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Kaitlyn C
What do I do when I have no car, no job, no money, im depressed and no help from anyone?
I'm nineteen years old, recently my car died, and the place where I worked for 3 years got closed down. I have been looking hard for a job in the town I live since my only option is to walk, and there is NOTHING. I have to commute to college in 2 months, but there's no possible way I can make it without a car! I live with my dad who is poor too, and frequently has to travel for his job. I'm left alone in an empty apartment all day with a cat and I am really depressed. No one in my family can help me and not to mention I have no friends anymore.I have health insurance that only covers me if i go to a community health center which the closest is over an hour away...and I have no way of getting there. I need help...I seriously feel so stuck...I don't know what to do...my life is so unbearable and dismal.

join a military branch, all your money problems go away, you get a job, you make friends, you get health care, and you do something with your life.

i would prefer the navy

ride the bus you lazy bum quit yer whining get out and get a job and quit crying

Join the queue, there is a lot of people like you, so who made it this way? we did, we allowed corrupt governments to rule over us, and even now we don't head the warnings, some people are joining together into groups to try and take back what we have given away, so what will you do? Do you think your government will take care of you? they are too busy taken care of the immigrants, and planning how they can take more money from you, the only thing we have now is each other, so join a group, or start one with people like yourself, to fight the scum that rules us.

Leave the cat and you can come live with me!

Well, you are in a pickle, and i hope it motivates you to never get in this situation again... once you are out of it...
Brainstorm...... sit down and just think thru all options you have, eg... could you take a bus to the college and find something on campus to work at, or near campus to work, or a room to sleep... that sounds like the best choice right now...
If you can come up with two hundred and fifty dollars, the site below can show you how to start making money right away.......
and i am giving you a free healing method you can apply to all your fear, despair, anything , that works right away.....
there are always shelters
good luck, take care of yourself, get out there and find work if you dont do the idea below

The Wonderful Man
hey, dont worry about it. we're on the same boat. im going through the same problems too. just try to find a job near where u live. u dont really NEED a car, although it helps ALOT. but in the meantime try to find a new car, or save up for it. and friends? i dont really have that many friends either. but theyre not really that hard to make. just be more social with people at school or go to a community center. yeah, its kinda hard to make friends, but most people are nice and if ur friendly enough, u will make lots of friends. i hope things work out for u. mm, ur better off than me actually. i dont even have work experience and i still need to get my license. just think positive. everything will come in time.

ps. lol, funny story, for health insurance i kno a guy that goes to college just for health insurance. he takes like one class and the school health insurance is like $400, so he only has to pay $600 for health insurance. im thinking about doing that, after mine runs out. just go to school forever, lol.

try to get another job and hopefully you'll make new friends and then try to become friends with their friends

i need some answers!
first things first
2nd if your dad is poor to you might be suprised to find a uncle aunt grandparent or well you get i t or you could crash with a friend for the job..
good luck!

Here, read this and it'll make you feel a lot better!! I just finished a class for phlebotomy, can't get a job cause I don't have experience! Can't find any other kind of job I think because of my age,50. My car is fixing to get repoed, our house is in default this month! My husbands mom co-signed for him to get a new truck. Payments 455 a month!! I asked her not to, she ignored me! We have no money for food or gas. No bus service, parents that don't seem to care. I suffer from real depression and sometimes can't afford my meds, resulting in horriblewith drawlss....Please. take a look at your young self and think of something to do. You have your health. Don't give up. Offer to mow yards, go thru your things and start pawning or selling. Fill out apps on your computer. sometimes they do call. Things have to get better, right?

write a letter to bill gates! or save up 10 to 20 dollars by a scratch ticket maybe you will get lucky

Well first of all, maybe you should talk to somebody if your feeling depressed. You should keep looking hard for a job, and not just jobs that you think are good for you, i mean anything! Work by mowing peoples lawns or babysitting if you have to anything is good. Then after a few weeks of working, get yourself a car, nothing fancy just something that isnt going to fall apart in 2 months. After you get a vehicle, you can find a better job some place else, make more money. But things WILL get better trust me! I hope everything works out for you!

Ren Hoek
Are you getting unemployment benefits? You should file, if you haven't done so already. Be sure and ask about health insurance. There is a new insurance that you can get when you are on unemployment benefits. A bicycle or scooter may be an option. It may be possible to repair your car or find a cheap replacement. Be sure and get a pro-rate credit for your insurance (if the car is going to be parked forever, turn in the license tag, cancel or transfer the insurance). Use the computer or telephone to find options and communicate with people--reach out to family, friends, old co-workers. Keep your eyes open for another job. Going to college is exciting; congrats on that. Its something to look forward to, not dread. If all else fails, could you move in as a roomate somewhere closer to campus?

oh no mr bill!
Find a way to get to a church. In addition to the moral support a church can offer, it's also a great way to network for a job. You might also find someone who will be willing to give you a ride or help you fix your car. Jesus people are cool like that.

Then you would be me . I am 18 never had a car, got fired from my jobs, can't find another one. I am also a depressive and schizophrenic. Things could be worse for you. Hopefully things will get better for you. I'm here if you want to talk, we have common ground.

Answer mine:

I know this sounds corny but walk to the closest church. At church you have genuine people who will help support you. No they aren't going to give you cash but they have a huge network of people. There might be a person who knows a nice Christian mechanic that can fix your car for free or on payments. Someone might even have a car they arent using. Also someone might need someone for a job but isnt advertising it. You have to keep your head up and do a little more that sulk. You think positively and you get good thinigs. I have been down and out but I had to think outside of the box. Try it!!!

☆ spitzer ☆
Go on craigslist and see if there are any jobs.

Check the papers. Don't give up!

Sounds terrible. :( atleast u got internet. Buy a bicycle and cycle there. or use public transport (if there is any) or make friends and get a ride. Or simply move to get a job for 3 months

Ditse Devo
When you aint got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

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