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Im 20 years old, i feel trapped helpless, alone, worthless an a failure as a mother?
My little boy is 2 years old now as you can see for previous questions my relationships haven't been the best, my sons father was abusive in the physical an mental way i left him when i was 25 weeks pregnant an never looked back. Then when my son was 7 months old i entered another abusive relationship i became very depressed an suicidal. I had to flea my home leave all i owned an move to an area were im completely isolated just to feel safe. Its been a year or so now an my mood hasn't lifted, i find it hard to get up on a morning i cry every day i feel numb towards everything, my mum helps me alot as i live with her but even shes finding it hard to cope with my mood swings an low state of self worth. The doctor said im suffering from postnatal depression but ive read up on it an its rare for it to last this long. I fell if i carry on this way i will end up loosing my son, he means the world to me an i couldn't imagine my life without him. Im just so confused. Is or has anyone else gone through this an if so how did you pull yourself through?? Im a fighter an will do anything to try an make my an my sons life's better but at this moment in time i have no direction. please help. . .

I suffered the same when i had my first child i was also in a bad relationship but it was more emotional abuse than physical i can totally relate with you with all ur emotions but their is light at the end of the tunnel which i never thought id see but i did. I had postnatal depression with my second also but when i had my third i had hormone injections which i wish i had of got with my other 2. Dont be beaten urself up that ur useless if you were u would be still with the nut you were with ur alot stronger than you think and time is a healer.Your depressions alot worse because of the crap you had to put up with, have you considered counselling and antidipresents? Hope ive helped a bit. xx

Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling this way right now and I'd like to help. I run a forum which is aimed at people suffering similar, mental health, abuse along with a myriad of other problems. We're a very friendly, non-judgemental bunch of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Join, come say hello and we'll do our very best to help you. http://mhsanctuary.freeforums.org/ Nicky (skip)

pink flower
Postnatal depression can last for years, but your doctor can help. Try and do things with your son, seeing your son happy will boost your feelings of positive energy Bright, happy colours, in your clothing, decor, etc can have a surprising effect on your mood. Do your best to leave the house either with your son, mother or on your own for at least 15 mins each day, even if you only walk around the block or stand in the garden, the natural light has a healing effect on the whole of the body and mind. Forget about relationships for now, concentrate on your son and returning your body and mind to a happy place. Not all men are bad, but in your present state of unbalanced energy (that is not saying you are mentally unbalanced, please don't think that, it is to do your the body energy fields) you are going to attract bad energy towards you. I would be happy to chat with you further if you wish. (((hugs)))

Aww hun, you did go through alot..people have been through less worse and worse. you said....you are a fighter!!!!a warrior.... do not give up, I haven't been through the same things as you but close...I haven't dealth with an abuser, but a stalker, 2 of them 1 after the other....and 1 was worse than the other, mentally abusive...he saw how much I was hurting, well he had a field day crushing me everyday! one day I thought to myself that this has gone long enough and I said to myself " you want to play like this, buddy you have met you MATCH!, " I told him off and I fought him (not physically) he eventually crawled back into his little hole!!!!! now, I didn't get over it, I am still scarred by what he did and said. And I was self destructive, even after I got rid this a$^&$$&. I then realized that I have to look forward. Sometime I do look back and think to myself thank god I am out of it...my reality is I will never forget what happened but I will move forward and take care of myself and my family..You have to move forward. you said you have, I'm sure, a beautiful son.... he is your life, you are his life, okay you may be hurt, but talk to someone, your friend/s or family, but don't let this wear you down... I always remind myself that .. when you are in a hole, the only way out is up..... just think ahead, forward, up.... I hope that helps a little...but you know you said yourself... YOU ARE A FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!

AZ Lady
Try another doctor to help you with your depression, maybe it isn't prenatal. There are mental health agencies to help you too. Don't sit around and do nothing you will only get worse. Do you work? You definitely need some help from outside your home. Did u put a restraining order on the guy that abused you? Your not a failure as a mother you just need some help and go get it locally somewhere fast. Look in the phone book, ask your doctor, ask someone besides your Mum to help you. Do it for your baby, girl you can do it if you try.

it's me
Aw sweetie, you've been dealt a crap hand this past couple of years. Yes PND is rare to last that long but it does still happen! Let them help you. Don't go on feeling this way. Do it for your son so he grows up seeing a happy mummy.

I would recommend finding a better man in your life. Stop going into abusive relationships and find a good guy that will take care of you and your son. I'm available ;) haha just kidding, but seriously, find a good guy out there!!

it could be post natal depression however with what you have been through it would be understandable to be feeling as low as you are right now. Unfortunately family are not the best people to talk to because though they care about you they don't have all the answers that you think you need. Are you on any anti-depressants? if not i would suggest you ask the doctor for some, many people feel low at some point in their life and just need that helping lift, however asking your doctor if there is anyone you could talk to may also help you. this will be an outside party who will not judge you or tell you ''what you should do!'' at the end of the day you have questions about your life that you need answering however only you can answer them, once you find answers within yourself and some understanding of what happened to you will you only be able to move on out of this box you have been thrown into. good luck xx

~* Dee *~
I understand this. My closest friend was the same way when my god-son, Toby, was born. She came through it though because I sat her down and explained to her that if she kept it up, she would lose her son, the most important thing to her and asked her if she really wanted him to feel all alone like she did. I was always there for her and I helped her through every step. After about a month or so, she started smiling again, spending more and more time with Toby. She started think positively when I talked to her. If I were you, i would take a break from dating anyone because it seems liek you pick some idiots. Just take some time away to just have your son with you and re-evaluate what it is you look for in a man and then go find the opposite. Just think up and never look down. Things will come back into place.

Modern Major General
You are looking for love in all the wrong places; steer clear of relationships for a while, and start to look in the unexpected places - church, clubs etc for the love of your life. Not all men are nasty! As for post-natal depression - many mothers suffer from this; do things with your child that will make him smile, and feed off his undoubted energy. Good luck - this cannot be too easy for you!

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