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SoMeOnE ... =)
I feel like Im being watched?
Hiya, Well almost every night I get the feeling like someone is watching me like a ghost/spirit of something like that. I try my best to get to sleep but I get the feeling over and over and over again. But it is only my bedroom? Because one night it got so bad that I went into my parents bedroom with a mattress because i got so scared and the feeling went away? If anybody has had the same problem and has gotten over it or has an explanation for it please let me no. Sara x :) P.S Im getting shivers down my spine just thinking about it ................................................................... Oh and by the way im only 13 years old! So I cant take much medication because of my age. Oh and thankyou in advance aswell :) Sara (the sleepless girl.......) P.S I am NOT faking this! Oh and by the way im only 13 years old! So I cant take much medication because of my age. Oh and thankyou in advance aswell :) Sara (the sleepless girl.......) P.S I am NOT faking this!

Hi Sara, First thing I want to say to you is that you are not crazy, nor do you need a shrink or meds or anything like that. Your being 13 is an age that is not uncommon for Spirits or Ghosts to come into your life. It can start when your young like I was and I was only 5 when it started happening to me. I saw a ugly gross looking something while staying at my grandparents house. It is like I said is not uncommon for it to start at puberty level. I own a Paranormal Investigation group and we get alot of calls describing just what you have done. It is very scary to feel like your being watched. I still today have those same feelings but the one thing I had to learn is that entities feed off of our fears and that's where you will have to take back those fears and either ingnore them or tell whatever is bothering you to leave. You could also put a tape recorder in your room and just let it run and see what you can pick up. Ask, why are you here, do you need help with anything and you can also say you will help them to go into the light. It is nothing that is going to harm you in anyway except for scaring you. Tell it you are not afraid of it and that it needs to leave now and be forceful about that in your voice. I liked some of your answers and advice and feel bad for you for the ones which were mean to you. I walk in your shoes everyday but now older can deal with it. But, like anything else some things take time like being stronger than the fear. I know so many who walk in your shoes and the kinder answers you got I think they have also or still do walk in your shoes. I will be thinking of you and asking all that is good to help you and to have some Angels just surround you for comfort. Thank you for being brave enough to write about what is happening to you but know you are not alone in your fears.

Lilly S
sara the sleepless girl. i was being serious till i read that. you ruined it. lmao yer i used to get that too.

Margo Roth Spiegleman
it's probally all in your head, unless you have some religous thing where people who have passed away are watching over you or w/e. you probally feel safer in your parents room, because thats what your mentally telling your self. if u tell yourself that someone is watching u, then thats what your going to believe. like when i was little and i had a nightmare i would go to my parents room because i felt that the dream would come back if i stayed in mine. if you need to, use a nightlight for a couple nights until u can finally belive that theres nuthin in ur room. unless u live in transylvania where curses and ghosts are,"supposivly", there is nuthin watching you.maybe its just a parent or gardian just checking on you and when they leav you wake feeling like something is watching you at the moment. just tell yourself that nuthin is watching you and belive urself, ok good luck, xoxox

I don't know about you, but I 'believe' in 'ghosts' (for lack of a better word). Is your house old or new? Did you buy it from someone? Try looking into the history of it, look for the deaths of older previous owner. I don't think you're crazy or anything, I think you're just more sensitive to supernatural activity than other people. Me and my friends got that a couple years ago with our old school. Plus, when we were in the changing room, we heard these loud footsteps coming up the stairs to the change room door so we opened quick, and....no one was there. Take pics of your room when you get this feeling. I've heard sometimes ghosts can be captured on film. I dunno if its true, but hey - its worth a try.

I used to have the exact same feeling. Whenever you get it, stand up and leave the bedroom for five minutes, take a deep breath, and say to yourself, "You're being paranoid. There's no one in my bedroom." Look at yourself in the mirror, and really believe it. The brain is very naive and will believe whatever you want it to believe, so make it believe good things. If your clock has a radio, turn the radio on. Turn the bedroom light on (if you have a lamp, use a light bulb with a low watt power) and read. If you feel like you're being watched again, close your eyes and make yourself believe you're alone. Also, check the room for anything. Usually when that happens to me, I'll look up and see a bug on the ceiling, haha. -- Alice

I think there's a video somewhere on Yahoo Answers that has the answer to all your questions. So I'm told.

Kins M
Hey, does anyone else feel like this in your room? Have you recently moved into this room/house? Try getting your parents to stay in your room or get some friends over for a sleep over. See how they react to being in the room. I don't think you need to see a doctor as you only feel like this in one room. Try it might be something really silly about the room (such as a drafty window) that's keeping you on edge. Good luck and I hope you find out what the problem is.

i ust to be the same why even today i still am a lil parnoided but dw theres no ghost or spirits watching you unless u actually have ghost in your house but i mean if you ve been living in that house for a year or 6 month and theres been no activity theres nothing to worry about ussually. you need to just relax get comfortable and find something to occupie your mind. maybe tv a book texting but just dw its all in your head and if u ever feel scared you always know your not trapped in your room and you can go to ur parents

if it is a ghost show it whos boss dont get scared they cant do anything if ur not scared and eventually they go away

Jacqui <3
Well I had a small problem like it a couple of years ago. And I just switched the lamp on when i went to sleep and it eventually diminished slowly. Sometimes you just get those feelings and its normal if you're scared of ghosts.

Val erie
Well how old are you? I used to also feel like that when I was in 5th grade. It's just probably your imagination. Heck, I used to think that a lady holding a candle with hair covering her face followed me everywhere before!

Todd V
It may be a ghost or you might be paranoid the best thing to do is to ask for help or to just pray to God to shelter the spirits

I have felt the same way at times. My advice is play music when you go to sleep, think of other things, pray to God, close your eyes and try not to open them at all, etc. Most of the time I am creeped out but eventually get over it, but if you watch a horror movie/read something scary/ etc. it will take a long time to get over it lol. I've been afraid for a few days after watching a scary movie.

Kimzzy C
welll it seems like u need a little bit of counsling.,..thats wat my mom did whn i had that feelin when i waz 11.

get a medium in or something

Bunny Girl
I think you're probably spooking yourself. The more you focus on it the worse it'll get. Why don't you have a friend stay over. It might break the cycle.

Hi Sara, I think you should see a Clairvoyant, there could be someone trying to tell you something. I personally believe in the other side and this can really help. Don't worry about it, they won't harm you. I promise. It'll be someone who cares about you and is probably trying to tell you something If you even just tell them to leave you alone because they're scaring you and that you'll see a Clairvoyant soon, this should help too. I don't think you're insane or anything at all, but I do know a lot of people who have had this. Do you believe in angels? it could be related to that. Good luck xxxx

Sec A
You should watch the movie "The Truman Show"... Maybe your life is a reality show and you don't know it! :SSS

Cautious Norm.
Don't worry,they'll soo get bored and go away.

Lee O
coz God is & satan is after your sheety souls

You should have a word with your doctor and in the mean time have a bedside lamp/night light on.

I think you might be paranoid. I think a psychiatrist can help you with that.


Nathan B
Ahhhhhhhhh you caught me! Your it!

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