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 depression question. just read?
soo i was reading about depression and i don't want to be a hypochondriac, but i just feel.. blah.

basically at night i either can't sleep at all.. or i sleep for hours and hours ...

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they call me crazy all the time and its starting to make me paranoid that i am..
it started off just by them writting it in my yearbook..but then them saying it to my face..they don't yell ...

 how can you heal depression naturally?
i'm a firm believer in prayer. i pray to God that he heals my wounds of all the pain and abuse i've been thru this past 7 years.
there are times when i get into a zone about my pass ...

 should i kill myself? :(?
im so depressed everyday. i hate school so much because i have no friends in ANY of my classes. i feel so lonely at school and i think no one really likes me. Last year i was so happy! I loved going ...

 how does someone become gay?

 what can I do to stop my depression
*my crush`s older brother hates me bcuss he says i am mean
*i hav friends,but only 1 of em is trust full
*people say hatful things to me
*they say im a nobody
*this one popular ...

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 I'm having a panic attack! What should I do? Help!?
I've had these before, and it never ends well. I don't need this right now. Can't calm down. hands are shaking and i'm getting hysterical. i'm afraid. help me.


 Would you die from this?

 Is it ok for me to cut myself? I think I'm addicted.?
For many years I've considered suicide, however my fear of pain is what's prevented me from actually attempting it before. However, starting a few weeks ago, I haven't been so afraid ...

 looking for natural cures for depression other than meds?
what worked for you?...

 Is it worth in the end????? need i ask more????

 Would anyone miss me if i killed myself today?
Because i feel so depressed its not even funny..... and i am really suicidal..... because when i was 14 i was raped and molested bye a high school teacher and then this year i have been bad my mom ...

 Is self-harm purely attention seeking behaviour?
I was just wondering whether anyone felt that people only self-harm to get attention. Even if they hide it from everyone is that still the case? or is it curiosity? or do people JUST do it to cope?<...

 mental question!?
how many out there are faking their mental illness just to get pills or be on social securtiy benefits? i know there is alot of you! but you wouldn,t admit it....

Why do people knowingly make the same mistakes over and over again?
Why do people put themselves through the same thing five million times, when they know it will be the same as the last time, and the time before that, etc. They tell themselves that it won't be any different this time. But they do it anyways...

♥ lani s
It could be out of four main reasons:
First- such person did not learn from his mistakes. He/She did not suffer that much as the effect of the mistakes done,or it did have just little impact on his/her life,or I could say the effects were just tolerable or ignorable.
Second- such person got no other choice but to repeat the same mistake??. There might be a great impact out of the mistakes done that a person swears never ever to do it again but in the end does it again because it may be the last resort of giving solution to his current crisis.
Third- he is enjoying with the consequences of his mistakes or just love doing it.
Fourth-such person falls in any of the following: got amnesia,apathetic,insane, or just a bit stupid,etc.......

It has to be responsibility for your actions, something is to be learned but not sinking in.

History always repeats itself.

its called insanity.insanity= doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Ms. B
because they like what they're doing, what they're drawn to. and they always think they can make it different. Most PPl learn the hard way

Ken M
thats because the devil knows our weaknesses, and makes them steadily available.

because theyre just plain stupid....

a a
.wonk t'nod I
!!!niaga sdrawkcab s'ti parc hO

Slow learners maybe... Not sure, but I have admit I have been one of those people. I guess I keep thinking, this time will be different. Naturally, I'm always wrong. :)

They are stupid optimists. They'll be the first ones to point out your mistakes but can't see theirs at all. Stuck in a rut, just can't seem to break old habits. It's easier to repeat the same patterns than to break out and explore new territory.

I'd say it is mind over matter. We tell ourself repeatly that we will not allow the same things to happen again. We convince ourself that it's not the same situation. Then one morning we wake up in the "real" world instead of our self made world and realize there we are right back where we have already been.

Happens for me in relationships every time. I never can be enough for the man I love and then one day I wake up after trying and trying and thinking this time I will be and then I see no not this time either.

Because it's a safer path, because at least it is a known path.....

Simply D

Because some people have the foolish notion that something else will "save" them....perhaps God will directly intervene because they are so special. All the time they don't realize that God only helps those who helps themselves.

Other people have self-esteem issues they are unaware of that make them subconsciously punish themselves by deliberately sabotaging things.

Either way, it's sad.

Because they feel that they are getting something out of doing it.... they think by making that mistake they will accomplish something even if it doesn't.

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