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 what to do about people just not right?
hi, I have a bit of a problem with a guy at work. He is obsessed with me. When he walks into the office he stares at me and last year i had several issues with him where he wanted to know where i was ...

 do people try to kill your enthusiasm?
how do you keep it going?...

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My younger brother just lost his rabbit because of the heat. How can I help him deal?...

 I need help. There's something wrong with me?
I don't know what's wrong. Sometimes, when I'm alone and a bit down, i burst into tears. I don't know why, i just cry. And then whenever I'm frustrated or angry or sad, i hit ...

 my 2 yr old has autism...... His head banging has got worse. He bangs his head violently....I am afraid that?
he is going to give himself a concussion or brain damage. He bangs it really hard. His therapists have said they could possibly get him a helmet. Is there anywhere online that I could order one? Or ...

 what can i do...?
i havent been able to go to school and work lately because im so miserable (i think my depression has come back), and now my dad is making me an appointment at the doctors because he thinks im ...

 What disorder do I have?
I feel like I have loss of appetite, depression at times, loss of memory and thinking power all together. I'll have times when I can't focus on thoughts, I just sit there and it feels like ...

 What stops pain,hurt,more problems???
plz answer...i dont want 2 go into detail but u can get a rough idea from the question n the catogory its in. im on meds but i just feel worse on them....

 I can't stop crying, Anxiety is over powering me, help?
I have Social Anxiety and a fear of dying and an obsession with my Heart. I've had an ECG and that was fine but i'm still petrified over having a Heart problem! I now want an Ultrasound (...

 Things are going nowhere?
My life is going nowhere, I don't have the will or the energy to turn it around. I see faces everywhere that are constantly smirking - people dislike me. Images upon images of various suicide ...

 i feel flat....?
why so?...

 Do drugs damage a persons soul?
Beyond unrepairable?...

 School Reunion, Serious Help needed! - do I go or don't I?
I was bullied all through Primary and High school. Pushed down stairs, bag stolen, undies flashed, food squished in my face, taunted in school and in public (you know, the usual). There are only a ...

 am i insane.. i worry about the weirdest things?
i always worry that im losing grip of reality and that i might become insane.. sometimes even a slight movement that doesnt feel normal to me gets me anxious and worried, sometiems i worry about what ...

 my mother has a drug problem and is in complete denial?

 Could I have some motivation?
Hi, I'm going through a rough time in my life and I just need some words of support/wisdom/motivation. The stuff is, this girl I'm in love with doesn't have the same feelings for me,...

 do i have anxiety? :S?
im not sure if i do, im on my period it might just be me being emotional. but i noticed that i worry, i dunno when bad things happen even when they are very insignificant i get upset and cant stop ...

 How can i help those feral girls, who were raised by pigs?
my aunt harriet and uncle jordan live on a farm in a rather isolated rural area. they have two daughters named heather and isabella. they show no interest in their children. they ignore them and ...

 Anyway else sleep all day and stay up all night?
Just woke up at 6pm and Ill be in bed by 9am. Its so annoying how more people dont stay up all night ...

 Why is quitting drugs so emotional for me? Help and advice please?
I'm only fifteen years old, and I've been doing drugs for around three months. Now, three months does not seem like a lot.. But I've done cocaine, ketamine, mdma, ecstasy, and pot a LOT...

Im afraid of dying .. what should I do ?
I have dreams , of how i would like my future .. and its so amazing i have everything in my dreams and in my dreams i cant die because Im scared of dying , dreams cant come true so what am i supposed to do because i don't want to die in my dreams im like a legend in a way i cant die i have infanite money and in my dreams every one looks up to me i do so much for the world . . i do not want to die

penguins rock
become a Christian, and the life you'll have after death will be a lot more beautiful than here on earth cos there will be no sin or pain or sadness. I know that's a bit hard to imagine when your living in a world full of sin, and you might even feel a little scared because there is a life after death. But always remember that it will all work out for you in the end if you become a christian.

The fear of death is quite common, but usually it is not the fear of dying itself. It seems as though you have two problems. The first is the fear of death itself. This is something you will have to get over eventually. It's like a fear of breathing. You can hold your breath for a while, but eventually you will breathe. Eventually we all die, so live life the way you want to now and death will seem less threatening. Your second issue is with delusions of granduer. You believe you will be famous or some huge megastar in your future. This is possible but not likely. By focusing on this perfect future you are setting yourself up for a bitter life. If only riches, power, adoration and fame will make you happy, you will not be happy. You need to refocus your goals and dreams to those which can make you happy.

John Câ„¢
Well I believe in God and that everlasting life concept freaks me out as well.

in your dreams you don;t have to die if you don't want to but come back to reality everyone dies! only amoeba live for ever and they do it by dividing into two individuals hence killing the before one so everybody dies so what to do if something is certain to happen ? noting enjoy all the way you can and hope for the best

a lot of people a scared of dying because they dont know what happends but dont really think about it. try having fun maybe that thought will go away

dont be so negative in life.. just think we are dying everyday. just take each day as it comes. My motto is: you are here for a good time not a long time...

stay away from rooftops and exposed wiring. don't try to run across busy highways. avoid loose tigers and hyenas be careful. live your life. have fun and don't worry about dying too much or you'll end up 1/2 dead , already.

We all think about dying, so you're not the only one. If you have a long future ahead of you, dying is the last thing that should be on your mind. Be happy!

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