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 I don't know what to do, What would you do?
Ok i will make it as short as possible.

I am 17 years, i have had derpression and social anxiety disorder for 5 years, and always asking whats the point of life? and i am also a full time ...

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 eating disorder?
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 Why do i have anxiety attacks when i smoke weed?
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 why are people after me?
people are just always staring at me and shout at me, they tell me to fight them and tell me to do things.

the voices i hear dont seem nice at all, they shout all the time.

i ...

 Do people think that depression is overrated.
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 How do you deal with depression naturally?
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 I feel confused, depressed and hopeless. Can someone give me some insight?
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 Am I crazy?
Im 17yrs old and ive been livin with some of this since i was 13...
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 Is it possible to have depression, social anxiety disorder, ADHD, paranoia, and OCD at the same time?
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 Is calling suicide hotline worth it?
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 Do you think that the act of suicide is selfish or not .?
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 How do you cope with someone who is dieing?
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 Is there really such a thing as getting too much sleep?
I typically get 6-8 hours of sleep and I'm okay. Last night I slept like 12 hours and I feel completely exhausted today and cannot wake up!...

 Do you ever feel like you're crying inside but no matter how hard you try you can't properly cry?

 So, I just swallowed 30 pills?
of a generic allergy relief medicine(Antithistamine).
Can that kill me?...

 ohh please someone help me!?
i cut today again..but i forgot i have a doctor appt tomorrow how can i get them to heal fast..they are on my wrist my legs,shoulders and i need them to be gone..because i don't have deppresion ...

 I'm Developing a Fear....?
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Yeah weird, but when I go to resturrants I don't like to ...

 How does my brain do this?? help!! its awesome?
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its an everyday thing.

today i decided to ask this but here it goes.

1st today i was thinking about "My chemical Romance" and i ...

I sleep 16 hours a day, What is wrong? ?
I have been sleeping nonstop lately, I sleep 10 hours then I end up taking a 6 hour nap in the middle of the day. I think i may be depressed, im 16 and my mom found my pot, so it is kind of akward around her and she keeps making comments like i have no future and i wont go to college, even though i am an honors student in the top 8 percent of my class. I dont know what to do or how to fix my problem. I cant smoke pot anymore even though I barely did, only 5 times so it isnt withdrawl. My mom is always angry, this is the first time she has a reason to be but she didnt ground me or take anything away which makes it worse because I dont know if/ how im in trouble. Sorry for rambling just say anything about the situation. 10 points

Heart Born to Cry
Talk to a counselor or someone that is an adult whom you trust.

‚ô†Mrs Reznor‚ô†
yeah I think you might be a little depressed. that's my average weekly sleep total

your depressed and have nothing going on in your life. Thats probably why you started smoking in the first place.

hmm u might be depressed. i know a lot of ppl might say that ur mom has all the right to be mad at u n well she is but try to find something to else to so u wont be sad or depressed... i tell u something online games like WoW r better than smoking pot. my bro in law smokes pot n im livin with him its messin him up, he can sleep for hoursss! yes the guy is very smart and was a good student but id rather him playin games online than smokin pot... just get outa bed n do something sooner or later ur mom is gonna let go... thats my opinion. u r in trouble n the only thing u can ismake things better for u n ur mom. some might say that weed is better than cigars but seriously! do u want to spend money on something that makes u feel better for a minute, hide it from ur mom and now look at u...u r sad n sleepin all da, besides ur young!! enjoy life... u can smoke weed later in life haha

since u cant have pot chew gum(not nicatine) since u sleep in the middle of the day ur probobally tired from school looking at my spelling u can obviously see im not in honors like u

DANiEL. ;)
Hey man.. That's normal. U just need friends to chill with on ur free time

youve hit the nail on the head, your depressed.
your mum is allowed to be angry at you if she raised you not to do that kind of thing. let her fume for a few months. i hope you have already apologised because it is no good that pot. especially if you are as intellegent as you say you are, dont screw it all up with drugs. But your mum saying you have no future etc, is really really bad. that is not true. she is speaking out of hurt and anger. because her daughter smoking pot says something about her parenting. she feels like she didnt do good enough. like all her hard work raising you has turned to s*it and proved itself useless. She probably feels like a failure as a mother and is angry at you for making her feel that way. not to mention the fact that she is extremely aware of the percentage of college drop outs when drugs get involved. she is really worried about you. you need to have a good long chat with her..

the more you sleep, the more youll want to sleep, and its a downwards spiral. force yourself up. set your alarm and only allow for one hours nap in the middle of the day. no more. Go to a doctor, if its something like chronic fatige they can give you medication. Get some form of exerscise into your routine, exerscise improves mood, makes you sleep better and gives you confidence. Dont isolate yourself, make sure your seeing friends or at least chatting to them on the phone. the worst thing a depressed person can do is shut out from the world, which is easy to do.

the only person who can pull you out of depression is you. Nobody else will be able to, not family, not friends, not even councellors, because youll only hear what you want to hear.

if you try to sort things out with your mum youll probably start to feel alot better.

Good luck my friend, will be praying for you!

pot can make you sleepy!!! But if you are no longer smoking than i am not sure why you need that much sleep.

Could it be that you have just got into the ruitine of sleeping that long and than have nap in afternoon.

Your mum is probably angry becuase she is worried about you.

when your not at school do you do anything to keep busy???

It sounds to be that your body has just got used to having all that sleep.

You need to snap your body out of it.

Maybe start with no sleep in afternoon.

Keep yourself busy even if it means helping out your mum around the house or going for walk or bike ride. Fresh air will help so you dont feel sleepy. maybe even go for a swim.

Try this for a while!! even if you find yourself going to bed a little earlier still make sure you have no more than 10 - 11hrs sleep.

so for e.g if you go to sleep around 8.30 set your alarm for 6.30 - 7.00am get up have a shower this will help you wake up.

Some people do need more sleep than others but not as much as you are having.

Do you drink caffeine as sometimes this can have reversed affect on people and instead of keeping you awake can make you sleepy.

Another thing to think of is, are you eating right??? 3 meals a day etc.

Maybe having a small snack etc in the afternoon will help keep you going or anything with sugar in it.( works for me)

If you try all this and your still having trouble you may want to talk to a doctor or atleast your mum. This way she knows you want help.

I do hope this helps.

good luck.

*S@R@* =]
ooh same problem here. exact same problem. what i did was just went on with life, im not old enough to go to college so i just keep doing good in school and dont bother your mother about it. she will slowly regain her trust. all you have to do is live.. hope i helped!

I wish I could sleep that much

It is possible that it is depression. But it is also possible that you have a lack of protein in your diet. Ask your Mom to make you a doctors appointment. Then when you go have her wait in the waiting room, that way you can talk to your doctor about anything that you need to.
Good luck

Nothings wrong with you. Im 15 and when i moved i felt the same way. Always wanting to sleep and never wanting te get out of bed because there is no point in life right? Well you got to set some goals. It doesn't matter what they are just do something that makes you active. Like go on a run after school. That's what i do. It helps me relax and i get some time to myself. My mom likes to yell at me too and it doesn't make you feel good i know. But don't let her walk all over you and make you feel bad she probably get pleasure knowing that you sleep allot or are getting depressed. Its probably her punishment for your "bad choice" I know parents are gay. But Uh i hope this helped you and just know that you have my sympathy. good luck!

Maybe you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Go to the docs and get checked out, good luck!

blah blah blah
how do u sleep that much if u hav to go to school
i would sleep that much if i could
i jst don't cos i don't like wasting my day

i wish i could sleep that long but just for one night not every so you might wanna go to the doctors, good luck, and dont smoke. haha

Hollywood CA
Pot makes you tired and so does depression so that's why I switched to smoking meth. (Just kidding.!) My sleep record is 18 hours strait. Pot I did for many years but now that I'm older I feel it only makes you not be as good as you can. Now that I'm clean I'm kicking as.

You could have a virus..or be low in iron. This happens to all of us at times. Try a vitamin/mineral supplement that has iron in it. I don't think you are depressed, rather your body is going through it's natural changes, and this is the result. It won't last.

i normally only get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night so anytime i sleep more than my normal amount i cant seem to wake up good and tend to keep falling back asleep, which could very well be the reason you slept so much.

dont be depressed, you are still in school and if you are in honors and in the top 8% of your class you mom has a lot to be proud of. She was most likely saying those things out of anger. Try not to do anything that could in any way possible upset your mom until the dust settles, then after things have settled a little bit sit down with your mom where it can be just you and her and have a talk with her, let her know you are sorry and that you understand why she is angry.

That always seemed to work with my mom when we got in arguments.

she'll get over it...but yeah pot makes you stupid

You may be depressed. Sleeping 16 hours a day is a good indicator that something is not right and maybe you should see a doctor.

I used to be depressed and sleep ALOT after a bad breakup. To me, it was the only way to cope with my problems. If I was hidden in my dark nest (my bed), no one could judge me and I wouldn't have to face the realities of the real world. You most likely are depressed and sleeping too much won't help you one bit, just like it didn't help me. I became sluggish and gained weight...which led to more and more depression. Instead, hit the gym!!! Get motivated and prove your mom wrong that your not an idiot!

You should talk to your mom, I know it's brutal but it's the only way for either of you to understand each other. Chances are she smoked when she was your age. You could be depressed but you should just talk about what's going on, the only way to understand it.

StreakiN RainBow
if your feelings depressed
try going out more often with friends
away from home

dont let it get to you
i smoked pot and drank alot

and i didnt end up like a lowlife
you mom just cares about you
believe me
i have a grouchy *** mom..

you might be depressed but you need to find some motivation and drive. only you can do that. good luck!!~!

just me
The more you sleep, the more you crave sleep. You just need to train your body to sleep less by finding something else to do. Do something that involves moving around. I have been in this type of rut before and yes depression can contribute to it because it is easier to sleep than to be worried or depressed. You still have to get out of the cycle or you will get more depressed because you feel lazy. Good luck.

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