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 Are there color contacts for astigmatism?

 cherry pop?
what is it when a girl's cherry pop on her first ...

 Daily wear contacts for astigmatism?
Anyone happen to know if there are daily wear contacts for astigmastism? Right now I have the 2 week acuviews, which are fine. But I only wear contacts 1-3 times a week. So I only get a few wears out ...

 my astigmatism lets me see shadow images?
like i see part of the image above it, but its sort of transparent shadowy...if i keep wearing glasses is there a chance it will get better? im nearsighted..although i can still see ...

 How is realignment surgery for the eyes performed?Do they take my eye out of my head?

 Does anyone know how to read an eyeglasses prescription from mexico?
I went and got my vision check in mexico and just got my prescription and yea it says
pl-025 + 2(with the degree sign)
pl-050 + 5(with the degree sign)
are the ...

 Is there a way to improve my eye-sight?
I am a very ative guy in my 40s , spending not more than 4 hours in front of the computer or TV a day.
Recently I get the feeling that I become far-sighted, when reading a book close up the ...

 My left eye gets randomly blurry and then I put contact eye drops in and it gets clear for a bit then blurry?
Could this be allergies? I do have hayfever and all that. And Im cleaning my contacts reguarly....

 vision therapy? Light therapy? people who have been through it.?
my daughter is 4 she has Strabismus and Amblyopia. however she uses both eyes but not at the same time. sugery was talked about 10 mos ago. on both of her eyes. (one turns in REALLY BAD). sooo she ...

 What do you think of eye Laser Vision Correction? Has anyone done it?

 I have an eye glasses prescription where one value is DS. What does that stand for?
I have the following prescription:

R -2.5 -0.25
L -3.0 DS

What does the DS stand for?...

 where can you get contacts that change your eye color?
i was just wondering if anyone knew where to get contacts that can chance the color of your eyes i have heard of it on tv but where can i get them in a store?...

 How do you ask someone's eye disorder (+/-)? Do you start with "What's your prescription?" & how to answer it?

 Are there support groups for people with prosthetic eyes?
I had surgery for an orbital implant and my doctor says there are others like me, but I have yet to find any....

 I want a squint surgery in pakistan.?
Can you pleae tell me about a squint specialist in pakistan(Islamabad will be great ).

Or can you advise me a website where I can find links to doctors in paksitan esp. Islamabad....

 Is there a yoga for eyes? I want to improve my eyesite, please help!?

 I have dry eye syndrone in both eyes. Are plugs the answer? If so, what brands?
Does Medicare cover plugs?...

 My glasses prescription is -.25 -50 x90 and -.50 sph, which I know is low. When should I be wearing them?
I have had them for about 2 months and have been wearing them for watching tv, driving, and working on the computer, but lately I have been getting headaches when I am not wearing them. I know that ...

 Response of the pupil ?
What is the response of the pupil in the right eye if the light is shone on the opposite eye?
If it affects the right eye too what is the reason. What is the mechanism behind it?...

 (EYE CARE) In caring for patient with contact lens, will you instruct them to use the lense interchangebly?
kindly please justify your answer.
thank you.....

Amber, blue and clear lenses for glasses: what do they do? Which is best?

Amber is for people with macular degeneration. Blue is for something also, but I'm not sure what. If you needed one of these your doctor would have told you, so the only one you would need is clear. It's still okay to tint your lenses any color your optical has available, but that just for decorations and that would be your personal preference.

they could protect your eyes from the sun? i don't know.

those are different tints available to make the lenses of your glasses different colors. "which one is best" depends on the person and the activity.

people who drive a lot tend to like brown or amber lenses. thats why nearly all serengeti "driving" sunglasses are brown.

blue lenses have been linked to helping children with some learning disorders (although i do not personally hold that opinion)

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