit me directly in my eyes ...

 I have yellow eyes can some one help me?
Im 17 and the white of my eyes are yellow...i never drink any alcohol...i just need help **what causes liver problems like this??...

 where can I buy contact lenses?
I'm tire of getting doctor's notice just to buy contact lenses every year. Is there any good reliable online site where I can purchase contact lenses? By the way, I live in Hawaii so will ...

 how do i get free color eye contacts?
how do i get free color eye ...

 What is astigmatism? I have a little in both eyes.?

 Left eye is red after wearing contacts?
So I just took out my contacts and I noticed my left eye is completely red and my right eye is normal. However, there is no pain or swelling or any other difference except for the redness. What'...

 can my eyes get stuck?
i was told by my mom that if you be cross eyed for a long time the muscles in your eyes will get ...

Can your eyes survive without eyelids?
Do your eyelids help keep the eye in place? or do they just provide protection and moisture. my boyfriend an i are arguing. I say that they provide moisture and protection and that the muscles attached to your eye keep it in place. and he says that your eyelids keep your eye in place. who is right!?

dwarakanathan cr rama
your boy friend is wrong-- whatever you say moisture protection muscle keeping in position --are----correct

If you don't have them your eyes will dry out!

your right lol the eyelids are like ...eh i cant be bothered typing ....your right woooo!!!! go you!!!!! party time1!!

yes they can survive but you would need to constantly be puttin in eye drops if you didnt have lids

~ aLi ~
you're bf can't be right. look in a mirror and open your eye as wide as they will go. if you do it big enough you'll notice that your eyelids aren't actually touching the outer side of your eyeball anymore - so in your boyfriend's world they should have fallen out. also, if the eyelid was what was keeping your eyeball in place, every time you expressed yourself or blinked or ANYTHING you eyeball would move grotesquely in and out as the eyelid moves. ewww (but maybe a littl cool) :D

I hope your boyfriend isn't in medical school.

do a victory dance, you are. the eye is actually shaped like a cone, which sticks further back into your head and is connected via the optic nerve to your brain

umm you are right sorry boif

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