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 I need help, im 14 and really depressed can you help me please?
Hi, My name is Josh and im 14 years old. Not too long ago my mum died due to 24 years of cancer and 7 years of heart failure. My mum was my whole life, every day i would spend with my mum and i would ...

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 Questioning life alot?
Hey Ok im 16 around 6 months ago i had mini seizures and panic attacks every since my first panic attack the world seems different i dunno i dont feel comfortable any more i started eplepse ...

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 What can i do to stop self harming and sleep at night? ?
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Before you tell me to I am seeing a doctor.
I have ...

 What is the fear of someone looking in your window called?

Lчrícαl Vαmpírє
Why do I rock back and forth when I sit down?
I have no disorders other than Borderline Personality and Generalized Anxiety with Social Phobia, but when I sit down I rock back and forth and it really annoys my mum, but it makes me relax, why is this?

Dr. Leonard Rockstein
It's probably part of that whole Generalized Anxiety thing, anxious people tend to rock back and forth like they're about to jump out of their seat and stab someone in the throat, thats probly why yer mom doesnt like it.

i do this at times too, i think it is either anxiety related, such as your mind racing a million miles an hour, so your body kind of follows it, or for me, i find it quite relaxing and therapeutic at times. i think it can also become a habit. people associate it with "being mental" or "being nuts" because a lot of very severely mentally handicapped people in institutions do it, but in my personal opinion, that is more to do with being locked up with no kind of physical or mental therapy or stimulation rather than because of their mental health issues. i think it is because of this that cause people such as your mom to feel a little uneasy when they see someone rocking, and because they don't understand it.

my moms friend does that allot of times when he is sitting..he sometimes does it in his sleep..i would not worry about it.

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Because you can't make your mind up - there's another disorder - indecision

Your mind never stops moving and if you hear any beat like even a sequence of breaths your body will move to the beat.

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