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Paul S
I have a secret, should I ever tell my parents... or anyone?
A few years ago when I was 18, I did something borderline ... insane, and I've never told a soul. I'm wondering if I should ever tell my parents or if I shouldn't just because it wouldn't do anything and it would be pointless. I was very upset one Tuesday night when I was a freshman in college due to a personal issue (i'm a senior now) and I couldn't sleep. I had Wednesdays off from classes and I just laid awake, 2am passed.. 3am passed, and I only got more upset. Just before 4am, I was so upset, I got out of bed, walked out ot my car, and just started driving trying to clear my head. I didn't know where I was going, I just kept driving. At around 7am, I noticed I was getting pretty close to Boston. I didn't know what came over me, but I decided to drive into Logan Airport. I parked my car, and decided to walk into the first terminal I saw. I noticed on the airline screen, American Airlines had a non-stop flight ready to leave the airport for Los Angeles in an hour. I bought a roundtrip ticket, and decided to head to LA for the day. I arrive just after noon. I spent the entire afternoon and evening on the Santa Monica Pier... just watching the waves crash on the beach. It was actually really soothing for my soul and it was actually just what I needed. Around 10pm, I had a cab take me back to LAX and my flight left the airport at midnight. I arrived back in Boston around 5am, drove back to campus. I just barely made my 9am lecture, and completely passed out back in my dorm (sleeping) at around 10:30am and spent the day sleeping. It was one of the most crazy things I think I have ever done... mainly because I have the type of parents who expect me to inform them both when I'm on my way to something as simple as wal mart or the grocery store.. let alone anywhere... somewhat distant. I've never told anyone about my crazy little adventure... and I honestly wonder if I ever will. Is there any point to confessing this to anyone?

just asking
That is great! More people should do stuff like this - we'd all be happier :)

Not totally insane but perhaps not a totally sane decision. I do think you should share this secret with all your friends and family. It's a really cool story actually and I'm sure there is more to it. Your relationships suffer when you actively keep secrets. Of course we all have to have our secrets, but letting this one out isn't going to destroy your life. You will probably find a lot of impressed reactions. Anyway I think your story is awesome so thanks for sharing.

I think that all of that is amazing. It's the kind of thing you see in movies and I think that's great. It's totally up to you if you tell someone or not. If you ever have kids I think that would be a really cool thing to tell them. Or if you want to get it out, write about it. You don't have to tell anyone or publish it, sometimes it's just good to write things down.

That sounds like a really nice getaway. If you aren't comforatable with telling your parents you could tell your friends, significant other, or even kids.

I think it's really brave and cool what you did. Some people would think it was crazy, but a lot of people would really admire you for doing that. What you did was good for your soul, so nothing to be ashamed of. I think it was probably worth the price. Ever read On the Road, a cult classic from the 1950s, but really associated with the 1960s? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Road

Jamie Shingleston Bloy
I don't see the point nor the harm in it. You are 18 an legal to do what you want so what can your parents do.

Chelsea Reynolds
well...not to be rude or anything...but it isn't all that crazy :) once in a while, everyone needs to just get away from real life and do something else-break the conforms of routine. ive done it, and pretty much everyone else has done it at one point or another, no matter how extreme. if it has been a few years, then im sure ur parents wont care. if it were my parents i would have just told them then because they wouldnt have really cared. as long as u didnt do anything crazy like get drunk at a bar or hook up with random people, then its not really a big deal. just tell ur parents-u didnt do anything wrong, u just needed to get away-and everyone knows how that feels. if its really bothering u that much-TELL THEM. they wont care.

That sounds so fun =D that is something you tell your children or like your best friend. Your parents can learn that when they aren't really paying attention or just don't tell them.

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