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Why do people pace back and forth?

It's because they need to take a leak.

Well...nervousness,imaptiance,lack of charecter,embarresment,shyness. alot of reasons, but there most occurrence.

other way is when you are waiting for something and you can not wait any longer.

Some people do not know if they are coming or going!

because they have excessive energy

it's a sign of nervousness or anxiety

the reason i walk back and forth because it usually calms me down when i'm nervous, scared,ect.

Evil J.Twin
I wish I knew. I don't think I do it but my other half does and it's really annoying. I think he does it because he's bored and doesn't know what to do with himself.

when they're thinking/ anxious/ nervous.

they cant sit still and do nothing.

I pace because it helps me put my thoughts together, and helps me when I'm nervous about something. It's a release.

i know why. have you ever noticed that when you stand completely still for 5 minutes your legs will hurt like crazy? but when you walk it doesnt. so in turn you pace, smae concept as swaying, and it could b considered an instinct because walking helps circulation

people pace back and forward when angry or stressed, and as opposed to hitting a wall, or someones face to relieve the pressure, they release their energy in walking back and forth and perhaps breathing heavily.

I myself just punch a wall

There are several psychological reasons for pacing. There are two major factors that can contribute to a person’s behavioral habit of pacing. One is that of nature, and the other is that of nurture.

If the person was raised by their surroundings to pace. Then they like to do so.

On the other hand one might have adopted the habits from their parents.

Pacing is actually a fairly common behavioral habit amongst human beings. Look further into human’s behavioral psychology.


because it's much to hard to pace up and down

Tater Salad
For some, nervousness, agitation, stress or anger cause excess energy to build up. But these situations usually aren't ones where someone can punch something or run to expell it so in a confined space they pace to clear the mind and the body of this befuddling energy.

stress reliever

Eric V
I do when I am on the cusp of a solution because the rhythmic nature of the pacing stimulates certain parts of my brain which are conducive to problem solving. It is something of a meditative, trance-like state that allows me to produce moments of brilliance.

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