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 Does Laser eye surgery work well?
In the summer I am really thinking of having it.

My vision is not the best (far from 20/20 vision)

But strange cos sometimes I am very fine without my glasses!

I am ...

 Would colored contacts be bad for my eyes?
I really want these contacts: http://extremesfx.com/p- But I don't know if they would be safe for my eyes,and what they will do after a long period of time.

 Contact lenses make eyes red.?
I bought contacts from 1-800-cotnacts, a year ago, and I think my eyes were fine. Now when I ordered new ones, I noticed my eyes were irritated (Red) with the contacts. Especially in school, I don...

 can u get colored contacts even if u dont have glasses?
can i get contacts that change ur eye color, cuz i hate my hazel eyes. sometimes theyre brownish green, totally brown, and rarely green. (my eye color changes. my grandmother has it too) and i ...

 Optometrist or Ophthalmologist?
I think I may have convergence insufficiency. (double vision, vertigo, sleepiness while reading). I have a history of lazy eye, and I saw an ophthalmologist for that some years ago...


 Why dose my eyes hurt ? ASAP?
So like today and yesterday my eyes been hurting for some reason i don't know why. Even if i sleep late they would still hurt b/c i thought it was due to no sleep. They even hurt when i am not ...

 Why does my vision do this? 10 PTS?
It has happened A LOT lately and already once this morning but when I stand up, i walk a few steps then have to stop because i get liike a headrush feeling and then all i see is black with a little ...

 Why does my eye sight worsen at night?
I have horrible eye sight. I have to wear contacts or glasses all of the time to see even an inch in front of my face. When I wear my contacts, and drive, I am fine. At night, however, I can barely ...

 Are eye excersises to cure your bad vision a scam?
I bought a book, started doing gthe exercises but saw no improvment, a doctor told me its a scam, vision cannot be cured or can get better....

 Weed and red eyes?? Helppp ;j?
how can i make my eyes red like if im high without smoking?...

 Why do my eyes feel so heavy after crying?

 Jewels encrusted in the whites of your eye?
It was mentioned in the Uglies trilogy, but a while back when the information guide to the trilogy, Bogus to Bubbly, came out it said how some doctors are actually practicing it. I don't have ...

 Should you wear colored contact lenses with glasses? Is it better or worse?

 Is true if you wear contact lenses for a long period of time the eyes will loose oxygen and they will........?
Is true if you wear contact lenses for a long period of time the eyes will loose oxygen and they will actually begin to tear and leak?...

 Morning glory syndrome in both eyes?
I read on Wikipedia that if someone has bilateral morning glory syndrome (in both eyes), they also have other disorders as well, such as autism. How true is this? Does the person have more than one ...

 Why does my left eye keep stinging?
about a week and a half ago, my left eye started stinging really bad. I thought it was something under or on my contact, so I took them out and wore glasses for about a week to give my eye a rest. I...

 Is it bad to get laser eye surgery?
He I wear contacts and wear glasses sometimes. I usually where contacts when i'm going out with my friends and i wear glasses when im in school. I was wondering is it bad to get laser eye ...

 What does this mean. (Question in details)?
My friend was late to school. He said that he woke up with a bloody nose and that blood was coming out of his tear ducts, or "crying blood". He said he wasn't crying, it just started ...

 What to do for my eye? It's red, hurts and constantly watering.?
I removed my contacts and flushed it with solution. That was three hours ago. I'm having to keep a tissue to it because its watering so bad....

 How dangerous is it to view someone making lampwork beads if the watcher isn't wearing eye...?
Does the question make any sense? Sorry if it doesn't! What I want to know is: if someone is making lampwork beads using a torch, is it safe for people to watch the person ...

Abuot how many times in 1 day do we blink?!?
I need help. The first answer that Someone does a good answer on will get voted as best answer!

i blink as many times as i want =)

Barb Outhere
On average we blink 20 times a minute, so around 1200 times an hour, but you don't blink when asleep, as your eyes are already closed. So if you work out how any hours you are awake for, and multiply that by 1200, you will get about how often you blink per day.
An interesting fact is most people blink more often when lying, so those professionals who are on the look out for liers, do look for that

Here are some interesting articles:
I have also read somewhere that women actually blink much more than men, but can't find support for this info right now.



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