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 How can I truly become my own person and be happy?
I feel like I am lost and cannot figure out who I am. I will never try things because I feel as if people will judge me for being different or something like that. I hang out with people I don't ...

 Do I have bipolar disorder?
I have been having:
- Suicidal thoughts
- Cutting myself
- Extreme highs (randomly)
- Crying for no reason
- Easily distracted

My friend who has bipolar disorder ...

 I'm afraid my sister will start cutting again - Judgment Call.?
I have a little sister who is 10 years younger than me. I love her so much and I have helped raise her since the day she was born. We have been very close since her birth.

She is 14 now, ...

 How do i solve one of my many promblems???(im almost 16)?
Okay so I've been through a lot of sh*t in life and been hurt like crazy, but I want to move forward for all of that. I'm bettering myself but I have this problem with people where I put up ...

 Am I a sociopath or pyscho?
Sociopath or psycho. I want to kill someone, sometimes. I rarely think about it but when I do I really don't care about this persons feelings and I don't care what happens to them. But when ...

 I want to kill myself. Help?
I keep wishing my life would have a glimmer of hope, but every time I think something good happens, I realize it's fake. I am not 16, a junior in High School, socially inept and lack any friends....

 is this normal to do?
so i hvae never full on cut until i bleed but some time very rarely i cut my arm a little and it makes me breath better and i feel better. like i just realized i had to write this essay and write ...

 how do i admit myself?
how do i go about admiting myself in a nyc mental hospital? Ive been really stressed out to the point where im hearing things and i just feel like ima lose it. will they only admit people who tried ...

 How does Effexor work for you?
I take Effexor twice a day and I need to sleep alot....

 Is it posdsible to suffer from ADD, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, and anxiety disorders,?

 Why do some people wish to have severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia?
Why would anyone wish they could have a mental illness such as that? Do they think it would be cool?...

 Is this an eating disorder and is there a specific name for it?
Ao for about a couple months now, I have been eating less. So much that I have lost 10 pounds in the last month. I'm starving myself. I use to cut, (because of my depression) but I decided not ...

 How can I get rid of my severe case of Heebie-Jeebies?
I just took my dog to my backyard to go to the bathroom. It's been raining. It's dark out and I didn't have shoes on. I stepped on something that SQUEAKED!!! I'm totally creeped ...

 I REALLY need help!! someone.?
Okay, it's Second Trimester.
And my grades are as follows;
B-, A-,C's, Two D's.
she thinks something is wrong with me.
And it's ...

 how can i reduce anxiety at school naturally?
i have no idea why, but this week at school i have really bad anxiety. during 1st period today, i was super close to crying. i don't know why. i try taking deep breaths, it helps like 5%. then ...

 If you call suicide hotline can they have you hospitalized?
if u tell them ur always thinking og ways to do it ??...

 My eating disorder still lingers...?
I'm now 18 and I've had it since I was 12... I'm no longer anorexic, and back to my pre-anorexic weight, but I still count calories and have funny eating patterns. It's been this ...

 Why do I always feel suicidal?
I have gotten help multiple times at hospitals and I go from phases where i slowly burn every bridge i every made in the most painful way i can think of or doing stuff that escalates every time. I...

 Side-effects of a seizure?
So my friend, Carly, is playing the fainting game, where she makes herself faint on purpose. She does it the safe way, where she hyperventilates, stands up and blows on her thumb, and falls backward (...

 Is melatonin addictive, please read entire question?
I have been taking melatonin because I have depression induced insomnia. I was wondering if once you start taking it for a long time, you won't be able to sleep without it, or you get used to ...

Why do i scare so easily, ugh!?
Ok im 15 (haha ik)
I get scared after i watch scary movies (not the typical scare) It goes on with me for a couple of years. After i saw the move Grudge when i was little (maybe 8?) i have been scared ever sense from the noise they make and im always afraid she is gonna pop out and kill me like in the shower, at night, in empty halls, or in my bed.
And after other movies to i get afraid like that but only a couple of weeks. But im consitently (sorry for spelling) scared of the movie Grudge and Grudge 2. Even after seeing Scary Movie(s) im still scared even after they make fun of the movies.
Why am i so skiddish, jittery, and afraid after so long from movies???

I can feel your pain your not alone....but most of the advices i got was not to drink too much coffee,cause too much caffeine makes you jittery sometimes:)))))-sharexD

Ellie Smith
Make a scary movie... or scare someone.

Being on the other side decreases your fear :)

Haha, dw about this it's natural. I still freak out over stories I've read like ages ago. Don't worry about it I'm really jumpy too :D

Bob Newhart
No worries young one, horror movies terrified me when I was young like you so I just didn't watch them.

If you don't like horror films then its probably best not to watch them.

Sarahhh Bear
hahaha my friend is the same as you
you need to calm down and stop watching scary movies

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