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When someone is nice one minute and can turn mean and rude the next second do you think there bi-polar?
If my boss is nice one minute and rude a second later would you think she is bi-polar? shes always nice then a few seconds later rude,

No. Bi-Polar involves extreme manic and depressed stages (extreme highs and lows). They last for weeks or months at a time. Fast mood swings could point to something as small as stress or something like Borderline Personality Disorder.

Nasrin S
Just a minute. Are you sure that when your boss is being nice to you, you don't act complacent, or take her for granted? Introspect a bit here, please. As a boss, I do find that I give my subordinates a verrrrrrrry long rope, but if I sense that they are taking undue advantage, i do lash out. And no I am not bipolar. Quite a staid, reliable type... as MY bosses will tell you.

gotta luv da Li
No. That is much more apt to be borderline personality disorder if anything. Bipolar is not about being nice or rude. It is about emotional, cognitive, and energy states. Mood episodes in adults typically are in weeks to months. They are characterized more by depression and euphoria.

No. Bi-polar disease (aka: Manic-Depression) is characterized by long periods (weeks or months) of depression followed by long periods of mania (inability to sleep, hyper, sometime delusional, etc). What you described sounds like potential borderline personality disorder, and/or she has problems with professionalism and anger-management.

Christina M
I have worked in the mental health field for 20+ years and to me that is not bipolar. Bipolar is connected to a series of mood swings which do have highs and lows. Usually the moods are seen from within the person and not neccessarily their reactions to those around them. Every individual with bipolar disorder cycles differently, but that is a rather rapid cycle. My guess is that there is more going on, either underlying anger issues or perhaps more of a personality disorder.

either bi-polar, schizophrenic maniac, power tripper or was neglected as a child...

It doesn't always mean they are bi-polar, that is a VERY touchy subject to assume on. Im bi-polar, but it happens to me alot. But if it happens alot then i wouldnt say she is. Since She is your boss She is apparently a adult. So she is old enough where she should go to the doctor and they will let her know she is bi-polar. And they will not let her walk out without gettign meds. So i would say she is Not. But Dont assume on that subject.

no it could mean she's just moody and touchy. bi-polar symptoms usually include being extremely depressed one minute, then grandiose the next (which is feeling a euphoric feeling that one can accomplish anything--and they mean ANYTHING).

It could be bi-polar. It could just be their screwed up in the brain. Usually when someone is bi-polar, they don't have any idea of their actions. But I get the same thing with my sister. One minute she's being nice and we're just talking. The next she turns around and starts yelling at me. It's odd, but people like that are just odd themselves.

No that does not sound like bipolar. I know a lot about bipolar and have a lot of experience being around people with it. That sounds like stress.

Prof. Omega
I wouldn't be so hasty to call that bipolar disorder. Something could easily have happened to upset her. A little emotion isn't necessarily associated with a mental illness.

No! Your boss is probably just moody. There is way more to being bi-polar than being nice one minute and rude the next. Pull the same stunt on her and see how she likes it!

no somebody might have ticked her off


No people like her just have issues.. take no heed.. =]

Melissa S
She could maybe have a mood disorder. I (unfortunately) suffer from both. It is also possible for her to be bipolar as well.

no thats too quick if your bipolar it takes like hours your boss may have borderline personality disorder look it up on the internet

yes, or premenstral.

She's probably just stressed. My boss does the same thing. Bipolar is way more severe. people with bipolar have extreme highs and lows.

Rockstar Chica
i think so they should take medicine 4 that thats really fast

It's called "female"

Gred D

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