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Ellie Cliff
Why does my mood change so fast?
Hi, my mood changes so fast its not that normal, one minute i am really happy to the extent that im really hyper, start prancing around the room and singing at the top of my voice, then next mintue i am really upset i get frustrated and angry , but i dont no ehy i get angry, i cant seem to put my finger on it. Normally for other people something triggers it off their anger, but mine doesnt my mood just changes and it goes to the extreme of self harm. I really dont no what to do, when im in a really happy mood i feel on top of the world! and then when im really upset andry and frustrated i feel like theres no point in living, I really need to no what is going on, because now im more sad than i am happy and its getting worse, I now normally cry myself to sleep, does anybody no whats wrong? There might not be something wrong but its not normal, please help me!

Gina Caroway
Lots of factors could be the cause of this one. People always assume they are bipolar when there are other reasons this could happen.

1 reason is a hormone imbalance in your body somewhere. My mom went through these mood swings when her thyroid began to malfunction. I started the same type of mood swings after my youngest child was born and they continue since I am now in menopause. All because of a hormone imbalance!

Go to your doctor and describe the symptoms. Request testing for all hormone levels before you get put on a medication for bipolar.

Go see the your GP about this and get referred to a psychiatrist as it sounds like you are possibly bi-polar and this can be managed with medicine and changes in your lifestyle. however don't let this get you down ans you can still live a normal life.

good luck

You're probably bipolar. You can get prescribed medicine for that, visit your doctor.

Bipolar. Talk to someone before it gets serious, and it can be easily fixed!


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