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 I'm bipolar and switching from lithium to topamax, tried lamictal and it didn't work, any advice?
I read some of the comments on the web of users of Topamax and wondered if it was effective for Bipolar Disorder, if anyone has any info on this I would appreciate it. Lithium worked really well at ...

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 pls explain the concept depression?
i know it occurs as a result of frustration.let me say i sometimes get frustrated and fed up of everything,including life itself.at first, i thought it was only meant for youths like me, but later ...

 should I go talk to my mom and what should do and Watch Star Wars? Because I am thinking about hurting myself.
This is jedisara29. I so depressed and I am thinking about killing myself because people in my whole life made fun of me and people on this website made fun of me because I like Star Wars. What ...

 kindly teach me time listed steps to follow that might help me to stop talking a lot ?
iam 22 years ...

 How do you know if someone you love is a hypochondriac?
Seriously, not joking....

 how can i find out if my bf been in mental hospital or no?
recently I notice my bf reaction is weirdo and he told me he been in mental hospital but not because he is sick but some people hate him put him there i beleived him,what he says now he never been ...

 Should suicide be legal ? It is no longer illegal in England (Europe)?
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 i feel suicidal i wanna die?
thereis too much to write read my past questions if u want if it helps a ...

 night owl needing to break habit HELP?

 does anyone else have rapid cycleing bipolar?

 Sometimes I feel like I should just end it all?
I mean life seems s hard for me. It seems like everytime I am calmed then another life crisis hits me again. I just feel like Im losing my mind. It seems as if lefe wasn't meant to be enjoyed ...

 serious problem?
I got married at the age of 19 and have 7 years old daughteri have not been staying with my husband for the past 3 years my daughter is with him only. I got a good job in HSBC hyderabad so came ...

 Why do guys hold there D****?
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 Do you talk to your computer?
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 What is telekinesis?

 what is the abbreviation of sky?

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 I have a friend whom I think is considering suicide, how can I help her?
She is severely depressed and when I mention seeing a counselor, she says no and breaks into tears. She is on meds but they aren't helping and none of the other meds have helped her either. She ...

 If a person has a prevalent fantasies, can you say that she is psychologically disturb?

does xanax come in round pink pills or are they all football-shaped?

Pork Chop
Yes, my mother has a prescription for Xanax and they are a light colored pink with a break through the middle.I do believe they are an off brand.If you are unsure about what your pill is, you can take it by your local pharmacy just for a good reassurance.Enjoy!!!

i dont no but can u jus give me the points

Blue , white, & green as far as i know.

Ask your pharmacist. I think they are round pink pills. My ex-wife used to have those.

it depends on what milligram you take and whether you get a generic brand or not.

everything's eventual
The pink, SMALL white and blue ones are oval....The Xanax know as "sticks" are also white but a rectangle segmented into 4 squares. None are "round".

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