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Is it weird that I like to sleep in my Mom's bed?
I'm a 20 year old male living with my Mom in an apartment. I am also a night owl, so I typically go to sleep at around 7 am when my Mom leaves for work. I always like to sleep in her bed, though, because it's so much more comfortable than mine. She has really nice pillows and cozy sheets. Do you think this is weird? Should I stop sleeping in her bed?

Nah, as long as she isn't in it with you. That would be the weird part!

Alison O
I don't think that it is overly strange....a little co-dependent, maybe.

But, you should try creating an environment in your own room that makes you want to sleep there. Get nicer sheets/etc.

A Benway
yeah, i'd cut down on that.

diane w
maybe a little too old to be sleeping in your mums bed but what i can suggest is that you buy the same cozy sheets and comfy pillows that your mum buys this may help you get back in your own bed

you are invading your mothers personal space. the fact that you are 20yrs old is really quite disturbing, your mother should have put a stop to this. and you should have more respect, get a job and let her retire!

I think it's weird. Why would you do that? When she takes off her panties, do you wear them too?

As long as you sleep in there when she's away...that's fine. Mom's bed is alway's preferrable to kids than their own!

I mean...you are not exactly a kid, but whatever...I don't think it's weird

It depends on how you define "weird".

I wouldn't say that that is weird, unless of course your Mom is in it at the same time. That would be weird. There's nothing wrong with using your Mom's more comfortable bed while she's not in it, provided you've asked her permission of course...

Wesley V
if you don't want to stop sleeping there then don't if u get better sleep there it doesn't really matter

I think its normal. My parents bed is more comfortable than mine and when they arent around I go to bed in their room. Theres something about it that makes me sleep faster and more peacefully. In my room It takes 30 minutes to doze off and I always wake up 3 times during the night.

your still her little boy, its fine, its cute too!

cats mother
Honey it would be weird if she was in it. Nothing wrong with it thats if Mum dosnt mind. Us Mums have cosy beds!!!!

Ask Freud...

Nicholas b
not really

helen m
you answered your own question it isnt weird to want to be comfortable and her bed and pillows are better than yours just make sure she doesnt mind that you do sleep there

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