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 I'm having reoccurring paranoia and fears from scary movies of the past- Please Help.?
Up until just a couple months ago, I loved scary movies. I used to watch them for the thrill and the excitement, and except for a very few occasions, I was never scared. (I was the person that would ...

 What happens if you take Seroquel when you don't need it?
I was prescribed 200mg of Seroquel for bipolar depression. I'm a little nervous about taking it because I'm not sure I'm bipolar. Can anything bad happen if I take it but there'...

 I have Major Depressive Disorder, and Psychosis?
I've been majorly depressed for about 12 straight years with no break. I'm 28, fem. Lately I've seen a few shadows from the corner from my eye, about as big as a mouse.. I'll ...

 What should I do? I get homesick often?
Hi, Im 17 and this is my last year of school. I am extremely petrified of leaving home, like sleepovers or trips with friends, or even going out with a friend shopping cause I've been home wayyy ...

 If I make it myself...?
For a razor burn itch, could i use benadryl? could i put a crushed pill in lotion?...

 can stimulants be used in psychiatry for these purposes?...?
To follow some previous questions I have had on the subject I was wondering if, a stimulant of any kind could be used to help with conditions based on a patients experiences with particular problems ...

 Can you help me with this think I have it figured out but not sure?
Anterior Posterior Ventral Dorsal Superior Inferior 1. Common symptoms of a ____________ hernia include a bulging stomach, whereas an epigastric hernia will often be described as being _____...

 What kind a person is this lady she always so careful about certain (not all) religious obligations But she?
doesn't take care of her own children. Even though her religion obligates her to do so. When she sees her children need help she ignores it....

 Diagnose Me Need HELP?
I have focusing problems I constantly daydream in class even if im determined to pay attention or I just zone out and think about Absolutely nothing.I am unorganized and my problem not focusing is ...

 How to feel less sad all the time and more happy?
Im 14 and i always feel really sad and lonely. i constantly feel lost like i don't belong especially at school. I see everyone smiling laughing and im just there in the corner depressed. Also I ...

 I am addicted! To the sims 3. Schoolwork is suffering!?
I am really addicted to anything sims. Please help. I have AM. My school work is suffering! Oh help, please!...

 is this a symptom of something? trying to be overly content? bipolar?
I haven't been like it in months but I went through ohases of appearing too cheerful and nice where I just came across as abit weird, I remember going to a store and asking for cigs when i was ...

 does anxiety medicine work? if not how can i over come this?
listen, im 16 and i think i have some anixety problem..i get nervous for some tiny thing we need to do in class, i dont want to do it...i dont want to go through crying and not wanting to go to ...

 Severe depression at 17?
I am 17 and I have had severe depression for around a year, but it has gotten alot worse the past 4-5 months. This is not ordinary sadness, but depression where I stay in bed half the time, cry every ...

 The same women keeps coming to my house?
this woman has been coming to my house for the past 3 days asking me if i am my neighbor (i guess she got the house numbers mixed up). I told her no and directed her to the right house. So anyways, ...

 i really can't concentrate on school work or anything?
im 15 & have quite a lot of school work and revision cos of exams etc but i really CANNOT concentrate on my work! i use my computer a lot for my work & i used to get distracted by going on ...

 I just got molested by a man whom i don't have enough information?
I reported it to a campus police but the a*&hole tried to pull me back and grab me on the chest when he dropped me off at school. i don't know him or any info but i've had a lot of ...

 Read description: Why do I sleep so much?
I'm falling into a pattern of going to sleep around 2, 3 in the morning, sometimes around 4, 4:30 if I'm wide awake. That's good and well, but lately I haven't been rolling out of ...

 What are some tips for someone with social anxiety while in a public setting or an interview?
How to keep from getting yourself all worked up? Trembling, Stuttering, thinking too much and not listening to what they are saying. What are some ways to combat this?...

 Why do i feel like this?
For a while now, i have had my ups and downs. I don't have many friends and i have always been shy and quiet. For the past couples years (meaning two), i have been withdrawing, isolating and ...

I cant sleep because im having nightmares while im awake still! please help??!!?
every night now i lay awake in bed for hours...my mind races with different scenarios from flash floods, to getting shot, to my child getting killed or my hubby not coming home alive from his deployment.. how do i make them stop??!!! i wake up early so i know it cant be because im not tired. Its going on 3am where i live and i just imagine the worst things until im bawling in bed every night...My husband is in Afghanistan till April. And my little girl is 5. I hate that i cant stop torturing myself like this! what can i do?? I used to love sleep but now i dread going to bed and i don't seem to have any dreams. Please help me..

Go get help now! Go to a good therapist and tell them everything. Meds or therapy can help with this. You don't have to suffer anymore!

Perhaps you should do something to try and distract yourself from these worrying thoughts eg a crossword puzzle or read a book.Do you wake up and not know what is going on?Is that what you mean by having nightmares while awake still? because thats scary.

Kayla Smith
:O try thinking more happy thoughts, think of your husband coming home or your child passing her first test! You should tell a professional if it gets any more worse.

Strange Music Box
tell your doctor

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