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 I am addicted to marijuana, what kind of treatment is offered specifically for this affliction?

 I'm having a panic attack! What should I do? Help!?
I've had these before, and it never ends well. I don't need this right now. Can't calm down. hands are shaking and i'm getting hysterical. i'm afraid. help me.


 Would you die from this?

 Is it ok for me to cut myself? I think I'm addicted.?
For many years I've considered suicide, however my fear of pain is what's prevented me from actually attempting it before. However, starting a few weeks ago, I haven't been so afraid ...

 looking for natural cures for depression other than meds?
what worked for you?...

 Is it worth in the end????? need i ask more????

 Would anyone miss me if i killed myself today?
Because i feel so depressed its not even funny..... and i am really suicidal..... because when i was 14 i was raped and molested bye a high school teacher and then this year i have been bad my mom ...

 Is self-harm purely attention seeking behaviour?
I was just wondering whether anyone felt that people only self-harm to get attention. Even if they hide it from everyone is that still the case? or is it curiosity? or do people JUST do it to cope?<...

 mental question!?
how many out there are faking their mental illness just to get pills or be on social securtiy benefits? i know there is alot of you! but you wouldn,t admit it....

 I feel like crying right now...do you?

 Am I depressed? your opinion.?
I just want to know your opinion, Do I sound depressed? and if i am is there anything i can do about it? Here is the details. I am 13 and I was fine until a year or two ago. then I started felling ...

 Make it work or move out?
I'm living in a toxic environment (with a narcissistic, emotionally abusive guy friend) but the house is really nice, good rent, good neighbourhood.

I don't have the energy to ...

 What is wrong with me?
every so often i go thru about a week where i get really depressed.
i dont know why, at first i thought it was pms, but im pretty sure it isnt because it doesnt come at the same time.


 Do you ever feel like...?
...there's something missing in your life?


 I just don't understand it?
Please don't be rude when answering.

I am seeing a Psychologist. I see her again Wednesday but I am feeling a bit down. I would like to know why I think people have hidden motives ...

 What do I do if i have self-diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder - GAD ?
I've been doing a LOT of research over the past weeks, and I've diagnosed myself with generalized anxiety disorder.
i guess my question is ..... now what?
(other than talking to a ...

 Is there any cure to Social Anxiety Disorder?
I don't have insurance so don't recommend therapy. Is there any special medications or herbs to take to help limit this?...

 Besides cutting whats another way of getting rid of mental pain?
i get really depressed sumtimes. and idk how to deal with it because i want to cut. but i know thats not rite. and it would disappoint my mom so bad i would disapoint myself. what should i do?...

 My uncle is a danger to himself, and others....what can I do? Please help.?
My uncle lives in Tennessee. He is having pretty sever psychiatric problems, including paranoia. He is a double amputee (legs) and lives alone.

He also has been crash dieting, and most ...

 When was the last time you cried in front of others, against your will?

Cabana C
What is the most difficult thing you have ever had to do in your life?

karen g
take my grandchildren from there mom and dad because of crack addiction it was the most painful thing i have ever had to do in my life

to keep from hitting my friend when she said soem really rude things.

Bury my son...very sad

Georgia Girl
Put my Mother in a nursing home. I took care of her for 7 years and then it just became too hard...she had Alzheimers.

Let a LOVER GO. I knew she was the best thing for me, but I wasn't for her. But I loved her and... Love IS unselfish... so...I let her go.

It was clearly the right thing to do.. But it ws HARD as HELL.

I gave birth to a baby with a facial disfigurement. The hardest thing was the next morning when I awakened and reality set in and I had to go to my baby and I was so afraid, 3 times I got out of the hospital bed and tried to go down the hall to the preemie nursery. Thankfully a student nurse came and asked if I wanted her to go with me and she did...the rest is history...my baby is a man and he's the light of my life.

Learn to speak (the second time). I was 22. If you know a language in your mind, that doesn't mean that your face muscles can function as easily. It took several months of therapy before I was able to speak loudly enough to have a normal conversation. That was a lonely time.

Admit something was wrong and seek help.

losing my two nephews (2yr and 5yr) in a car wreck

Chicken Boyâ„¢
Listen to a Fall Out Boy "song."

Going to war. After two tours in VietNam in the early 60's and being shot I became a believer in peace if at all possible. Sometimes one has to go because they are ordered but sometimes communication is better way to resolve differences. Who knows, we may learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them.

Eddie&#39;s Wife
go thru my first divorce

Endure a 13 year wilderness

eat a tomato eww disgusting

Leave someone I loved who made an unreasonable request

I gave up my one and only chance and hope to have a baby because my husband and I felt that someone else was more deserving of our grant. We didn't think we would be bad parents. The timing was all wrong and we felt selfish for holding onto the grant until we were ready and returned it, asking them to give it to another deserving couple.

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