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 I'm depressed and want the pain gone?
I was diagnosed with depression when I was 12. I am 18 now(I'm a female). When I get depressed, it's a physical feelings. I can pinpoint exactly where it hurts. It's in the center of ...

 Have you been clinically diagnosed with depression and gotten better?
How long did it take you personally to get better?
What were the worst things you experienced with it, most common problems?
What things helped you recover?...

 cant sleep please help..?
the las week or so it takes me really hours to fall asleep, i try to keep my mind clear but something might pop up and i try not to but i still think about em, how do i get to sleep beter please....

 I always want to feel emotional pain?
I am so confused im afraid of a lot like i get nervous talking to people and think my opinion dosent matter. i like to stay home but want to get out more at the same time but when im out i just want ...

 How would you know for sure if someone was bipolar?

 Social anxiety and agoraphobic in college?
I think I have both and I am in college and most days when I'm there I feel like breaking down or running away. there are so many people and so many conversations and I never know how to act or ...

 I don't know how to feel or what to do. HELP?
I'm very sad and i get depressed often, about ten times a year for the past 8 years of my life. I haven't seen a counselor and I know why the depression and suicidal thoughts started but I ...

 I need to cry but can't - help me?
A Walk to Remember ALWAYS makes me cry without fail, even if I watch it 10 times in in a row, I would still cry. until now when I NEED to cry, I could feel bubbling just underneath the surface, so I ...

 Does anyone else have HOCD?
Where you're straight, but you constantly have thoughts about being gay and your mind tells you that you're gay, but in reality, you're straight?
I can't stop crying. My ...

 I don't think that I'll ever be good enough for anyone. How do I change this?
I’m a perfectionist with OCD and a low self esteem. I fear that I may never consider myself good enough for anyone.
Even though I have the healthiest diet possible, (I don’t eat ANYTHING ...

 severe addiction to eating paper?
i have this thing where i always eat paper. i take off squares of toilet paper and eat them when i'm on the john, i eat my notebook when i'm in class taking notes, sometimes i'm on my ...

 Whats are some ways to deal with Self Injury?
Ive been cutting for 4 years now and have just recently started burning now, I really want to stop this I dont want to be scarred up anymore than I already am,its just a constant reminder. So I want ...

 RePost: Can someone Please Help Me? I'm Very miserable.?
I'm in college, I have no friends. I just transferred to this new university. I live off campus and I have to walk back and forth to school everyday because my mom won't by me a car and it&#...

 Is Clonazepam A Good Drug For Anxiety?
because im on prozac 40mg & 2011 is the year i finale get serious in a relationship & today i was at the mall & when i sent a cute girl...i couldn't speak because i had like thoughts ...

 How long will heroin stay in your system?
I weight 125 - 130 pounds. Ive done it the past three days ( tuesday, wednesday and today being thursday) and i have a drug test saturday. Will i pass? If not what are things i can do to get get ...


 I think I'm clincally depressed. Am I?
For a a while now I've lost interest in alot of thing I used to love. My friends have noticed a huge difference in the way I act. I hafta force myself at thing I would usally laugh at. I feel ...

 Does anyone have avoidant personality disorder?
do you take medication for it? I'm asking cause I have this....

 Am I a Sociopath??????
I like to manipulate people, I love the rush that anger gives you especially against a person I hate. I will get in arguments, and I can find the sore points, if some has a sick parent or a disabled ...

 Was this a wise decision to make for someone who just attempted suicide?
A good friend of mine, someone who is like a little brother to me just attempted suicide 2 days ago, because he couldn't stand his parents and home life. The doctors aren't letting any of ...

what does orange pee mean ?
when i pee it is VERY yellow dark to orange...

You must be a carrot.

sometimes that happens to me after drinking nothing but milk or chocolate milk as a beverage.

You should go see a doctor. You might have a virus or something.

stud daddy
your very dehydrated. or you took alot of vitamin C

it means your dehydrated. drink more water. A LOT more. in a few days, seewhat happens. if nothin changes go to the docotr.

It means drink more water

Are you on any medications? THere are some that makes your pee orange. If you ate a lot of beets it could make your pee a funky orange red color. Or it could just be very concentrated urine. Drink more water. Renal failure your pee would be more greenish or brownish with sediment in it.

Are you taking any medication? That would be one reason.

Means go to the doctor.

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