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Is there a disease in which you pretend you have something but you dont.?

FANTASY is the disease, something of which men are very ill with.

Yes, it's called hypophobia

i think you mean Munchhausen's named after Baron Munchhausen who used to make up exaggerated tales about himself

hysteria or mimicing , i think

Same as what venus said, I can't spell it either.

Its called , A Hypochondriac, if not treated, it will turn into a psyche issue.

Yes, it's called hypochondria.

REnate told you what it is , and if i was you i would get some help for that too.

bikash p
i dont know, honestly

There is a disease where you think you are sick but you really aren't. Idk what it's called though.

Rudy R
There are two classic conditions in which people pretend to have diseases that they don't have.... One is Munchhausen syndrome, named after baron Von Munchhausen who traveled all over Europe looking for someone who would tell him he was very ill, (though he was not). Munchhausen's really believe they are sick & no proof to the contrary will change this belief. The other condition where people pretend to have a disease that they don't have is Malingering. These people know they are not sick but claim to have exotic problems to manipulate some secondary gain - time off from work/school/social responsibilities or legal problems. Physicians frequently call malingerers, "the bane of my existance". Munchhausens & malingerers are a special problem for physicians because occasionally they really do get sick so you have to thouroughly evaluate them every time because on the rare ocassion that they are sick, they will sue you if you miss something. In the military, Munchausens get undesirable discharges. Malingerers get court martialed & go to the brig. (This is a difficult charge to prove however.)

i believe it is called Munchhausen's syndrome. it is were a person makes up, or invents illnesses to draw attention to them selves, and enjoy being a patient. it is similar to a hypochondriac , but there is one difference. the difference is a person who suffers from hypochondria, actually feels the pain, the same as a person who actually has a psychical problem causing the pain. a person with Munchhausen's syndrome may not necessarily feel the pain.

Yes, but it is not limited to pretending you yourself are sick, women have been known to poison their babies and children in order make them appear sick, so that they (the mothers) get attention.
It is called Munchausen syndrome, and is a psychiatric disorder that can include feigning illness, disease and psychological trauma.
It differs from hypochondria, for hyochondriacs are aware that they are exagerating or pretending.
Munchausen syndrome was named after Barron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Munchhausen, whoes case was documented Sir Richard Asher in 1951. Munchhausen created anecdotes of riding cannon balls and removing himself from a bog, by pulling himself out by his hair.
Munchausen Syndrome by proxy is a situation where one person convinces another that they are ill (ie a mother making a child believe they are unwell)
The disease has been linked to manic depression is some cases but no absolute evidence linking the two diseases.
All TRUE mental illnesses are due to brain chemical imbalances, similar to a person with diabetes who has an insulin imbalance. No one is able to control the release of brain chemicals, some may be able to control their actions, while others with more severe kinds of imbalances can not.

gypsy c
its called being a man.

Hypochondria and you would then be a Hypochondriac

Munchausen Syndrome is when you pretend or induce illness in yourself. Munchausen by Proxy is when you induce illnesses in a well person.

There won't be anything left (=^_^=)
Munchen's Syndrome...from what I understand you also go to extreme lengths to get the "attention". Burning yourself, taking a poisonous substance, breaking something etc....Some sick parents harm their children to recieve the attention!
Sad but true

It *could* be Munchausen syndrome but it's pretty rare. And it isn't a disease it's behavioral and categorized as a mental illness.


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