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 Sleep problems! Help!?
Ok so this started last Sunday... I can't sleep... My pet started to get sick so i worried allll night well finally monday it passed away... Well I'm over it but I still can't sleep! I...

 I cant fall asleep HELP :[!?
I seriously want to sleep -_-. For the past few nights I've had so much trouble going to bed, and I don't even end up sleeping until about 12:00-1:00. Than I get so tired while at school :(....

 What are some good one year and 5 year goals for a 14 year old?

 Is it possible to have dissociative personality disorder and schizoaffective disorder?
My bf just said I had a 30 min conversation to him about religion (And we're both not religious) and I was going on about how god is real. But I Don't remember a thing. I apparently was ...

 How do I stop self-injuring?
I've done it for a whole now (burning and cutting) but I really need to stop. I found a this website about it: http://healthmad.com/med but I was wondering if anyone could ...

 Did anyone here have such a miserable time in highschool that they are glad they dropped out?
if you are a highschool dropout are you glad to escape the misery of highschool? being a dropout doesn't mean your life if over, since you can get a GED and move on to community college then ...

 Broken ribs and i have bulimia?
i have 2 broken ribs and i am bulimia. even so more now because i cant exercise like i use too.
I have symptoms and i was wondering if its just because i have broken ribs?
-Freezing in G...

 Can you mix lorazepam and effexor?
My anxiety is really bad and i took effexor about 1 hour ago. (just started taking it yesterday) Is it ok to take a lorazepam now?...

 How common is generalized anxiety disorder?
Per 100 people, how many will have gad?...

 am i bulimic or anoerxic?
i been bingeing and purging twice a day for two years since i was 14 on and off.. last year i was in 8th grade i became anoerxic.. i wouldnt eat for days then i got dwon to 79lbs.. then i start ...

 Anxiety and panic attacks?
whats the difference and what happens when you have one? like what does an attack involve?...

 Is schizophrenia a disease or a disorder?
and what are the differences between a disease and a disorder? I'm trying to show how schizo and DID are not the ...

 Is it weird if I like being depressed?
I'm 14 and I'M SO CONFUSED!!!! I feel like i'm going insane. I am depressed, but my parents don't help me. I tried to get out of it by myself by just acting happy and for a while I...

 I have schizophrenia, whats wrong with me?
Whats wrong with the average schizophrenic? Why do they seem so weird and awkward, dont say anything about hallucinations or paranoia, just call it neurotic behavior? Btw I dont have any paranoia or ...

 what should i do? depression...?
I feel I am entering a very deep depression. I am 17, hated my life for the last 4 years. My parents critique everything I say and do. Everybody is better than me. My father once even joked ...

 High School Suicide/Love Help?
So this is a bit complex of a situation. I don't know how common it is, but all I do know is that I want to take action for it.

Alright, so I have two best friends, let's call ...

 i am depressed. there's no other way to put it, someone please help me get over him?
i fell in love with this guy two years ago. he knew i existed, but i'm sure he never even considered me like that. we go to different schools now, but i still think about it, and it hurts, a lot....

 I've thought about suicide...?
Well i dont think i would ever actually do it...suicide has been on my mind a lot.
I have also been depressed for a long while.
I'm not going to go into all of my problems ...

 What should I do while I'm looking for a job? I feel kinda no good right now?
There aren't any openings to all the places I've called. I'm relying on a job fair next Friday to hopefully hire me. I've applied and called and get email/letters saying I was not ...

 WHat is the disorder called where a girlfriend is obsessed with a boyfriend?
she doesent let him talk to any!girls not even his cousin....

i feel like bugs are crawling all over my skin. sometimes i hallucinate and see bugs crawling on me and walls?
with my peripheral vision i see this. what's wrong with me?

You have to go and get your eyes checked immediately....unless its a mental problem but i don't want be so quick to judge...

* my mom once had something like this and she had to get surgery in her eye because she had a black hole, and the bigger it gets the more you hallucinate. you might see stripes on the walls or things brighter than they should be...it can get trippy.

Sweetie! I am sorry your are experiencing these problems.
Go get your eyes checked, and maybe talk to a therapist about this situation..
She can help you express your feelings, and try to work things out, and suggest some tips and tricks also!

Good luck!

Keenan Lennox
I had the same problem you have to get your eyes checked or and it could have mental problems not any too bad though or it could just being depressed worried or problems with something your eating or drinkin

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