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does smoking make anxiety worse?


Mr. Shpongadongle

yes because when you smoke you don't deal with your problems, so when you're not, they are worse.

so does ecstacy. because it tricks ur brain into thinking its really happy by dumping out a load of this thing (forget what it's called) and makes you feel really happy, but when you aren't taking it, your brain doesn't have enough of it.. so you're depressed and want more. it could take weeks or even months for your brain to create more, so in the meanwhile, you're depressed, and want more.. take more.. and you're using up more tham your body can create it and it kills you.



Toss that Yeyo and Run
If you made two groups of people, one group suffering from anxiety and the other people who don't have anxiety, you will see that in the group that has anxiety about 50% of them smoke. In the other group you would find that only 20% of them smoke. There is a lot of research going on with nicotine and mental illness and everything indicates that mentally ill persons get relief from their symptoms. 70% of people with bipolar smoke and an astounding 90% of people with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders smoke.

Ra Ra Rasputin
smoking makes everything worse

I think it makes it better, while you smoke, but you get more anxious faster and need another, and another, and another...

i am not a smoker but i smoke when i have to sit for an exam like this weekend and i relax

YES IT DOES. I have generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks so I know about anxiety. I also smoke. Smoking brings you an overall calm feeling initially. HOWEVER, after a good 20mins to an hour anxiety symptoms are aggravated. It makes it worse. And whats worse than that is the anxiety is prolonged way after you have finished smoking. My psychiatrist tells me not to do it.

umm let me think
doesn't smoking make everything

wah hoo for freedom
as soon as you have addicted yourself to nicotine you will experience anxiety every time your nicotine levels drop below a certain point. haven't you ever heard of a smoker having a " nicotine fit"? It is the trademark sign of nicotine addiction.!~!

Red Thunder
yes, since your body is craving for nicotine all the time it will increase your stress levels

I quit a long time ago, but I remember that when I was nervous a cigarette calmed me down. Must be the nicotine. You should definitely quit though.

buying cigarettes at the price they are now could definitely cause anxiety!

For me it alleviates it. But I'm sure on some medical level it does something internally that probably makes it worse biologically.

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