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 How can I learn not to be such a perfectionist?

 I have a child who is autistic and also hard of hearing? I would like any info. on their auditory process.?

 I am intelligent but i lack confidence becoz of my health problems what to do??? plz help!!!!!?

 I don't want to get depressed again, I need advise?
I was depressed when I was a lot younger. From the time I was 9-11 yrs old I was suicidal and on the verge of anorexia, I was also extremely violent and out of control. I managed to get out of it and ...

 where can i get the best books on child psychology?

 I have been on PaxilCR for 10 days now, and I feel HORRIBLE and sick, should I go to the ER or wait?
My heart beats fast and i sweat, then ill feel better for a while, then it will happen again, I live alone and don't know what to do. I called 911 last night, but by the time they got here, I ...

 How does one start living and enjoy life?
I take myself too seriously and never really let loose and have fun. Everyone tells me I'm too uptight. I want to enjoy life and I don't know why I am always on the sidelines..afraid to ...

 Can Pamelor cause Asthma or Respiratory troubles to become worse?
I think this type of anti-depressant caused me to have more congestion/lungs AND OR RESPITORY trouble. (when reading about the side effects I noticed that IT STATED to tell your Doc if u have Asthma. ...

 Is anyone married to a perosn with Borderline Personality disorder, if so how did u come to that diagnoses?

 Seriously WHY am I sooo LAZY????
I never want to do anything at all..... no housework or anything.... I have no motivation......... if im depressed id like to know why and fix it... any suggestions????????????? nothing works any ...

 Does stress cause static electricity in people?
I have been under extreme pressure for a long time. For the last couple of weeks or so everything I touch shocks me. Even non-electric items such as a ceramic statue got me twice now. My family ...

 How come there is no questions if I still have two answers?

 how much percentage of our brain do we use?

 How can people with DID have different blood types?
I have Dissasociative Identity Disorder (DID), and so many questions, this is just one of many....

 How do i get NOT depressed?
Drugs dont work. Med drugs dont work. Therapy dont work. How?...

 Why am I getting sick of all of the answers to the questions I ask?
I really ask only serious questions, and it is like people don't really read what is written! I am really frustrated right now and sorry if I sound rude. Thanks for the great ans. but they are ...

 Anyone know what kills more brain cells, alcohol or mary jane?
Just curious!...

 How do you know if you have an anger problem and what is the best way to control anger?

 How do you know if you have Bipolar or Not?

 Have u ever painted ur face??
This is a seriosu q, did u feel like a different person alltogether...i mean i did, just for fun, and its like i felt that i was totally different....nothing like ym real self..just washed it of.. ...

Marijuana in your blood?
Can it get into ur bloodstream? I thought you only smoke it, not inject it. Cos its basically like a cigarrete isnt it?

To a degree yes. It is absorbed through the lungs and into your bloodstream. It crosses the blood-brain-barrier and it is received in the brain at particular cannabis receptors. (yes they do exist, although I don't know why). It is not in the bloodstream for very long, it cannot be detected after 24 hours or so, but the residual effects are manifested in proteins (i.e. hair and fingernails).

you smoke it , goes into your lungs and gets absorbed into blood system from there ( just like oxygen in air getting absorbed from lungs into blood , oxygenating it )and eventually brekas down and got rid of in kidneys and your liver

you smike morijana not injected and yes you will be discovered ...then take carte what you do.

you smoke it, the THC (and other stuff) is absorbed into the blood (you know like how oxygen is absorbed into the blood) this THC ends up in the brain and makes you hi... it then just sits around in your brain and your body cant do that much about it. . . now if your brain is growing this can be a bit of a problem (Marijuana induced phycosis).

it goes into your lungs and then straight into your blood stream from there. how do you think oxygen gets in your blood??

Summa Scum Laude
wow get off your parents computer!

brandon c
it could

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