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baby girl
will my boyfriend change , will he treat me right ?
i have been with a dominering , alcoholic , guy for 3 yrs .
i love him , but will he change . will he treat me right .
and will we have kids . i am a libra and he is a capricorn .
he is sweet when he is okay , but he is sick mentally .

who knows

has he changed over the last few days? if yes, he might . . . if no, i woulnt count on it.

nope! he will not change. you'd better leave him before you have kids with him....!

nope he will not
hard to believe if he really does change
by the way, good luck...

four wheelin' love‚ô•
belive it or not im phychic and im not going to tell you whats going to happen in public

He's not gonna change if he doesn't want to. You can get him help, take him to therapy, whatever but, if he wants to drink he's gonna drink. The behavior he has while intoxicated will never change. Don't put children through that.

Dear lady, he won't change until he is "ready". One way is to try an apart. He will realize how important you are to treat you that way! Good luck!

He will not change. The best things you can do are these:

1. Move out today.
2. Contact his family and let them know he needs intervention and treatment to get off the alcohol.
3. Send him a message and tell him you are history, and he needs to get help for alcohol.

Uncle Tim
Odds are against him changing....

Good Listener
Nope he wont change and if you dont get out of there and ignore his calls when he is saying i want you back all the time and that he will change you wont have a life to live. Remember you only here once so make the most of it and get yourself a proper Guy who knows what his direction is in life!

if you are on here askign if he will change I think you already know the answer----the question is will you change your lifestyle and leave him?

no he will always be like that

One day after school, my 11th grade English teacher gave a few of us girls some invaluable advice. When you are dating someone, this is the best they are showing you. This is the best they will ever be for you, when they are trying they're upmost to win you. If it isn't cutting it, it doesn't get better from here so cut your losses if it isn't up to par and find someone who's best is good enough. Hope that helps.

Darin B
if u can somehow limit his drinking then u'll see definite changes

No, its been 3 years he won't change. Don't even consider having kids with this guy. Kudos for the time you put in with him but you are obviously a nice person so get out now and get on with your life.

He will not likely change. Bail.

Pamela I
I believe you could find someone much better. If he refuses to change or get help for you then you don't need him and his messed up life because you too will be living a messed up life. Find something more optimistic and promising, there are much better guys out there for you and you definitely deserve one. Have faith, get out and live a good life.

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