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 Whats the best way to preventing tearing in soft contacts?
I wear contacts so the other day i noticed i had a tear in my left contact which is my good eye. Last month somtime I tore my right contact (my bad eye) but I know how i did that...I had gotten my ...

 Matching color lenses and using anti-glare?
I was just given my first prescription for glasses. I looked and looked to find the perfect pair of sunglasses and was finally successful. Only problem is, the sunglass lenses I have now are a rose ...

 help about pink eye?
okay, my friend for my trip has pink eye and got it on friday. she hasnt been in school for the past two days and her eyes are still real nasty looking. she claims shes coming on the trip tomorrow ...

 Is losing the strength of ones ability to see in color as common a symptom of old age as the loss of vision?
So i know as we get older our vision gets weaker.
But does our interpretation of color also get more dull?

Or is it a question of the brain aging and not being able to percieve color ...

 Where can i find eye glasses with no prescribed lenses?
I'm trying to find a pair of glasses (not sun glasses) with no prescribed lenses, i find that eye glasses looks good on me and i would like a pair....can anyone help?...

 I need to know something about my contact lens.?
I just got a box of contacts and i have a few questions.
On the one of the contact lens the right eye one there is a "123" printed on it.(i think only one eye haves it) What do i do ...

 Has anyone heard of vision therapy? Does it work?
Someone briefly told me about vision therapy. How does it work? What do they do? Is it effective?...

 Nationwide eyeglasses?
In about how much time will my glasses be done if I order them today?...

 Optometrists - colored contact and Dr question...I heard this and thought it was weird...?
I heard that when you go to an eye dr to have your eyes measured for colored contacts you can ask to see what colors will look like on your eyes and how the contact feels...this was hearsay and I don&...

 Why does the white part of my eye between my iris and tear duct get red when I wear glasses?
It doesn't happen when I wear contacts, and my prescription for my glasses is up to date.

I don't know if this matters or not, but I see double when I am not wearing glasses or ...

 If I use optifree express disenfection solution to store my lenses, do i still need to use a protein remover?
it says it removes buildup and disinfects.
But I have those protein drops.

does anyone know if its okay to just use the solution without another protein remover?...

 People with cat-like pupils?
My friend has elliptical pupils (i.e. cat eyes). How does this happen. I imagine it is rare since she's the only person I've ever seen with pupils like that, but is there a name for this or ...

 how often do you need to have a check-up after an eye operation(laser)?
I had my eyes lasered last December and after several check-ups, now I don´t need to go back untill January...will I have to go each year for the rest of my life???...

 surgery done on eyes of pt with cataract with injury?
injury happen at young age now blind in rt ...

 New contacts burning/hurting? Why?
I have the strangest problem and thought I'd finally bring it up and see what others thought. I wear Night and Day contacts (from Ciba, I think?) and when I put in a brand new pair, I can't ...

 will lasix surgery negate the need for cataract surgery?
I have had several relatives that had cateracts when they were ...

 My Left eye is 20/200 & the right is 20/150 or 20/100, idk. Both eyes open I can see 20/80 line. Am I 20/80?
Since i am not walking around with one eye open, and since I can see the 20/80 line with them both open, am I 20/80? This is after my eyes were diluted which makes you see worse so I am possibly ...

 Should I try contacts again?
I've had 2 pair in the last 15 years. Both pair irritated my eyes, although I could see with them. I'm thinking they're a lot more advanced, should I try again? I either have allergies ...

 Can I get a small dent buffed out of my glasses?
I have a dent in my glasses from dropping them on pavement, and now theres a big circle in my vision when I look through it. Can I go to the optical shopped and get it buffed out, or do I need new ...

 Why is it I get eye twictches when I'm stressed?
Whenever I'm extremely stressed I do this really hard blinking thing, (where you blink hard so it looks like your squeezing your eyes shut). Why is that?...

Best eye drops post lasik?
I got lasik a few months ago and my eyes are always irritated, dry and itchy. What brand of eye drops is the best for post Lasik dryness? (specific answers appreciated - thanks :)

Use individual packets of perservative FREE eye drops. I use Baush and lomb (usually the cheapest brand and they put a lot in each vial so I can use it again and again unlike the other brands). I had lasiks too by the way.

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►◙☼♫◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

I got free samples of Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Dry Eye Environmental Lubricant Eye Drops when I had my lasik surgery done. I tried Allergan brand Refresh Tears when the samples ran out but I prefer the B&L brand instead. They seem to soothe better and the drops don't come out too big with the B&L dropper.

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