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 What do i do when I'm suicidal?
Well, I'm 16, female, suicidal. I used to self harm but someone found out and I went to counselling for a year, my counseller then referred me to my GP who then sent me to a physciatrist who ...

 does anyone know any panic attack relaxing exercises?
so if a panic attack starts and u don't have any medicines can u actually do anything? and can u actually get a real heart attack while having panic attack? i wonder how is it damaging for ...

 Britney Spears?
Its obvious this girl has got serious mental health problems, why hasn't she been sectioned. Instead she's just in and out of rehab making her own desicions about her condition. what are ...

 I have searched signs of depression and have several of them, now what shall i do?
scared that if i see the doc he wil put me on tablets i will rely on forever. Been feeling low for a while, but taking it out on others and its not fair, i need to tackle the problem the right way, ...

 St John's Wort - does anyone know how long this takes to kick in.....?
......? Has St John's Wort worked for anyone else out there or is there something that's better? (non-recreational drugs of course)....

 best way to support an alcoholic trying to give up?
i would love to give some support and help my boyfriend as he keeps trying to give up alcohol but doesnt succeed-anything i can do to help? ...

 Were you bullied as a kid?
Did it leave scars on your personality.? the scars that are left on me is that I'm mean to everyone even people I don't know. I don't want people to think they can push me around. ...

 Depressed 15 year old son - (loss of brother)?
Our family suffered the death of his twin brother earlier this year. Which has really affected him. Their 16 birthday is coming up in a bit. Anything I special should do? Or throw a party and act ...

 Chronic Pain?
i've suffered with chronic pain the past five years. I have no problem dealing with the pain but the fact that i had to give up everything i love (army lol) drives me insane. i've tried ...

 does heroin make people go crazy?
does it cause mental problems?...

 Personality disorder help?
I have read about the Schizoid personality disorder and the Schizotypal personality disorder and unfortunatley the descriptions match me. Is there anything I could do to help myself because I dont ...

 How can I explain to my sister that self-harm is wrong, without upsetting her?
I discovered her cuts after accidently walking in on her when she was in the bath. And i realise that i have to talk to her, but am scared of upsetting her... any advice? (She is 13) T...

 Prozac What has been your experience ?

 Does this happen to everyone?
Hi, I am currently 13 years old and i feel like life has changed, im feeling tired alot and it feels like life is dreamy or fake sometimes. I never felt like this when i was younger so could this be ...

 Can you recommend a good book about someone's experiences of depresion?
A friend of mine is recovering from a breakdown and her treatment is going very well. Unfortunately though I get the feeling that she feels she is the only person to have had such an experience, and ...

 Have you ever had depression?
Please answer yes or no....

 what is schizophrenia?
is taking resperidone for schizophrenia a good idea?...

 Have you ever felt like this?
I keep having thought about killing myself. I know i wont do it and dont feel low, but it keeps going thu my mind. It exspecially hard when im driving home form work, i keep thinging about swuving ...

 why do i keep having really vivid, pretty disturbing dreams ?
i wake up and still think theyre real, the dreams are like reality but really bizarre and it seems like the dream goes on for hours and hours and when i wake up or get woken up (during the dream) i ...

 Help with Aspergers please?
Question from the UK. My son is 27 years old. He (to me) obviously suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. How do I get help for him. My doctor is not willing to help and everything I find on the net ...

scared of death? doctors please help!?
im scared one of my realtives had just passed away today and now im so scared to be by myself and even sleep. i know she would NEVER hurt me but still im scared.. because i dont know why,! because im just scared like im going to see her and i REALLY dont want to. that scares me so much. and i dont know where she is like is shes next to me or something. SO FREAKED OUT AND CRYING HELP!

Nicole H
you should be happy to see her again :D and if u really see her, that means if u die, u can be a spirit and why u should be afriad of bein a spirit? then death means reborn :D

she is your relative. she loves you because you're family and although its hard to accept right now, which is understandable, shes watching over you, but never to hurt you, only to protect you and still be with you. although she's in a different place right now, shes the same person as she was yesterday. whatever you felt of her then, whoever she was then, try to trust her that she is no different right now. you dont know 100% that there is anything afterwards anyways. maybe it would help you to picture it that way? that she has no power or way to inflict harm on anyone. stay strong, its all ok, ly x

Are you hearing voices yet bcoz thats the worst IVE bn there too but just hold on coz youll get better in the end.Oh and no horror movies for you

Brian Nav
its not the dead you wanna worry about.its the living you wanna be scared of

This is a natural fear, we all at some point in our life fear death. Particularly when we witness a death, specially of a loved one. It makes us think about our own mortality. Your probably experiencing lots of thoughts and anxieties regarding death and it's manifesting itself in this manner. The best thing I can suggest is bereavement counselling. Have a chat with your GP Personally I don't believe in life after death, I believe we die, our body is returned to the earth and the circle of life begins again; once your dead that's it. But that's just my opinion.

Party McFarty
Seeing her may not be a bad thing. I have heard stories told by the elderly, and people that grew up in small villages that sometimes right after a loved one dies, it visits it's most precious to tell them one last goodbye. Wouldn't you want to say goodbye, just one last time?

alan m
im the grim reaper

John S
Thanatologists speak of a "resurrection of death" in the United States, but I believe death is still dead here, it only is resurrected briefly to fall once again as our minds move to other matters. You should examine the societal and philosophical implications of death and realize that the existentialist philosophy is not always the correct path. The true path to understanding the death system is to observe the functions of such a system and work backwards.

Think of her as your guardian angel.

Believe it or not how you are feeling can be quite normal ! It's how life lets you know it's time to sort out your life...it aint a joke or a rehearsal...ask your relative !

She loves you and isn't out to scare you...just watch over you.

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