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 wtf is wrong with me?? HELP!!?
ive been cutting myself for years now and i got to a point where i became suicidal i ended up in hospital twice and i now see a physiciatrist but i have told her that im now starting to hear a mans ...

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 What is wrong with me? (not long)?
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 Are you a highly motivated individual?

 Can mental illness like schizophrenia be genetic?
And passed down to children and grandchildren. Like in the movie called The Bad Seed....

Why do I always feel like I can't do anything right and won't ever succeed in anything?
I always have felt this way even since I was like 5 yrs old. No matter what I do or even if I do succeed my mind just says I got lucky. I just feel like I'm the lowest of the low no matter what

You will realize there is power in your thoughts when you change them. Take control. You can choose what thoughts you want to believe and which ones you don't. You will find that your mind is and always will be a constant battle ground. If you don't take control of your mind and thoughts, it could hold you back or keep you down. I don't think there's anything wrong with your mind saying you just got lucky. But do not believe the though that you can't do anything right and that you won't ever succeed. Take control and when a thought like you can't do anything right comes into mind say to yourself, yes i can! I may have messed up but everybody does! I can do things right just fine! or if your mind tells you that you won't ever succeed, oh lay it on him! Tell him you can do whatever you want and you will succeed and see yourself opposite the negative thought.

i would suggest that you look into the issue of codependency. marked by a low opinion of yourself, a harsh inner critic, brought on by your parents literal rejection of you as a person, or your perception that you were rejected. in order to escape this self defeating cycle, look at yourself objectively, set goals for yourself, that you can feel proud of, not to tell anyone else, just to simply know for yourself. look at your life as a movie.with you as the lead character, take the role as director, and make your movie one that inspires, a story of triumph against all odds, rather than one of tragedy.

Greg S
i am the same way as you :(

I am the same way. I feel like that because i get so nervous. And i feel like my nerves get to me so i won't do good and people will notice that I am nervous so they will think i am pathetic. What I do is think that my life could be worse and all I can do is try my best. (: You should do the same.

You most likely feel like this because your young or want people to feel bad for you. To be honest id change the way you think and try to look at life for what it is and realize we all make mistakes and we all feel like screw ups once in our lives. You're not alone.

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