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 do u worry about how u come off to others?
sometimes i worry about what my body language may be saying to other people. i mean depending on your mood you will display that through your body language. sometimes it scares me bc i wonder if im ...

 Can lithium cause people who have bipolar disorder to commit suicide?
I was told that lithium is the common medication used for those who have bipolar disorder to prevent them from becoming depressed and having suicidal thoughts. I had a friend tell me that he lost two ...

 help I'm so depressed that I just cry all day.I?
I can't work right now.I used to working so now i feel like i don't have purpose.My husband and I just boght a wonderful house but I just can't shake the way I feel.Yes, I do take anti-...

 No insurance and need psycological help?
I am in desperate need of some help, having thoughts of hurting myself. Have anxiety attacks, paranoid delusions, think that everyone is out to hurt me mentally. can anyone help? I live in kent, ohio....

 I feel so alone and despondent. Please help.?
I have a very emotionally, mentally abusive mother and an absent father. i'm not yet eighteen. I'm neglected and ignored almost every waking moment. Due to my lack of social skills/...

 Is it possible that a BIPOLAR person could be in the MANIC stage ALL the time?
My friend's sister is 18 & has a 1-yr. old baby, & she mistreats her baby when she's on her manic episodes. But she's manic ALL the time. More like 97% of the time & 3% ...

 Help Please?????
I have a Special needs child that need alot of attention,Its really hard for me to keep a job. She has to be catheterized,change her diaper every hour,she is on Several medications and has alot of ...

 How bad would things need to get for you to recommend that someone seeks help for their emotional swings?

 Just a few problems. Should I tell my psychologist about it or psychiatrist?
Okay, I'm 14. I have been diagnosed Bipolar type II. Then it moved to major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Now since I got off of my Seroquel, I have to get meds for ADHD. ...

 What was this? Strange fainting?
I have very bad phobia towards blood and needles, I was watching a movie last night and felt the like if I was going to faint (seconds before I faint I see dots of different colours along with ...

 do u find it hard to keep ur feelings to one person when ur in a relationship?
like, ive been in love with someone and we were together for a couple years, but thru out the course of the relationship id get feelings for other people.

im in another long term ...

 Am I shy..or is it a part of anxiety.?
I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder about a year ago. But, I dont know if this problem with not being able to carry on a conversation is a part of it. I am quiet 99 percent of the time. I ...

 How do you clear your mind?
How do you clear your mind when you are stressing?...

 Abilify for anxiety ...?
just increased to 15 mg for ...

 Is there an online webpage to help people with depression?
Just 2 months ago I was diagnosed with depression. Even though I am taking my medication and it has been helping with my mood, something isn't right. For over a month now I have been ...

 Sleeping problem - what can i do?
Many teenagers have this sort of problem.. even though i am dead tired in the evening i find it hard to fall asleep! then i stress and become more awake :S what can i do? thank you in advance for the ...

 free depression hotlines?
is there a depression hotline thats 24/7 i dont feel suicidal but i feel very very depressed anyone know who i can call any one know who i can call im 19 so any teen depression hotlines?...

 How bad can addiction to surveillance security camera monitoring become?
We installed a security camera at our business for about a year, I feel like I constantly have to be checking it and it replaced my normal viewing of television and radio. If the system goes down, I ...

 Who do i have the sudden feelings of "falling off the bed" when i am going to sleep in bed?
I dont really know how to explain what is going on but when i im really tired or sleep late, as im lying in bed trying to get to sleep i sometimes suddenly get the sensation of falling or other ...

 Bipolar and disability? What can I expect at the hearing?
I am 33 and was diagnosed bipolar 10 years ago. I am on my second attempt at recieving disability. I have a lawyer now and am waiting for a hearing. I have been seeing the same doctor that ...

Why is it some people dont have emotions ?
Or its not that they don't have emotions that they just don't show them?.
I don't see how people are able to stop their self's from crying at deaths and that.
I always cry yet my brother(18) hasn't cried since he was a kid. I asked him and he said because he cant ?.
Is there different hormones/whatever they're called inside people like that which makes them able to hide there emotions. ?

I don't know - they are very fortunate.

Death Rose Beautiful But Poison
I Used To Cry When I Was A Little Kid, But Now I Am 13 And Someone Close To Me Died And I Laughed, It Was Kind Of Embarasing, Some People Say Its To Hide Your Feelings Underneath, But My Feelings Underneath Are Not Sorrow Or Empathy I Don't Real Feel Anything And If It Is Anything It Is Relief Because It Is One Less Person To Look After. Although I Think I Have Problems, Check Out My Questions Thanks.

Little Red Riding Hood ♣
Everyone has emotions. Some people are just good at hiding it. Others afraid to show it.

Every one has emotion they just have trouble expressing them. Often due to incidents in their life and they get repressed.

Emotions are controlled by hormones and neurotransmitters. Girls have higher levels of some hormones such as estrogen, which helps us sympathize, and testosterone in men which help us fight. Men and women also have different pathways through the brain for neurotransmitters to follow. While men use their frontal lobe more often, women focus on parts of the brain that deal with familiar items, so we more often compare an external event with something that has already happened to us, though it has no correlation. Women are more stressful, which actually helps us remember more than men. Some people have personality disorders, most commonly antisocial P.D., and they do not have any regard for people because there is little activity in their brain; when exposed to stress they show much less reaction than a healthy brain, and they usually seek thrills that we would see as inappropriate. A funeral would be boring to an APD.

Sometimes...your emotions are released in different ways..you can be feeling it inside but it simply just does not translate in the form of tears!

It can then hit you when you least expect it.
I hardly cry for a girl but my anger,sadness and frustration comes out in panic attack form!!

On the otherhand I will have the occasional day where I can't stop crying at EVERYTHING!!

Johnny Depp
for some people its just not that important to them like things come and go and maybe they learned to accept that and its probably mostly about how people conditioned themselves their whole lives and their values like its more important for them to not cry than to try to cry because peoples enviroments shape who they become as well as the brain that they were born with so in general most all people have emotions they just have different values and perceptions of themselves and the world around them


Everyone has emotions yes but people cope in different ways. I remember when my father died, I was a wreck, my brother sat still and didn't say a word. Sometimes emotions are rooted in the inner body, others are much more free to let the emotions out. many carry their emotions up on the surface. either way there is no right way of dealing with any situation. this is just something you have to accept. everyone is different

hi theree
all people handel things in a different way, some people cry to make them feel better some people dont, or they just like to hide their emotions, your brother probably doesnt want his sister to see him cry. maybe its a man thing ( y'know most boys dont want to be seen crying ) :)

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