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Becka Leigh
why do people with depression/anxiety push others away?
do they realize it hurts others?

also, when they get in moods where they dont like to talk, do they still want you there? (even if you arent talking)

do they feel as if they arent good enough for anyone?

and what can you do to make them feel better?

Rachel C.
I guess that is just the way it goes, ask a doctor.

well i doubt the people with depression care that it hurts others.. because they are not even caring about themselves

people in depression just normally wanna be left alone because everyone or anything can set them off or make them upset... once they start getting out of depression... then they will talk to people when they feel like it.

you cant really do anything.. they have to handle it themselves

They feel useless and that no one loves them even if someone is there. They should be medicated

kelvin r
My opinion I think depression is cause by stress and problems the person has...they got to a point they given up or don't care no mre so they don't realize they are hurting people...well you can help by just being with them ... ask if you can help in anything ... and spmetimes it is yhe case they feel less if so make them feel important

Yes, some don't, but don't take seriously

Sometimes, it depends what happened.

sometimes, it pops up now and then

say hi or make friendly gestures.

i know i do becuase it helps me validate how i feel. i know it might hurt others but its almsot a compulsion. when i am in a mood i like ot be alone, and when i want to vent i will...the best you can do is to relax and be there for the person no matter what. they jsut need support.

im depressed myself, and have pushed almost everyone away. when you are depressed, nothing matters but the way you feel, its like a bad day or mood that is always there, every second of every day. yes they realize it hurts others, but mental illness changes your thinking process, and depressed people dont realize what theyre doing hurts other because they are in so much pain. they push people away because they feel no one understands, that they are living in a dark pit with no escape, and theyd rather be alone then try to face people. when depression takes over you its too hard to face everyday things, including people, even if they do want to help. personally, it helps when someone is there to comfort me, but not talking, just being there is enough, talking is sometime too overwhelming, give them time, when they need you, hopefully theyll let you know, just dont give up on them because it seems like your not helping, its the last thing a depressed person needs. depressed people need support more than anything else. a common thought for depressed people is that they are worthless, its a symptom of the disease, which is why if you make them feel important and that your there for them, they will feel better.

Cassandra Marie
i have a generalized anxiety disorder thing. and i do get the moods where i don't wanna talk and want to be left alone. and i don't think it hurts other all that much. i mean it might put a little stress on thembecause i'm on edge a lot but for the most part i control it on my own without help. the people around me know when to leave me alone or not its just the way they are

be patient with whoever it is. you'll get to know things like this.

answer machine
I am being treated for depression for 7 yrs yes sometimes you don't feel good enough, or you don't want people around, Yes you push peopls away cause either you're afraid of getting close or they're afraid you won't understand. There is a web site you can go to it's called "depressions real . com". It should be able to help you understand more.

why push? - it's just uncomfortable to deal with others sometimes
realize hurts? - not sure. either unaware of creating hurt, or figure it's payback time
moods? - if they are not talking, don't insist that they do
not good enough? - that's at the core of most depression
feel better? - compliment them when it can be sincere. in ways that can help them see their worth to you and to others. be kind.

Most of the time we realize that we are pushing people away but we CAN'T STOP OURSELVES.

Yes we do tend to feel like we are not good enough for love or friendship.

It just feels good to have another person in the room.

And lastly whatever you do don't EVER say "What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger" or "Just think happy thoughts and the bad ones will go away"

I've looked over all the answers and gave a thumbs up to the right ones, and a thumbs down to the wrong ones. The ones that make no sense at all, I simply left alone.

Mr. Peachy comes as close as any of them in describing what we feel.

When you're dpressed you have zero energy. If it's bad...yes you feel like "no one loves me" and worse still you might be convinced that they have good reason not to love you!!

Mostly though...it takes less energy to sit alone at home....and when you're really short on energy...that's what you'll do.

As for leaving when they don't want to talk....hard to say...but I think as long as you can stay and not bother them with chatter...maybe make their life easier in some way....run an errand etc. probably best to stay. It isn't so much different than helping a friend with a bad flu in that way.

As for hurting others...if they do realize it...it will only make them feel worse...possibly much worse.

What you can do to help?
1. Be a friend, when you get the chance..listen...don't force or preach.
2. Do what you can to gently encourage physical activity...it seems always to help. (and healthy eating can't hurt either)
3. If it happens each fall...research S.A.D and get them lights on timers
4. If it lasts more than a week or two, and seems to have no outside cause (death job loss etc.) get them to a doctor!

When someone is depressed the cure could be on the other side of the room and they wouldn't be able to go get it. The fatigue is unimagineable if you have not experienced it yourself.

Last but not least....treat the condition with respect.

Depression is never fun..and it is sometimes fatal!

If I was betting on who I'd see again ten years from now...someone with AIDS would have a better chance than someone with a serious depression.

mary w
well from my point of view i have to say we need to be left alone when we feel depression coming on or if we are stuck in a place where we feel it is to overwhelming that is where the anxiety starts it is not that we want to push people away it sometimes helps ,and we know it hurts other people but when we feel like this we don't want them to suffer with the problem and we know that there is some people that will lea sen but at the same time you don't know what we are going through and sometimes your words hurt us so we feel that if we shut our mouths and not talk to any one we don't put the burden on your shoulders,,the only way to help is be there when the person needs you and see a doctor fast before it get worse,,

the "pushing away", not talking etc, are symptoms of the depression. They don't realize the hurt because they are so focussed on their own hurt, If they don't want to talk just let them know that you are there when they get ready. don't push yourself on them, and don't just hang around...unless it's serious in which case I would recommend they get help.They feel like they are worthless and worse off than either a lot of people or a lot of other people they know personally. Be supportive, loving and concerned.

Just letting them know you are there is very good. whenI do't want people around it's not to hurt you, I just don't feel up to anything, even things I normally like. It's hard to explain, just be as supportive as you can.

They're hurting and don't know how to express themselves so they choose to be alone to try and deal with it. Sometimes just respecting their privacy is enough and sometimes giving them that extra push helps a lot. You can usually tell by their reaction what they really want to do.

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