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My house is a mess and I'm to depressed to clean?
My house hasn't been cleaned in over a year and I just can't get my self motivated to clean it my husband keeps yelling at mw but it just makes me feel worse. My mom never showed me how to clean a house. I just want to know how to be a good wife and keep a clean house I don't know how other people can manage their lives and houses. I can barely get out of bed in the morning.

You husband should leave your lazy a$$. How much is it to learn how to clean a house. Is you personal hygiene just aS baD?

That is pathetic. Get yourself some help. Go see a shrink before your depression or unsafe living conditions kills someone.

I'm in the same position!

you need to see a doc you are probably depressed and some meds will help you

Get a broom sweep the floor, a mop to wipe the floor after you have swept it. Wet cloths to wipe tables and stuff.
Throw ur clothes into the laundry, wash them. Then hang them to dry, then iron them, fold them.
Or just get a maid and watch her work.

OMG Duh!!! I am a guy and I even know how to do all this crap.

Start in one Room and do bit by bit them move onto the next room eventually you'll get it done or you could hire maids or go on how clean is your house! and tell your husband to help as well it is his house aswell after all!

Good Luck =)

hire a helper and watch her as she clean your house.Ask her to teach you how to clean the house.DUH

The Cookie Monster
Get a maid to help you clean it. Or I'll help you. :)

ask a couple of friends round to help you, do one room at a time
my friend is in a similar situation and people don't like being in her house as it's so unkept
seriously you will feel alot better after knowing you're in control of it :)

Teresa Martin
You should talk to your doctor and try some kind of anti-depressant., I have been on one for years and it has improved my life 100 % also ask your family for help with your house work and once you get it cleaned up it will be much easier to keep it that way . If you don't have insurance or need help contact your free clinic or social services they will help you I did

If you can afford it maybe hire a maid service to help you get things in shape while you are so depressed.

Then just take it one room at a time.....one section at a time. Wash curtains and clean windows/mirrors/other glass (tv...any cabinits with glass doors) one day. Dust (swifter/pledge dusters are awesome). Vacume, sweep/mop floors. Clean the bathroom....Bathroom cleaners spray...spray down sink, vanity (as long as is ceramic/tile)....any other ceramic and tile...outside of toilet....let soak for a bit and wipe everything off .....toilet cleaner and brush for inside of toilet. Glass cleaner for mirror (and also makes stainless steel nice and shiny)

Don't be too hard on yourself if you only get a little done. A little is more then nothing. Just break it up and do it one thing at a time.

If your husband doesn't like it, your husband can clean it.

Or get some help from a couple kids.

A clean house always makes me feel better. But I haven't been doing much this past year either. I need to hire a couple kids myself.

I usually tackle just one room at a time, bedroom first. Or I tackle just one detail at a time, like dust everything in the house, then do all the windows in every room...like that.

Mrs S
Just shove all of the **** in a closet and close the door. If it doesn't fit in the closet throw it in a spare bedroom or under the sink or in cabinets. Then go back to bed.

i'm only 13 and our house get disorganized so fast! and i want to remodel our kitchen and all that but first we have to organize. nobody wil help me so i never finish. ask you husband if ha will help you. Tell him you don't think you can do it on your own. good luck

RachelAnne D
Hi, forst of all, you need to seek help for your depression - if you are on low income you may be entitled to help for medical bills or a medical card but this is your first step.
Second, let your husnand know that yelling at you is NOT OK. This is disrespectful and it is verbal abuse. Walk away from that kind of mistreatment - to a differnet roonm or part of the house.
Cleaning a house is not a qualifiucaiton of being a good wife. You are his wife - his life partner and equal, not a maid. Being a good wife or husnband, involves love, caring, understanding, patience, kindness and loyalty.
Wwhy is he not pulling his weight and helping you clean? And indeed helping you get the medicla attention you need. In our house my hsuband does all the cleaning and I do all the cooking, A home is a duel responsibility not based along gender lines.
It might help to talk to a friend or close family menber and ask thenm how theyt manage their cleanign or even talk aboiut how you;re feeling. Of course, a lovign husband should be a good shoulder to lean on and share this with as well.

Gabriel M
i really struggled with the same problem when i first left home. mum didn't really teach me much either. my partner at the time was no help. i had a young baby and he would call me lazy and say the women should just automatically know what to do when it comes to housework and babies... RUBBISH! For a start, having a supportive partner is essential. if you are depressed, making you feel inadequate doesn't help. i started forcing myself to go for a walk in the mornings, and sometimes i really mean force. i walk for 30 mins sometimes 20. without realizing it just that fresh air and getting the oxygen pumping helps. then get home do the basics the kitchen, lounge room. just looking at that motivates you.i read articles in magazines for hints but i realized a messy house is not the end of the world. and more than one person makes the mess. But if there is no one there to appreciate the little things or to help out. you lose motivation. you feel unappreciated. and everyone needs to feel appreciated. maybe as i found the housework wasn't the problem... the relationship was!? now that i am happy and found a supportive partner we work as a team. my house is never spotless, but its a happy home and the people who visit know that. that's whats important.

this reminded me of sims, your house got in such a state, you got depressed, and couldn't clean because you were so depressed, the evil evil depressed sims D:

You may actually feel better once you get started. It sounds stupid and cliche, but it's true, it can be satisfying to clean. Put on some good music while you work and sing and dance along. If this issue really concerns you a lot, see a therapist to talk about your stress, and maybe you might benefit from antidepressants.
And tell your husband not to yell at you, but to help clean too!

Hopefully Helpful
If you can barely get out of bed in the morning, this is a sign of depression. If you are not already being treated for depression, it would be a good idea to have a Mental Health evaluation. Therapy and medication(s) can help you feel better. When it comes to cleaning your house, start small. First start to clear away the clutter. Clear off the table, chairs and floor area. Throw away things that have not been used for a long time. Pick one area at a time. "Today I will clear this corner of the room. Take small manageable steps so you won't get overwhelmed. Slowly you will notice the difference. I start to get clutter in just a few weeks. Throw out some of the stuff in your closets so you will have room to put other things out of sight. I hope you will be feeling better. Good Luck.

If you're too poor for meds then I doubt your house is that big. Just clean it up

You are depressed because your house is mess and your house is a mess because your depressed. I have been through this cycle before. Yes, being depressed can make you tired and lazy. But a clean house can make you happy. You have just got to fight through it and find the willpower to get it done. Start with the garbage, then the laundry, then whatever else may be laying around. Next is dishes, and put them away after they dry in the rack - don't leave them there. Then sweep, vacuum, mop, and wipe everything down. Avoid using carpet deodorizers and air fresheners. They don't cover up smells or get rid of them they just blend in with them. Ten minutes later the funk is still there. Just open the windows and air it out. If you want your house to smell good.....cook. It also helps uplift the spirits to cook a good meal for yourself and others.
Otherwise consult a physician for antidepressants with crappy side effects. good luck.

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