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 Anxiety Attacks?
Okay i suffer from anxiety. Its mainly at night, I think everything is wrong with me. I won't take meds at night in case some side effect happens. I hate it, I wish I could get rid of it. When ...

 how do i tell my mom?
eating disorder..depression.. talking to a counselor at school but nothings working. My friends are getting annoyed and i don't know what to do. they want me to get more help but i'm ...

 Does my girlfriend have Bipolar ?
Ive been with my girlfriend for almost a year now.. and she has severe moodswings every day, she will be happy and cheery one minute, then just like that!, she looss control and takes al her anger ...

 Should I Seek Treatment? What Should I Do?
I'm in really bad mental and physical health, I don't feel safe with myself. I've dropped weight, can barley sleep, I'm depressed and paranoid that everyone and everything is ...

 If marijuana made me very anxious will vicodin?
I have insomnia. I have a medical marijuana card but marijuana only made my anxiety worse (though it slightly helped my insomnia). The doctor is prescribing me vicodin. Could it make me anxious ...

 has any one developed a major anxiety disorder after quiting pot?

 I gave him all I have, and he decided to break my heart after all these years?
I have been on and off with the same man for 9 yrs. We have two young children and have been living together. He has changed so much recently, a month ago he was telling me how much he loved me. C...

 Why are there SOOO many depressed people out there?
I know the world is not that bad. It can be trying at times. What is wrong with the global mind? Why is it so stressed?...

 can a person be honestly happy if they live with a mental illness?
i have never had one so i dont know. but can a person who is mentally ill but not incarcerated or anything live a life in which they are happy? or do all mental illnesses involve an inherent ...

 Why is this happening to me I'm 16? :(?
One day I was walking home from school and for about 5 minutes I was convinced I wasn't there at all it was as if I came out of my body and I wasn't really walking down the road. If that ...

 What are the effects of ecstasy. ANSWERS PLEASE?
What're the effects of taking an ecstasy pill? Not the long term effects but the effects that happen right away and how long does it take to take effect?...

 i need help in a life altering decision?
So I just need some opinions, advice, something, I dont know what else to do. So heres the story, and its along one, so, yeah. well for the past 15 years ive been living with my mom, and from what i ...

 does this mean im depressed..im scared (16 years old)?
ive always been sensitive and kinda quiet and shy. lately i cant deal with my feelings anymore, il blare music in my ears high as it will go becuase it prevents me from thinking about anything. i ...

 Please help Ive lost all hope?
Im feeling very suicidal. Ive been depressed for the past few months. because I was put on probation in April. Ive also got an anger problem, which leads to my attitude. Noone has done anything to ...

 Did I have a panic attack?
My friend texted me last night, angry because she found out that I've been cutting myself and that I didn't tell her because I didn't trust her. I started shaking violently and I felt ...

 How can I relax for a speech?
I have a senior project speech coming up soon and every time I practice it with a teacher or even think about it I'll become shaky and very nervous. I have always been like this even when I'...

 please help..molestation?
ok, so when i was in 4th grade, i used to go over to my cousin's house after school. sometimes he would tie me to poles and stuff and start spanking me. then he'd tell me to take off my ...

 Why do i feel so bad?
there's nothing wrong with my life. i'm good looking, i shred the guitar, and my family has lots of money. i'm going to school to be an audio engineer but for some reason i don't ...

 Is there a mental health forum where you can post anonymously about your problems/depression?

 do i have the right to tell the person beside my dorm to be quiet?
quiet hours start at 9 but can't study because they're singing and playing ...

do antidepressants make your anxiety and depression worse before it gets better?
how long does it take to get better Im taking it mostly for anxiety/ocd its luvox btw

What antidepressant? I know prozac (flouxetine) takes at least two weeks to build up in your system, then you will start to gradually see results. If you depression or anxiety is much worse than before starting the meds, tell your doctor right away, as some people (rarely) have a manic reaction to certain meds. Don't stop taking any medicine without talking to the doctor first though, because this can aslo cause problems.

I never understood why antidepressants are so widely prescribed. Most cases of depression are caused by problems in someone's life. My father took me to so many counselors as a young teen to 'solve my problem'he ought that since it wasn't 'helping' that I should be prescribed something. The reason I was even depressed to begin with was that he was hardly ever around and didn't listen to me when he was. I didn't need medicine, just my father's time and attention.

Keep in mind that antidepressants are treating the symptoms and not the causes of the problem. If you want to fix all your emotional problems, take one of each of these every day. SAM-e 5-HTP L-Tyrosine They are amino acid based supplements that help to replace the depleted neurotransmitter chemicals that your brain needs for your emotions to function properly.

sometimes. but only because different drugs have different reactions in people so its hard to know how its going to effect you. i had BAD reactions to prozac but on amatryptaline (sp?) i had none. my mom had reactions to a few of the ones she tried, but her reactions were mostly from being perscribed too high a dose.

Your mom
In some cases yes. It depends on the chemical reaction with the drug in your brain. If this keeps happening see your doctor.

It can do in some people, although it didn;t with me. They usually say to give them up to 8 weeks to start working properly. I would try and stick them out for a couple of months is poss, but if you're really suffering, ask to be switched onto something else.

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