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What is "bad" about introversion?
What is so wrong with being "shy" or introverted? Is it potentially harmful to the introvert?

Well, some people are more introverted than others. It becomes "bad" when it's harmful, or goes past a functioning level. A person who is very happy living in a cave as a hermit, may very well be so, and may perceive life as having nothing "bad" in it . But an introverted person who is painfully shy, and wants to have social interaction, well that's where the "bad" part comes in.

It's not always harmful. But it could be for example, caused by abuse. Maybe victims of abuse prefer being alone over taking another chance at social interaction and becoming a victim again. So it depends. Again maybe there's a bookwormish type of person who's surrounded by more outgoing types that don't enjoy reading, and thus is labeled an introvert by the more out going social crowd. It's not "bad" in this case. They just keep to themselves more, perhaps preferring a more intellectual type of conversation.

Hey it makes sense doesn't it? Who says introversion is a problem? Probably extroverts. Why would you hear that? If you don't require a lot from others, you probably don't spend as much time with or on others either... so no it doesn't hurt you to be introverted, it might be hard to fathom if your an extrovert and you need more people time... you would probably associate it with self-esteem issues, loneliness, seclusion, and just general unhappiness if people are what make you happy.

It's not the introvert but the others who are missing out on the introvert and maybe that's where the negative undertones might be coming from... very extroverted people probably don't like it because they want something or need something from people, and an introvert doesn't care or need to be a part of that, at least not to the same extreme.

From a sociological standpoint there is something to be said for maintaining the ability to interact with others, it's much easier to get what you want or need and find multiple opportunities to do so if you communicate with people more often... but psychologically... I'd say I'm an introverted person because I don't feel any pulling need to gratify social interaction and can feel totally content for long periods of time without it. So I don't think it's hard on you psychologically, or emotionally. I think the negative effects if any would be the overall consequence... if your in your head all the time you miss out on what's in other people's heads, and likewise their knowledge and the opportunities that increase when you combine resources... an introvert will benefit less from others naturally if they interact less.

It's all in how you look at it. Pro's and con's. Depends on what you want.

Problems can occur, limitation may result. I have ALWAYS been the "loner" type, and yes, I have dealt with those people who can't entertain themselves or who don't want to be "in their own head" for long periods of time so they pretend I inherently have some problem. The internet has certainly opened up new doors for the "shy" people. I am an artist but have always ended up with crappy jobs because of the extroversion required to sell art or go participate in class. But that's changed now, so the limitation factor is gone. Sometimes I have regretted not speaking up, but nothing detrimental, well, maybe in some cases.

Anyway, nice question. A star for interesting.

if you are so shy that it is affecting your life in a negative way then yes, it is a problem. for instance if you are so "shy" that it's a chore to go to the grocery store, or you wouldn't go to a friends birthday party because you are too shy. then that's a huge problem. if you are so shy that when you go out and meet people they think you are a snob because you don't talk to them then that's a small problem that can be overcome with a little hard work. not everyone can be an extrovert, and in and of itself, shyness isn't a negative thing. on the flip side there's too much of being extroverted too.

everyone's different. :)

Dark Knight
Generalizing is never accurate.Having a "life"is a matter of a subjective opinion.

Just because someone does not live like "you" does not mean he does not have a life.He has a life of his own.

It is arrogant to think that everyone should live their life like everyone else.

What is wrong with being shy?you have a very low chance of finding compatible friends or a mate or advancing in life in general due to your lack of self esteem.Fear stops you from finding happiness in your life and being content is not happiness.

Too much of anything can kill you even too much introversion.

The keys to happiness are balance and morality.

lil bit
Sometimes introverts have a tendency to stay by themselves - and we need others

Cynthia R
Yeah, there's nothing at all 'wrong' with it. It's just an American thing, in this culture we value extroversion more, because Americans are supposed to be outgoing go-getters. In other cultures extroversion is not valued. In reality, one isn't better than the other.

no cause not every one can be extroverted imagine all the conversations on the bus if everyone had this thing goin on. sometimes i am with someone eg the doctors and God says say soemthing and it takes a few seconds to think of something but it works.Just try harder honey.

I think introversion is not bad , but if u make it a point to not bother about others than you have a social misfit issue which needs to be dealt with . Man is a social animal and hence you need to take effort from your part to do few things that are extroverted .

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