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I feel so weird asking this xD
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Why do I sleep a lot but I am still tired?
I sleep a lot but I am still tired all the time. I can get six to eight hours of sleep and I still wake up tired. I even sleep longer sometimes and I am still tired. It doesn't matter how much I sleep I am still tired. I also stay up for a long time because it takes a long time to fall asleep. Some nights it takes me an hour or even more to fall asleep. I am almost 24 years old, is this normal? Or do I have some type of sleep disorder or even depression. I also eat a lot. When I lived in Wyoming, I weighed about 100 Lbs. then I moved to new mexico and gained 20 Lbs. in just a short while. Am I depressed because I moved away from my friends and I dont know anyone here and I dont fit in???

You already answered your own question? Why don't you believe yourself? We don't need to answer this question for you. Are you just looking for sympathy?

Hi, hun yes is do believe you are depressed, however as far as your tiredness you may need to get some vitamins in your body to give you the boost of energy you need. I have the perfect product for you and it is called the amazing oranges it is by purity products. You can call for a free bottle offer it is a little expensive however it is some good stuff. the number is 800.256.6102. Yes and to the person who said she is looking for sympathy you should mind yourself because we are humans and we do need moral support from time to time. Life is hard enough with negative people like your self if you were not able to give it that is moral support, then you should have kept your comment.

you sleep so much that you are tired from sleeping a lot

what do you eat? do you do anything with your awake time? production is the basis of morale.

im kinda like that too but i didnt move or gain weight you should ask your doctor, maybe it's just your body and not a sickness...

April C
Believe it or not getting too much sleep can make you more tired or you could have some kind of nutritional defficiancy. But it sounds more like you have the blues. It's natural to be sad when you move away from your loved one's. I suggest you try to take a thirty min. walk every day it will help you with your energy level and make it easier to fall asleep at night (because of physical activity). Exercise has the same benefits as depression medication, except you're not putting drugs into your body... Anyways try it for a week or two, it can't hurt......God bless..I said a little prayer for you. Hope you feel better soon

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The sleep problem could be from not getting a good nights sleep. Do you toss and turn a lot at night? A new mattress could be your solution. And they weight thing could just be your metabolism slowing down. Try to eat small portions and many small meals. Snack when you're hungry but learn when you are full. And good luck.

Are you thirsty all the time too? Maybe you need to have you blood sugar checked. You might have diabetes. Just a thought.

You are probably mildly depressed. Go see a doctor, PLEASE. They can help you and get you going on track again. It is nothing that immenent (like needing to go to an ER right now) but it needs to be attended to soon, because your health is important and your condition could worsen.

could be stress..but go to doctor and get your iron tested. You iron may be low and that causes tiredness. Sweet dreams..

tcoJCoLDS member
go to a doctor, get a sleep study set up, and you may also need anti depressants.

A Beck Depression Scale can help you. It will tell you if you are not depressed, mildly depressed, moderatly depressed, or extremly depressed.

Ask your doctor for a copy.

The good news is that depression can be treated, with SSRI's (medication), and couseling.

It could be a number of things.

I am constantly tired because i am anemic, but i take iron supplements and have more energy.

it could also be a thyroid issue.

you should definitely go to your doctor and get a physical with bloodwork done.

Could be numerous reasons so get checked by your doctor. Depression, stress, low iron, hormonal you name it they all can make you tired. Sleeping too much can also lead to lethargy. Get to the root of the problem & then a strategy to help you overcome will be possible. Hang in there you are not alone.

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