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 My grandmother is being manipulated by her sister, can someone help me please?
My grandmother suffers from dementia, but it hasn't been diagnosed yet. My mother has cared for her since my grandad died 11 years ago. Although she lives on her own, my mum buys her shopping ...

 Chemo making me depressed, angry and impatient?
I found out i had Rhabdomyosarcoma a month ago which is a form of cancer. I go for chemo once every week and hav alredy gone 4 times. The onli problem is that a few min after the chemo starts, i ...

 Is it possible for a fourteen year old to have clinical depression?
This question scares even me. I never thought I'd ask this until about a year ago. A lot of things happened, a lot of death and friends lost. Ever since then, I really haven't been the ...

 I have a interest in those with ASPD I don't get the exact reasons they are the eay they are?
To be completely void of emotions, guilt is weird to me. They understand emotion enough to act it, but not to feel it, and are better at it then we are. I've heard things like a under ...

 What should I do? I want to kill myself.?
Im 14. I get good grades, i don't drink, or do ANY drugs and i never have even tried to smoke. My brother throws shoes at me he throws anything. Sometime he kicks me when hes wearing shoes. He ...

 Why dont I remember anything?
I cant think back to what I did yesterday or the day before or what I did earlier. I go out all day and then come home and it feels like I havent done anything. I cant picture any memories in my head....

 Relationship anxiety help?
I think I may have horrible relationship anxiety. I have anxiety in general, but when I have a boyfriend or am hanging out with a potential boyfriend, I get so nervous. I don't know why. I ...

 Constant feeling of a something crawling on me? help?
Okaay im fourteen yearss old, and for a few weeks now, everyday, all the time, every hour, i get the sensation you get when a bug is crawling on you.. i have to scratch it or pat the place i feel it ...

 I think im crazy????
what are some sites i can go to to see if im crazy... you might ask "well what makes you think your crazy" I just am. Im also a jealous person, i want to overcome that too. I just want ...

 How can I keep myself wide awake?
Basically, I have a whole bunch of stuff I have to get done, but I'm kinda tired. Is there any way (besides medicine and caffine) that I can keep myself awake?...

 i think too much and have daydream?
whenever i m free i started to think too much this causes me migraine so what can i ...

 what will they do if i admit that ive done drugs (alcohol and painkillers at different times)?
im getting help for my issues (depression, anxiety, cutting, sometimes feeling unreal and paranoid) at a behavioral center but i havent been completely honest yet (its only really been one real ...

 Can you really get out of depression? I feel a bit hopeless and lost.?
I feel lost. I'm in my early 20s but I don't know how to act like an adult. I don't have a social life and I don't know what to do with my life despite having some dreams I want ...

 Can people taking drugs for a mental illness live a regular life?
I have heard they live almost symptom free but are almost like zombies? I just want to be normal and is that possible with the drugs they prescribe? Or does it depends which medication works best for ...

 Do I have a Mental Disorder?
Sometimes I think and act like other people for example I'll think Im my friend kayla I'll act like her and physically think I have long hair like her when my hair is short is this normal? I...

 some sort of mental illness?
idk if anyone here's gonna take me seriously or not, but i have this crazy obsession with blood and gore, and i don't just mean like watching some blood spilled on the floor or something, i&...

 I have been working in night-shift for the past 1-1/2-year or so, and daytime I cannot sleep.?
I won't get sleep in daytime and I can't quit night-shift. Some times I get good sleep, but mostly I won't.. I am losing weight and shrinking like a mango. Please help me overcome ...

 addicted to depression?
im ben/tom, i`m not a teen going through chemical changes, i`m in university, I used to have plans for the future, but now they really don`t mean anything to me, and for the past couple of years ive ...

 Redbull and Tylenol PM?
Haha okay so ive been having a lot of weird dreams latley.. And everynight i have a weird dream i drink redbull before i go to sleep and i use tylenol pm to get to sleep after i drink a redbull... C...

 HELP: Is my mother neurotic? Does she have an anxiety disorder?
My mother worries obsessively about particular events and constantly feels guilty, even though she's not at fault. When she chose one legitimate option for medical treatment for my daughter ...

Why do I feel so unhappy all the time? What can i do?
I don't know why I am so unhappy all the time. I feel so desperate and saddened by everything in my life. When anything good happens, it is fleeting and I don't really feel good. I am at a loss. I was in therapy for 2 years and it didn't help. I don't want to go through that again. What can i do for myself to learn how to be happy? There must be other ways...? Thank you! oh.. I'm not religious, so please don't recommend jesus or the church. I know I have very low self-esteem...always have...I just have NO idea what to do about it.

was the therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist? Were you (or are you) on any medications? Some people are born with depression and need medication to get their brain chemicals in order. Many times unhappiness stems from low self-esteem.

Stress and tension make me sad. When my mind turns to ease, i become more tranquil and happy. When my body is weak, sluggish, or immobile, i become sad. When i get in balance, make ALL my muscles strong, and act with vigor, all my muscles are happy, and so am i. You would benefit checking out the 7 factors.. https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e… You would also benefit buying a book on anatomy, and start working on reconditioning and strengthening ALL your muscles.

can get some serotonin(a hormone that makes you happy) running through your body by exercise, eating chocolate(if youre a girl) or eating meats like steak(if youre a man). ANti depressants could also be a option

hang around with happy people... not the annoying happy but people who are not sad all the time and do things that you enjoy

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