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how can a very quiet teen be diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1?
i am sure the signs of bipolar were brought on by the antidepressant given to my teen, now though 10 months later always very quiet never hyper, dr's still want to say she has bipolar, is this possible

IF (and that is a big if) the initial diagnosis for bipolar illness was correct then your daughter will always be considered to be bipolar. It is an uncurable illness (they say) but can usually be treat with drugs so that the person can function fully and enjoy life without too many problems. I would seek a second opinion on the diagnosis. The Social Security Admin treats bipolar as a disabing illness if it cannot be treated with drug or if the person cannot function normally in the work place due to the illness. If the family has a history of bipolar disorder, genetic testing may prove she has it. Not always true at this point that a negative DNA test means she does not have it. If drugs are prescribed it is MANDATORY to follow Drs orders. If the person feels fine and stops the meds they are at serious risk of suicide. That is what happened to my brother - just got his MD, dead at age 24. They all want to stop the meds to feel the high - the meds bring them down to a more dull level state.

Some people can have prodominenly depression. I read it some where. I have some site addresses for bipolar they include stuff about kids with it. I don't know if it'll give you any answers, but it might. Rember these are just info sites they are not asubstitue for doctors. There is a lot of stuff and some contain stuff others don't. http://www.mcmanweb.com/bpfaq1.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/bipolar_disorder Then if you wish to see whether the antidepressant could have bee brought on or made worst - which antidepressants can do try this site. Click on the name of the antidepressant she was on and see what it says about taking if bipolar. http://www.crazymeds.org

Certain anti depressants can trigger mania, if a person has bipolar disorder. There's been much research to show that bipolar has a strong genetic component, so it may be that the medication acts as a catalyst, in much the same way that stress can. However, if the medication triggers mania, then it's likely to be quickly changed. As many other people have said, the manifestation of the disorder varies from person to person, with some people cycling daily or weekly, while others cycle less than once a year. If you're not sure, talk to the doctor about discontinuing the medication. Bipolar disorder can be managed without medication, but it's still obviously there. Medication is not always the answer, and trial and error, either with meds or without, is the way to find what works for your child.

With Bi-polar,also known as manic-depression, a person goes from being way up in moods one minute, to way low the next and has trouble finding a middle ground, So based on moods, a dr. may come to this diagnosis, In bi-polar a person is either at one end of the scale or the other, always to the extremes. Doesn't have to be hyper or vocal. It's mood disorder. I know a few people who have it, and each one is different, but each has extreme mood changes, where they are either way up or way down. One person that I know gets extremely quiet when he is on the down side.They have trouble finding a middle ground and all say that their mind races, from one thought to the next and they have difficulty vocalizing what's going on, on the inside, and have told me it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to choose one thought or one feeling at a time, so they go to the extreme and either get really angry with themselves and act on it, (take it out on other people or themselves) or they get totally depressed and withdraw . (If that helps any) In my own personal opinion, Anti-depressant Drugs, and teenagers are not a good combination, especially if the person already has sad or any negative or confused thoughts/feelings. Because Anti-depressants only accentuate these kinds of thoughts they may be having already, and it can intensify feelings making them seem worse in the mind than they really are. People with Bi-polar, have trouble distinguishing between thoughts and feelings, between what's happening to them and what's imagined. As you may or may not already know, there have been links to suicidal thinking and Anti-depressant drugs and teen-agers. It's been my own experience that using drugs of any kind, to repress thoughts & feelings to a teenagers,can be the worst thing a person can do. Teenagers need to learn self-expression and to have a safe place to say what they're thinking/feeling, no matter how angry or painful it may sounds to a listener, they need to learn how to release it and get it out, so it doesn't build into disorders and behaviour problems. If they can't find it at home, they'll look for it else where.

Dear Abbey,
I was diagnosed as bi-polar at fourteen, and at one point put on Prozac. It was the worst thing that they ever gave me, and I totally agree with you that it makes the symptoms worse. It's definitely possible that she's bi-polar, but it's also a known fact that doctors will do just about anything to put you on medication.

I understand how you are feeling as I am a mother of someone with bipolar disorder. but what I need to say is if the antidepressants caused a manic episode then your son has bipolar. You see antidepressant don't make someone have bipolar but bring it to the surface. So it was just there waiting to come out in the first place. also remember the fact is if its bipolar l then most the time people only have a few manic episodes in there whole life. take care good luck

greannie G
Ma bey bipolar is like some other disorders. Just because you take meds doesn't mean that you are cured, Meds just help keep it under control. I am bipolar. At 55 years old I have finally found a medicine that I can take and actually function without going to sleep. I refused to take anything that makes me a zombie. I take Zoloft. I love it! Perhaps your son could try different meds until he finds the best one. God bless jg

Ricky H
Yes it is possible, she needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, they specialize in these matters. If it were brought on by the use of antidepressants, the psychiatrist would have full knowledge if that were possible or not. Antidepressants do relax you, some more than others.

Gemma S
It may not be what she is saying or doing that, but rather what she has told the doctor she is thinking. She may not feel comfortable telling you or her peers scary things that may be going on in her mind, though she may have told her doctors. Make an appointment to see her doctors and ask them why they are giving her this diagnosis. Ask them to explain to you what criteria for bipolar disorder your daughter meets. You are ultimately in charge of your daughter's care; don't leave the office until they have explained it so that you understand. If then you still don't agree then find another doctor and get another opinion. Do some research yourself. Talk to your daughter - how does she feel about the diagnosis?

I wonder why the anti depressant was given in the first place. Most teens get depressed. It is a difficult time especially for the non brazen, non-aggressive non loudmouth types. I wish I knew more but all I can say is I would be really careful about getting your daughter 'labeled' like that. I would do anything to change the situation,( including moving, changing schools, starting different activities like riding, tennis -not the usual team sports, remodeling her room-anything to divert from routine and hopefully elicit a response) before I gave Rx ! ( but as I say perhaps there is more to it I do not know)

Vanilla Troll
It's possible for her to be misdiagnosed. Psychiatric diagnoses are not the most scientific or reliable diagnoses in the world. You can't take an x-ray and verify the existence of the disorder. Have the same patient see 15 different therapists, and you may get 15 different diagnoses. Currently, the most overdiagnosed disorder is Bipolar. If you look in the DSM-IV-TR, you'll see that your daughter must have experienced a manic episode without a major depression; a hypomanic episode, or a manic episode with a major depressive episode. Mania is not a quiet disorder. Get a second opinion.

bipolar is just as over-diagnosed as ADHD. do some research with your teen and ask some questions. "hyper " doesn't have to be a symptom, racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety can be part of the mania. if it is bipolar, you might want to see another dr. since there are more appropriate meds than just an anti-depressant.

The doctors do not want to say she is bipolar. They want to bill you or your insurance company. Get her off the drugs. take into consideration that she is a teen and is probably imitating someone close to her. Tell her if she is good you will give her a lemon drop.

Bailey R
Too many kids nowadays are diagnosed as bipolar or depressed without just cause. I say diagnosed as in, 'prescribed medicine.' I spent my freshman year of college on antidepressants and was miserable; I dropped them, started exercising, and deliberately tried to make & be with friends, and felt better pretty quickly. A lot of the time, being 'bipolar' or 'depressed' is a factor of lifestyle and one's environment, combined with the changes of growing from a child to an adult. Medication and diagnoses of mental illnesses don't really comprise a cure. If I were you I'd do what I could to get her active and engaged in activities that she enjoys (hopefully outdoors and/or with happy friends). That's the best cure, I know from experience. Having an emotional condition is very self-serving, self-perpetuating. Your medication and somber lifestyle contribute to growing loneliness, boredom, restlessness, alienation from peers, etc. and the best way to break the cycle is to force yourself, or be forced, to practice a healthier lifestyle.

Lose yourself
Im very quiet but ive been told that Im also very mentally stable it could be bipolar but shes probably just naturally quiet it never does me any harm in fact I found that it makes my personality more attractive to others

People with bipolar disorder cycle at different rates. Some people have manic episodes once a week while others do once a year. It's different for everyone but, yes it does make sense.

i believe they can test bipolar threw blood tests.

Most of the quiet kids have something to hide that is why they are quiet. Remmeber that Korean Boy at Virginia Tech

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