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 How do you deal with these thoughts without feeling anxious all the time?
I hear about people dying in car accidents where they are just hit by a drunk driver or somebody speed racing, and that's it, their lives are over. I do live my life, but things like this are ...

 question for those who are bulimic, why do you do it?
my mom went away for the week and I have an eating disorder and fully expected that I would eat nothing..not planning on that just that's how I felt what I'd do. but you know what I did ...

 I've been off school with Anorexia, what can I say to people?
I have to go back to school tomorrow after having a month of school. I've still got to carry on with my meal plan and that so I'm going to be going in for mornings only. Everyone will be ...

 If worrying causes stress and many diseases then?
Why worry?

That is to say, does it seem as if it would be better health wise to make steps to not worry? Conversations with God by Neale D. Walsch has made it very clear to me that all ...

 Mentally Ill working in the counseling field?
I have major depression, OCD, and anxiety. I have struggled with many many years of mentall illness...sometimes it has been quite debilitating. The only thing that kept me going was school (and still ...

 my mom thinks something's wrong with me?
Okay, My mom thinks i have a problem because the majority of my day is spent in my room listening to music.
I'm an introvert and i can just sit there listening to music, or in deep thought ...

 My son is always quiet and generally plays by himself. He was recentydiagnosed with autism.?
Do you think his prenatal development had anythin to do woth it?...

 Might I have Asperger's Syndrome?
I have just recently heard about this syndrome after becoming interested in an article about autism (I've always compared myself to an autistic, but blew off the thought as ...

 Am I addicted to the computer if I go on it almost ever break I get?
Or do other people do that too?...

 How important is sleep?
i have always wondered how important is sleep, is it a part of anchint design builded into us that can be over ride. i have been thinking about it the longest i have been able to stay up is 2 and a ...

 I'm on SSI cuz I have schizoaffective bipolar type 1. Can they take it away on a continuing disability review?
I have been getting it for 4-5 years now and they never did a CDR (continuing disability review).

Is there chance that they may cut off my benefits when they do a CDR?...

 What amount of vitamins & Omega 3 should I take for depression & are ebay 1s as good as shop bought?
I am trying to beat depression the natural way. I heard you should take more B Vitamins & more Omega 3s. How much of these should I take? I plan on also taking St Johns Wort. Also on ebay you can ...

 silence is killing me ,i feel werid when i talk i just want to remain silent is this normal?

 I'm worried about my dad dying?
I am a guy. I am really close with my dad for a lot of reasons. He adopted me when I was 6 from a really bad situation and his wife had just died like a year before so we needed each other and he is ...

 Can someone help please?
I was wandering if anyone could help me. I was in a constant state of depression for many years as a teen and a young adult. I am not depressed constantly anymore, but now it is off and on. I figured ...

 Havign bouts of depression?
My depression is getting better. So at times I still get bouts of depression when I put my life on hold for like a little over a week where I would wake up at 3-4 pm during the day & stay at ...

 Can someone suggest a good Eating Disorder Treatment book?
...or maybe one that helps you cope with the condition?...

 I need help. I cut myself, and I'm considering suicide. I'm really confused. Please, someone save me.?
A few of my freinds know I cut, and so does my Aunt. They want me to stop, but I just can't. Now I feel really depressed, Is there really anything left for me in this life? I mean everyone'...

 Why does this happen?
Ok, I grew up not really knowing my dad, so when I heard from him and decides to live with him I was happy for like a month or so, then I got really depressed and started cutting again, and then I ...

 bipolar BF is checking into a clinic??
what does that mean? is it a hospital -- a mental hospital? what kind of 'clinic'??...

Quickest & Painless & Easiest Ways To Commit Suicide.?
I'm not going to kill my self, dont worry.
I just would like to know what would be the easiest, quickest & semi-painless way of suicide? Without a gun or anything. Some thing tha you could do pretty much anywhere if your normal with out a gun?

Get a big dude to snap your neck
The classic hang yourself (breaks the neck)
Drive really fast into a forest and try to dodge trees (really fast)
Drink mercury

over dose on tablets, jump in a river,

Humpty Dumpty
Don't worry you say, well how could someone not worry when someone on a mental health website asks a question like that? Are you an author that needs that info for your new novel? I don't think so, please get help. Call a crisis line, or make an appointment with your doctor or if death is eminent call 911.

Voodoo Experience
Hanging doesn't break your neck, most people who hang themselves are less than 4ft off the ground, it's the suffocation that kills you.

pill overdoses rarely end in death...

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