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 How can i help my wife with Postpartum Depression?
We just had a baby about a week ago now. She has one older child and she had postpartum depression after he was born, and this is our first together. Since giving birth she's seemed to sleep ...

 i cant live without this girl but Ive messed everything up with her?
i not going to go into too much detail but Ive ruined my relationship with the person that matters most to me. basically, im suicidal. last night i said my last goodbye to her and told her to forget ...

 do you get offended if someone calls you emo & why?
if you used to cut or do ...

 Why am i nervous all the time / whats wrong with me?
lately this month im been nervous i been having
- light headed
- cant sleep
- my eye are tired
- heat flashes
- chest pains
- at night stomach hurts
- my throats ...

 What are the signs of being bipolar? ?
I really think I'm bipolar what are the like signs?!...

 I think i want to put an end to my life!!?
im 17 years old .. and i don't know how to deal with depression!
i just feel like im so alone and everytime i get close to someone they end up hurting me or and turning their back on me. I ...

 Situation gone HORRIBLY wrong! What to do?!?
Appointment gone HORRIBLY wrong! Please help!!?

So today I bought my husband to his Psychology appointment he has some issues he needs to deal with, here is some info on my husband in the ...

 what should i do about my anxiety?
i have been having severe anxiety ever since i came to college, i have three roommates, and i just feel as if i dont fit in, and imma odd ball, i just wish it would go away but every time i see them ...

 when is it a good idea to just throw in the "towel"?
how much should one deal with before they should be allowed to take themselves out. is there a guide or some sort of chart that would indicate the proper means of conveyance? somebody has to know......

 How do I deal with gruesome death as an EMT?
I understand a little...but how do you older EMTs deal with death and help others with death? We see it so often.......

 For ANYONE who knows about section 8 housing...PLEASE READ NEED HELP?
I have had section 8 housing for 2 years now....i had lost my job but recently started a new one...i am in first week of training and it is the BIGGEST NIGHTMARE job i have ever done...i am failing ...

 Is there a way to lessen my computer addiction?
Over the past 5 years or so, my computer addiction started to get worse and worse. It started off when I found a rather addicting online game, and I would spend 3 hours a day; it wasn't that bad ...

 am i bi-polar?????????
my gma, my aunt, and my great aunt are. im positive my dad is...my families a little crazy.sorry, im asking a serious question. my moods change rapidily, and i am extremely sensitive.the littlest ...

 How do I become apathetic about the negative aspects of my life?
I have this inability to stop thinking about the negative aspects of my life, and it's been affecting me for many years now. It's preventing me from focusing on the more important parts of ...

 Can I break Adderall IR into quarters, or just in half?
My doctor prescribed Adderall IR 20 mg for newly diagnosed Adult ADHD (inattentive) and told me to experiment with the dosage, from 10 mg to 40 mg per day to find out what works best for me. I tend ...

 Anxiety medication fever?
Im feeling absolutely terrible now. I have generalized anxiety disorder and a high fever. Im on zoloft 50 mg and ativan but i gave up on the zoloft after 5 weeks. I was also given ativan which did ...

 I think about suicide a lot. Everything is going wrong in my life. please help.?
Im wondering why should i live. Im going to be homeless soon. I can't find a job I have litteraly tried everywhere. My husband wants a divorce. I have nowhere to go. My family doesn't like ...

 what is it like at butler hospital inpatient?
my fiancee is considering checking herself in to butler hospital due to stress and feeling a bit unsafe and constantly angry. does anyone have experience with butler hospital, such as how long one is ...

 I hear voices in my head...?
For nearly two years I've heard these voices in my head, at first it was just one, but as my untreated manic depression got worse, I started hearing up to five. Most times the voices were edging ...

 I can't live like this! Social Anxiety.... suicide!?
I am 23 yrs old black male, and nearly killed myself 7 yrs ago because my social anxiety was ruining my life. I just can't be myself... I cant be myself and I just dont see the point in living ...

i keep hearing a baby crying?
no im not crazy i was sitting on my couch, watching tv and all of a sudden i hear a baby crying, the crying lasted about 1-3 minutes then the baby stopped i look outside and no one was there and i doubt it was my next door neighbors they weren't home

try to help her

Mikey Winslow
Don't go outside. You're not crazy it could be some creep outside trying to trick you into coming outside so he can kill you.

It could have been somebody passing by your house with a baby crying and they stopped and tried to calm the baby down. Or it could be your imagination. Or it could have come from the television. It could have been in the background.

Jimmy Bee
i'v mistaken a cats whining at night a few times for a babies cry.they are very similar.

your house might be haunted....

It's probably a cat. Sometimes they make these horrible noises and scare the crap out of you. Our neighbors have cats that they let roam and it has happened a couple of times to us. The first time my husband had to open the front door to make sure there wasn't a baby on our front porch.

I wouldn't worry too much about that unless you continue to hear things on a regular basis. If that does happen then see a doctor and get a diagnosis.

Black Hawk
I heard that before about a baby crying. Its a person trying to kill you so dont go outside unless you have a gun.

~Born 2 B Hated Dying 2 B Loved~
Well, the inner child in you is crying out for help.

It's obvious. Your maternal instincts are kicking in. You're pregnant

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