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Why do I feel that i want to take my own life?

Someone or something made you feel that your life is not worth living. It may not be, but keep in mind if you can move and talk things could always get better. Might as well wait it out your going to die just like me.

because you lost your job, girlfriend, dog, house, and your going bald. NOW JUMP!

You need to figure out what is bothering you so much. Life can hand us so much **** that we feel like we cant take anymore sometimes but trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Call 411 and ask for a 24 hour crisis hotline in your area and they can help you through the night and refer you to an area mental health emergency center that you can go to tonight or in the morning and usually they base your visit on a sliding scale fee if you dont have insurance they get you the help you need NO MATTER what situation is PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE

you need some help

Amanda R
I think at sometime everyone feels this way! So do not feel alone, you never are! I have had horrible thoughts like that in the past over different situations in my life that made me really mad and sad and worried about myself! Now I have dealt and tried to change the issues that were bothering me and I am now a happy individual! Don't be upset with yourself! When you wake up in the morning think of something you are good at or something your friends or parents like about you! Maybe you are enthusiastic, good at school, good looking, creative, maybe your a great drawer! Everyone is good at somethng...just write down a list of your positive attributes and write down the things that are making you feel like you wanna take your life! You can change what is bothering you! Be happy and love yourself! If you need to confide in someone...someone will always be there! Best of luck and try to take what I wrote into consideration!

Creative Name
er...nobody can answer that question except you...

Do you have God in your life? If not you need to get him there. God loves you and will help you. Please go to a doctor and see if you have a chemical imbalance. If so he can prescribe you medication and you will feel like a new person. Good luck, and God bless.

You can email them

betty b
a lot of time when we are angry,we turn it inward ,past behaviors a lot of times are developed in childhood-not being able to learn how to deal with anger,turning it inward instead of expressing yourself.you need to find root cause past abuse,mental etc. in my case i find this happens to me when i`m upset,like a crazy reflex. have you been depressed?then you may need professional help,many new medicines have helped a lot of people.please try to find out why you feel this way.a lot of times we have to deal with the past-when we don`t want to .it`s the only way we can get any control over our lives.good luck you are far from being alone

Because you are unhappy with how your life has turned out thus far, instead of taking your life think of ways in which you could make it better and also confide in someone you can trust so they can help you through this.

I don't know are you depressed or did you suffer a recent break up give us more information and maybe we can answer your question better.

maybe your depressed, and need somebody to talk to, maybe it;s a past relationship, maybe a death in the family, maybe you feel worthless, maybe you feel like you have no friends, you're just tired of life, there are alot of reasons why someone would want to take their own life.

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