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 Is depression real?
I know some people suffer terrible, but now it seems so many people are depressed, can this be really true?
Why can some people fight out of it and others need every med under the sun.

I am depressed. I am a single mom, I can't find a job, can't get a boyfriend. I need help. I feel like I am
going insane. I don't know what to do. I really do feel like I am going crazy. Its like nothing goes right for me. I try to stay positive but I feel like I'm stuck. I'm lonely, I just feel like giving up sometimes. Like it would be easier to just die, than it would to keep living. I try to accept people and its like no one accepts me. I often feel like there is something wrong with me.

Honey, there is nothing ever worth taking your own life, I understand depression, and struggling with all the problems of life, but you can't forget you have a child or children that need you. Where is your family, your parent's sibling's, any family support at all. Honey we all have someone that loves and cares about us, even when we don't care about ourselves. God loves us, and even if you don't believe in Him, he believes in you.

Em G
I'm very sorry that you feel so sad...your baby is worth living for. My best friend just had a baby a few days ago, she was very sick...it's a miracle that she lived, and that her baby is perfect...i was with her when she was crying over what the baby's last name will be (she's not married), and the nurse was asking her to fill out the birth certificate and everyone was pushing her in different ways...the whole time i just said...you have your beautiful baby...foget about everyone else...do what's best to keep you and your baby safe...which is what you need to do...get help from a counsler or support group...i guarantee you that there are people to give you and your child help, you both deserve it, and if people don't accept you, you don't need to be around them...I wish you all the best

there is nothing wrong with you. you're not insane. you are just stuck in a rut. as per the job problem try the internet, there are job boards EVERYWHERE.
for the guy problem, you should look for someone with common interests..what do you like to do.......look for cuties while doing those things

I can help you with a job and to lift up your moods
email me

You need to focus on the job thing first. Once you have money thne depression over money can cease. Then you can try to find co-workers that will hang out outside of work and get you mingling. Once you have the loneliness and depression down then focus on the boyfriend. You could try and meet people through coworkers once you have established yourself

Find out if you have a Women's Resource Center in your town and go there. If not, contact your nearest YWCA and ask them for a list of resources. You can also call your local suicide hotlines and they can give you resources for getting some medical attention for your depression. Email or IM me if you want to talk. I've been where you are. There is a way out.

Find a Christian church in your community and start attending. Cry out to God and pray that he gives you guidance and strength to keep going. Remember that as lonely as you feel and depressed, there are millions of people in the world suffering and facing problems worse than yours everyday. Keep applying for a job and don't stop, something is bound to come up. God Bless You.

aisha f
you are not the first single mother to go through this...you can't give up no matter what if you give up you are teaching your daughter the same thing...you have to fight to survive....just don't give up please....i am a single mother of 2 if you need a lil moral support emamail me fazalaisha@yahoo.com

i might help where are u from?
email me back

If you are depressed, please seek some help from a counselor and talk about what is bothering you. To have someone to be a shoulder to cry on helps. As far as not finding a job, every city has a workforce development agency, go there and they can help with job training, search, etc. I am sure there are many things that are going right in your life, you just can't see them. If you are lonely, reach out to friends and family, tell them how you are feeling. I know that there are people who care about you that would want to know. Forget the boyfriend, that's no big loss! Men usually make our lives crazy and you have to be strong and respecting of yourself before you enter into any relationship with a man. Sit down and make a list. One side is of your BLESSINGS...think carefully, for example; you have your health, your children, a place to live, etc. Cheer up, it will get better once you can begin to think a little more clearly, that is why I suggest you seek out counseling to talk out what's happening. One last thing, ask God to help you, seek Him out. Go to church, read the Bible at a Bible study class. You will make friends at church and possibly make a connection for a job too. Take care, God bless.

one problem at a time. The job one is probably the most important.

Try looking for something that you haven't tried before but think you might be able to handle. Alot of nursing homes will train you on the job.
Day cares need assistants.
Retail places especially twenty four hour stores will train you on the job and should be starting to hire for the holidays in about a month or so.
Food service jobs aren't for everyone but what about waitressing or some place like Subway (no fry machines).

If you aren't sure which places will train you to do a job your interested in, get the phone book out and start calling around. I bet you'll find something that interests you that way.

Once you get the job going, it will make you feel so much better and then you can work on getting a boyfriend.

First, you need to realize your potential and count your blessings.

Right now, you should take this opportunity to build yourself and your child up, so that you can be the ultimate parent that you can be. Take it from me, a single woman (with no child), i'm enjoying the fact that I am single, b/c this time allows for me to be a better person for the man that is going to be good to me. By eliminating the BS, you are making yourself better for the man that is going to love you and take care of you and your child. Also, have you ever considered that men can identify those women that are down and miserable, and will run away from them to find someone that has a positive self-image. If you don't want to deal with yourself, what makes you think someone else will.

Now, if you die, who would be there for your child (children)? You have to be strong for them. If you are a spiritual person, take this time to build a faith-based relationship with your higher power. Ask your higher power for the strength to continue and be strong for yourself and your family.

Focus on getting back into the workforce. Do you have a degree? if not, consider this as a way to get educated, so that you can be marketable for a better job. check all avenues when looking for a job, and maybe you should consider relocating and starting anew....

You can do it. You have to do it. If you give up, what are you teaching your family? And please, please, don't teach your family that that only way you can succeed is to have a man. There are plenty of strong women, including myself, that can live without a partner. If you need someone to talk to, send me a message....

GOD Bless....

it sounds like you have alot on your plate.
have you talked to a theripist or psycologyst :?
honestly ive felt the same way often .seince becoming disabled and not being able to work i feel a bit depresed and usless i havent dated seince ,my work was mr reason to feel good about my self and with out that i just feel like im some how less of a person.
i often talk to a psycologyst and i do feel better after

First of all JUST RELAX!!!! don't pile a whole bunch of things together!

1. Think and Speak positivly...
2. You have not given up or you would be dead!
3. Don't accept... Make all the situations

Always remember what's the worse that could happen?? you look BAD, or are Embarassed

Just jump in ASK everyone around you for a STEP up and ASK people for what you want?!

you want a job say "I WANT THAT JOB and I CAN DO IT"

You like a man and want to go out with him say: "Hey would you like to have a drink/coffee?"

JUST SPEAK and the world will give you what you want

I really suggest you to see a counsellor.

It will get better! Think of your baby- he/she is worth living for, and that should be enough.
If you need someone to talk to, go to the groups section on the Yahoo homepage, there are alot of parental support groups.

Good Luck and keep your head up!!

we all have our ups & downs your child needs u - if that is the only reason to live itis the best. dont even think about a relationship until u get your priorities taken care of.dont give up. look up MATTHEW 6:25--- it always helps me when i feel hopeless,GOD bless u honey good luck

Nails 4 breakfast,tacks 4 snacks
Jobs are very hard to find right now.I was born with a cleft palate and I feel like people don't accept me because of it.I would start applying everywhere you can and keep applying for the jobs then they will know your serious.a lot of guys don't like women with kids because they feel the kids will take a lot of your time and ect,,,,i hope you feel better

Lost, I've been in the same exact place you are now. If you want to "fix" everything, you need to sort it out first. List everything you want to change. Be serious. ok, DON'T focus on the things that are "up in the air" like boyfriends, and "being accepted" -- those are perception issues, and they change when YOU change. First thing -- focus on the job. Get one. Work it hard. Plan your money. That will lift you up a bit. 2nd, look at some of these things you list as "problems" -- most of them sound like aftershock of a bad relationship -- being accepted, getting a boyfriend,...and as far as the "single mom" thing.....you can cross that off the list, dear. There are more single moms out here than there are coupled parents. We are the new "vouge" -- sad, but true....so don't pull the single mom card. Be happy that you're a mom. Now, what else is on the list besides social stuff and a job? List those two. Tackle them 1 at a time, and you are on your way. An ant can eat an elephant, one bite at a time. If he sits there thinking about how damn big that elephant is, he'll never get it done.

ur depressed cuz u don't have a man not becuz u don't have a job if u had a job u would still be depressed so stop thinking bout a man and astart looking for a job what happened to the kids father he's a man whatb did u do with him and what u want another kid a man is not everything u know i'am single with a kid a great job my own house just bpought a brand new explorer cash and i'am only 28 u make mistakes but u learn do for ur self put ur self first get ur life in order when everything else comes togerther the right person will come along thats why u on welfare now thinking with ur puss and not ur head

Heather B
I think you should see your doctor. I took the time to read your other questions, and noticed the one that made me think your hormones are out of wack. Sometimes hormones can dictate the way you feel about EVERYTHING!

it's not you. it's them. you are special and beautiful cuz you are God's child. these people do not know what they are missing. if you want support contact me dogmicjoe@yahoo.com. and prayer helps. walking relieves tensions. i feel lonely at times and what i do is write poems or jam on guitar.

Ananth P
You are totally lost your control due to depression. to comeout of that be engage yourself in any of the activities like reading books, sports,swimming etc..

Empty mind is devils workshop.

Nothing wrong with you. Just findout you might be having valuable talents in you.


P. Ananth

girl. let me help you feel better about yourself. first of all don't kill yourself, your kids need you. Beside death to yourself is only a perment solution to a temperary problem. so killing yourself is not the answer. Now as far as no one liking you, I find that alittle hard, why? someone has because you have kids. being a single mom is tuff. been there done that, I admire you for the fact you are reaching out. We all have a speical talent, reading good books,hobbies, writing stories, poetry,ect..... You need to find what you enjoy, to get your mind in a positve light. It really won't always seem like no one cares. who nos, your prince charming will come in your life one day when you aren't looking. Thats how it usually happens. your happiness comes from with in. good luck your not alone. if you feel the need to just vent or talk email me ok. Your not alone, be happy.

It's all mind game, don't think much only act whenever you feel negative suppress it by some beautiful thought of your life....think that you are here for a causs... so stay there devote your time in something good

you need to see a doctor for your depression and as you start feeling better life will come into place for you I know I felt the same way and my depression was keeping me from getting a job or a boyfriend and just living in general once I wasn't so depressed I began to enjoy life and people enjoyed having me around much more

I sometimes feel that way too. Im not single, but my husband is stationed overseas, so I am holding down the fort with my four kids here at home. Its not easy, but what in life is? think of it this way... if you were ever faced with a good challenge.. wouldnt this be the best one? You are fighting to make it, so your children can be someone someday! Dont give up on them.. they need you! And, you need you!! Lift your head up, push them shoulders back and face the world with confidence. You can succeed if you tell yourself you can!!

you can do anything you set your mind to! Be creative! ( ;
good luck!

One way that I've become 'unstuck' in the past is by volunteering. It's a good way to start the ball rolling towards creating a new life for yourself.

Hospitals, charities, and non-profit organizations are always in need of help, and in return you get to meet new people, pick up job skills, and get references and possible connections for jobs. Some organizations have paid positions that you may be able to apply for after volunteering with them for a bit. Some even let you take your kids, or provide child care. They are also flexible, so if you need to take time off for an interview, you're covered.

Helping other people makes you feel better about your self, and also helps to remind you that things could be worse, and that you should be grateful for the positive things in your life (that you may be overlooking now, because you are depressed). Just find a cause you care about, look them up on-line or in the phone book, and ask for their volunteer coordinator.

Also try to take courses that will help you upgrade your skills to be more competitive in the job market. Maybe a day course while the kids are at school or daycare, (or a night course if you can get someone to watch them).

At the same time, you need to devote a certain number of hours each day to your job hunt. Make calls, hand out applications and resumes, scan the help ads, go to monster.com and other jobsearch websites. Also take advantage of hook-ups - talk to your friends and family and ask if they know of anywhere that is hiring, or if their workplace is (most job openings aren't advertised, so this is a great way to tap into those opportunities).

Just remember one thing - you are in control of your life, and you can make it what you want it to be by setting realistic goals, and working hard at going after them. I believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself right now. Just take on one battle at a time, and you will be fine.

I've battled may way out of funks several times, and I know it can be done. Just focus on things that are in your control, and once you get that straightened out, everything else will fall into place.

Take care, and God bless.

You are ok. You may need some vitamins and do you drink lots of water.

Don't worry what people think of you. Join some fun hobbies or groups. Your child or children need

Contact me and I'll give you a list of vitamins to take, groups to join and things to do. Before too long you'll turn it around.

I'm a single Mom too.

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