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Why do i have to be mentally ill? Does God hate me?

why? should he?

No, God is all wise and treats
us all equal. It could be generic,
environmental or something you
been thru' in childhood. One
very good cure for depression
is exericse, join the gym everyday
or gardening which is very fulfilling.
Exercise does wonders to your
mind and your whole out look is
changed dramatically i.e. if you do it
consistently everyday for an hour or so.
No kidding, I was cured of mine without
drugs, and now you can testify to others too.

=]] grinn
God doesnt hate you,
He allows you to experience certain situations and difficulties,
so you can understand and sympathise with others,
when they're going through the trial you once faced.

God has a plan for each of us ;)

The amazing thing about mental or physical shortcomings is; there is usually a replacement factor which places you far beyond what you would normally have available to you. Look for it. See if you haven't been given a special gift.

Sassy OLD Broad
God doesn't hate anyone. Accept the fact that you have a problem and take whatever medication that your doctor gave to you to control it. God made doctors too. Stop dwelling on your condition.

the sealer
God is LOVE, so, no, he doesn't hate you or anyone of his creation. You might be falling in the devil's trap. He will confuse your mind so much that you cannot think straight. He will, if you let him, convolute your mind into thinking that everyone hates you, that you are worthless, and of no use to anyone. If you have the presence of mind to sit down and write what you did means you are capable of a thought process. I don't believe you are mentally ill, maybe mentally fatigued, so worn down that you sometimes can't think straight. The devil does not want you to get close to God so he puts negative thoughts in your mind. He does that to me too, but I immediately ask Jesus to help me get rid of those thoughts, and he does. Everybody gets different thoughts in their minds, it's what you do with them that determines what mental stability you possess as far as doing the right thing. You have two spirits living inside of you that are fighting to survive. The one that will win out is the one you feed. God said that you must clean the house of the Lord, that's your heart, for you cannot serve two masters. So what all this boils down to is, let God rule your every waking thought, do not let the things of the world worry you, give your burden to God and he will lighten your load, for he will never give you more than you can handle. " The measure of what you receive will be in the measure of what you give". Give all of your love and thoughts to God, and he will do likewise, this I promise you. Just cause someone told you that you are mentally ill does not make it so. You are a child of God, his creation, God does not make junk. Your answer lies deep in your heart. "Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for you, ask and you shall receive." GOD BLESS YOU.

r u ?..neway god doesnt hate u,evrything happens 4 a reason that is god's plan n if u truly blieve in him n ask him 2 come into ure heart he will deffinitely cure u of ure sickness..

there is no god thinking there is is part of the problem

Mental illness is not the rage of God or a punishment laid upon you. Sadly yes, many people in the world today have mental and physical defects, but the cause, from a biblical stand point, is not that of God's but of the first man and women, Adam and Eve. Because they disobeyed God and ate from the tree of good and bad, they brought about sin. And sin brought death to all of Adam and Eve's children; mankind. So no God does not hate you, he loves you. It is just very unfortunate that you were born with a mental defect. But on a lighter note the bible does promise a world free from sin and death. If you would like to discuss this with me don't hesitate to e-mail me.

no my sister has problems like that to...

Nope! Most definitely NOT hated by God! I have gone through phases where I have blamed everyone and anything. Having a mental illness is probably one of the most misunderstood illnesses and makes it almost impossible to explain to others what you are going through. I often feel totally alone in my struggle...even though I KNOW there are others in the same boat as me.

Stay med compliant and try, as hard as it is, to keep a positive outlook. Stay close to people who at least TRY and understand you. Spending time with people who don't recieve your illness well, will ONLY make you feel horrible.

Good luck and I really hope you feel better soon!!

no child,god doesnt hate anyone,you are a part of him.he never said life would be a bed of roses,there are a few thorns in there too.look at me?i had a 4 way by pass on my heart and i didnt ask for a heart attack either.god said he will not give you anything that you cant handle,so dont go blaming him,we all have problems just like you(some people more worse then you).just pray to him and he will guide the path.

Juanita S
God loves you and he does everything for you because he loves you. It's hard to understand, I know. I just know there's a reason why he allows us to suffer, and one day you will see why. I know he also wants his name to be glorified, so when we are healed, we must be sure to praise him for it! So, 1. there is a reason why you are sick, for some purpose that you can't see yet, and 2. the world is fallen (because of the fall of man) and so there is going to be suffering in the world as a result of that. That's why we look for to Heaven! Continue to pray. I reccommend a book called, "Where Is God When It Hurts."

you are but one of the few special people in this world who has been given a chance to prove to God and to yourself that no matter the illness, optimism and faith and family will keep you going until you reach that ultimate place we all desperately want to become a part of.

By no means, God loves you. You have to make your life as positive and joyful as possible. We have to hang tight, and like I tell my therapist, keep the bubbles level. I was diagnosed with manic depression with suicidal tendacies nearly 10 years ago when I attempted suicide. I have been in therapy since then. With medication, my therapist,and a loving family, I have finally gotten to the point that no one, nor anything can steal my joy. That is unless I let them. The past is in the past, but what you do for your future is up to you. First thing is to stop having pity parties, instead go out and do something that makes you happy or pampered. Have your nails done, get a new hair style, go to the movies. They say depression may be caused by genetics, but in this day and time, depression can be caused by numerous reasons. One reason, people are so over whelmed with stress at home and at work. We rarely have a time to relax our minds, and the more we dwell on the negative in our lives, these feelings over take the positive. But God loves all his children, and things in our lives are his way of testing our faith. Sometimes you have to shrug your shoulders and put your faith that He will handle things for you. On my mirror each morning I read this short message, " Good morning this is God. I will be handling all your problems today, I will not need your help, so enjoy your day". Try to live your life by these words, get therapy, medication (if needed), and have faith that He will protect and will ease your pain.

God doesn't hate anyone. Accept the fact that you have a problem and take whatever medication that your doctor gave to you to control it. God made doctors too. Stop dwelling on your condition

Chico Infierno
Luck of the draw and your environment. Mental illness is being found to be genetic. Many people blame god because they want someone else to be responsible for their condition. Take your medications and try counseling with a mental health professional instead of a pastor. Good luck you could be mental ill, poor and living in India.

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