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DO YOU LOVE ME♥*´`*•.¸★。
Quiet people? Loner? Recluse?...........?
Why is it that these people are sometimes seen as weird,odd,or abnormal in some way. Why aren't LOUD people asked why they are sooooo loud and never SHUT THEIR PIE HOLE.

check it and be cool( remove the extra c)

nickdc19.. is an ignorant idiot!! WHY DO YOU HATE PG???/

yahoo answers king
People don't say either of these things out loud, i'd consider the latter more likely to be said out loud. Inside all of us is a pre-judgement of abnormal, until we meet the person, we don't know what they're like but we still make that pre-judgement.

Variable 46
People tend to be naturally verbal creatures, I think. I'm not, though. Because I work by myself, and out "in the field," I can actually go several days without saying anything to anybody.

Well, we more quiet types tend not to associate with the obnoxious types, so they don't really know that much about us. I guess if you see a small group o people who act the exact opposite of you, then you would think that they were weird too. Relatively speaking, we are weird...

Because, I'm like one of them and I wouldn't say we are loners.
In my case, I have friends but I rather staying alone. Because I just feel better. And I don't talk alone either but that is all because of my past.
So it can depend on many factors such as social problems,family problems, or any kind of problems or just to choose not to be like others and make your own road. Doing Everything on your own. a "Loner" like you guys would say.

because loners usually fly under the radar so people don't know or understand them really, people tend to fear what they don't understand and most don't understand or want to understand the quiet loner.

i ask myself the same thing. i personally am quiet and keep to myself many ppl see me as shy i think ppl percieve quiet ppl in this way because most of the world is made of extroverts and less introverts so its held to be abnormal to be an introvert thus compelling ppl to think we are wierd,aloof,stupid,and some think quiet ppl are stuck up, but of course loud ppl are seen as being outgoing, fun, or whatever else its pretty annoying the way society is

lol, that is a very good question i'm called a loner all the time because i'm quite but i'm not a loner i have tons of friends. I guess it's because louder people have more confidence so no one is brave enough to tell them to shut up. even if you did tell them to shut up they probably would ignore you

LOL. I totally agree. They really should shut TFU. Us quiet ones are more likely to be far more intelligent anyway.

people often judge what they dont understand

Chunky Munkey
quiet ppl are much more deep, what i mean is that they find happiness in small things and mixing with ppl is just not wat we do. we like ourselves to be with few close friends as in where loud ppl tend to be out going and people see that as a good thing rather than being alone. idk but this is frm my experience

Some people just have a hard time understanding others who are different from them. I know how annoying it is when people ask "do you talk?" or "you're so quiet!". It wouldn't be natural for a quiet person to say "why are you so loud?". Quiet people observe while loud people engage. It's nice to have a mix of people, however when loud ones point out and question why we are so quiet often times it comes off as an accusation. When people ask me "why are you so quiet?" I've found the easiest thing to say is "It's just how I am". It's insulting when people try to change you into being a loud person or push you to talk. If some can't accept us as being quiet people, oh well.

Introverts are overlooked by a lot of people. Or thought of as 'arrogant', that we have our noses turned up and are "too good" to talk to someone else, which really we are simply observing and are maybe just taking in the information. I don't see anything wrong with being quiet, it's just how I am. If people can't accept you for who you are as an introvert, don't worry. There are people who will.

I agree. Often time, the loud behavior of some people is just masking the insecurity that they feel deep inside. A quiet person is generally at ease with themself.

This is what I have noticed: I'm a quiet person. I married a loud mouth. It turns out that a lot of people can't stand my spouse, and they always tell me when he's not there. Quiet people are easier to "approach" and call those names. Loud people are too busy running their mouths to even notice.

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