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 anxiety is killing me can someone please help ( as many answers as possible please)?
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 How to combat stress..feeling sick all day?
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 I think about suicide every morning?
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 self harmers, is it just me who feels this way when i hurt myself?
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 Pretend people are next to me?
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 Why do I feel like this?
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Will trazodone induce mania?
I have just been prescribed 150mg Trazodone for sleep. I was doing some reading online and it says taking an anti-depressant without a mood stabeliser can induce mania in people with bipolar. But my dose is such a low dose I'm not sure. We aren't sure I have bipolar yet because I didn't get to the docs on time for it to be diagnosed so I'm not on a mood stabaliser but my doctor suspects it COULD be bipolar as well as schizophrenia from all the symptoms I listed to her.

I really appreciate all your responces. I've currently not started taking it just incase.

well you ought ot be ok,im sure your g.p would not have prescribed it other wise
there are some side effects when taking any medications but everyone is different
trazadone is an anti depressant with sedative qualities
but there can be a risk of "excitement" as well as many other central nervous system affects

try take it and see how you get on with it,but dont stop taking it suddenly!

go back to your dr if there are any concerns and try get a diagnosis
best wishes

Lynn Henty
unlikely, its a popular sleeping pill because it heavily sedates some people but not all
started as an antidepressant

Trazodone is an anti-depressant. Since it is sedating, it is frequently prescribed to induce sleep for a person who suffers from insomnia. Anti-depressants may induce mania in a person who is bipolar. However if you were prescribed Trazodone by a physician, I hope you trust that physician's recommendation enough to listen to his or her instructions.

Trazodone isn't actually a sleeping medication- it causes drowsiness, and that's why it's prescribed for insomnia.
I don't quite know about it inducing mania. I was taking Trazodone for a little while over the summer, and I had some strange side effects. I was having hallucinations and had a weird feeling all the time.
Of course, that was just my experience. I'm sure it works great for other people.

*best wishes*

My psychologist once told me the easiest way to diagnose bi-polar is to put the person in an anti-depressant and see if they become manic. So yes, it is a documented reaction, but if you don't actually have bi-polar then you won't become manic.

phillip b
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I thought perhaps you would like to have a record of the people you have helped during the time I have been sending reports. M.L. -angina, complete recovery. D. L. -duodenal ulcer, complete healing. B.L. - Angina, complete recovery. P.D. - Leukaemia - apparent full recovery.

On behalf of my mother, daughter and myself may I thank you for the lovely day at your Sanctuary last Tuesday. My mother is so much better it is truly amazing. She can stretch out her arms and even raise them to her head and her walking is much stronger. My daughter was very impressed, too. 1141/6
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