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Little Flower Girl
my dad raped me while I was sleeping?
Just tonight, and I'm very scared. I was in my room but I got scared so I went and slept in my dads room with him. But I Woke up in the middle of the night (right now) and he wasn't there. So I got up and had no clothes on at all, and I turned on the light and there was blood on the sheet and on my legs. So I went down stairs and my dad was in the kitchen cooking pancakes in the middle of the night. And I'm really really scared to back to sleep!!! Please please please ! Email me or just answer the question as you wish. And I don't know if I should call the Police, Well, I'm very scared to call the Police... I mean, I loved my dad...but now? I'm very confused......

Know that Jesus loves you first of all He is the Father of all fathers, if your dad really did that to you just simply pray. If youre sure youve been abused call the authorithy or cops, But before that be sure thats 1st. If your not sure go to the clinic and check.
Good luck, GBU

No one you need to know
Maybe you got your period and we was trying to clean you? i dunno. If you were a virgin and your hymen broke then he proble did. if you werent a virgin then, you proble did get your period.

There shouldnt have been alot of blood if he raped you.

It proble was your period (and made you pancakes in the middle of the night?)

If your a troll you should'nt be saying things like that about your father!!

You're having a nightmare.

blood may be frm your period. but you know your own situation. if you are raped you might realize it

a question for you, did you go to bed with any clothes on? and are you sure you did not start you period? if you had clothes on whrn you went to bed and are not on your period the and you hurt down there then by all means call the police, make sure you have a chance to speak in private so he can not intervine.

Zombie boy
Call the police. that's all I can really say I'm sorry but that is wrong and you should not love him. no one should.

Why would you get in bed naked with your own father? If you were wearing pyjamas or clothing, how do you think he took them off then raped you whilst you were asleep?

If he's raped you, believe me you would have woken up. The blood is almost certainly due to a period. If you still think he raped you phone the police immediately and as others have said, don't wash yourself or the bedding.

Herman said "please don't be a troll" which implies she wants this to be true!

jason s
Call the police right now if you don't want that happening to you again. That is, if you're not a troll. Kinda strange that ya didn't feel anything... Well type for a victim of forced incest also...

Call the police and don't wach yourself, so they can proof ur father did it.

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