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 relax, i dont think so....?
hey, i find it really hard to calm down and relax, i have a short temper and i am always tense... i always seem to be getting in arguements then i just burst in to tears... is there anyway/thing ...

 General anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder?
How better are you in terms of percent on ssris?...

 I absolutely HATE eating?
I don't know why I do, it's not because I think I'm fat, I know I'm skinny compared to quite a lot of people, and i do think i'm pretty, but I just hate eating. I hate how my ...

 dream about family in danger?
i had a dream with my dads sister and she was in danger..what could this mean? Umm i did not see her that day she lives in Mexico & i live here in the united states.....

 Any teen whose had depression...?
Did u feel just off all the time? Kind of like nothing was the way it should be? like colors lose thier colors? sounds are less appealing? Hugs aren't as comforting? Things like that? Cuz I have ...

 Was I having a panic attack or something?
So yesterday this really weird guy who has had a crush on me for a long time Facebook chatted me. I knew that he was gonna ask me out (since he had been trying to for a while) so I got really nervous....

 Should I go to the Doctor or leave it alone?
On Thanksgiving (last Thursday), apparently my cousin was recovering from an illness and the next day I started to get a sore throat. All that weekend it hurt then on Monday, I LOST my voice and it ...

 Why am i feeling like this?
alright so, for the past week i haven't been eating quite much. i didn't eat breakfast, lunch nor supper, not even little snacks in between. I don't know why, i'm just not hungry! ...

 Why do I hate myself so much?
I feel like I am a monster....

 Bipolar and disability?
Will working part time effect me getting disability? I just can't sit around waiting on getting it. I have put my finance threw enough stress....

 Can I see a counsellor as well as a therapist?
I've just found that although therapy helps me identify my thinking patterns it doesn't actually allow me time to discuss my troubles, shall I ask my therapist about seeing a counsellor or ...

 What do you do when you're scared of life?
I call one of my gay friends over and we cuddle..nude. Now you go....

 I can't live like this anymore....?
I can't live like this anymore....? I'm 18 & my life is literally falling to bits. I don't know how this happened or why, but I've being depressed for years (not diagnosed. ...

 What would happen if you were to be admitted to hospital for attempted suicide?
For something like blood loss Im not thinking about doing it. Im just curious. (:...

 Psychology major going through depression, wont see therapist?
My close friend is a psychology major and is always unhappy. We recently asked her if she wanted to see a therapist but she says that it wont help especially since shes studying the same field and ...

 I'm afraid to go back to school, It's making me depressed....... ?
I hate school with a passion. I hate waking up early, I'm absent a lot, and my grades aren't that good either. There is also someone at school that I don't wanna see but I have to see ...

 anaxiety attack ! crying? normal?? help please?
hi i had an anxiety attack and i got tremors in my hands, also light headed, i start panicking, and rushing around, and hysterically crying. is it normal to cry?? i was crying alot, i felt so ...

 I need serious help ?
i have a obsision with poppin myy hands feet and elbows and i jut cant stoppp dose anyone have a good ...

 hi....i wanted to ask something about psychiatric medication?
i have been going to a counselor for a month now, and she advised going to a psychiatrist for an evaluation since i have a history of self harm and those thought were coming to me again recently. am ...

 I feel nothing. Totally Nothing.?
Advices? I was born in Saudi Arabia. After 15 years of my life there, my parents suddenly told me to go home here in the Philippines. Because of that, i left my friends, my Boyfriend [he is my ...

I'm tired of being depressed, what to do?
I'm tired of always feeling depressed. Its been happening for about 4 years now, continuously getting worse, and now I feel like I can't even pretend I'm okay. I'll almost cry so much more often now. And I don't know what to do. Every time i try to talk to my mom I chicken out, and I want them to know. I want the counselor or someone, but I don't know how to force myself to say it. I'm scared and I need help. Please help!

Blah Blah
your going through exactly the same as me. for instance im crying right now for no particular reason, i cry myself to sleep every night. and i dont have the balls to tell anyone! what keeps me going is seeing my friends, because although they dont know about my depression they are really happy people, and since i am having family troubles friends are a lovely break! keeping organised also massively helps me, although when im feeling really bad keeping organised is very hard. this is only what helps me, i hope it will help you too. all the best, i know what your going through and its not easy.

Bob B
hi i have an idea that could change your life because its changed mine and in ways i could never have imagined email me josh6388@gmail.com

When I feel sad or depressed I usually hang with friends and we always end up doing things that make me feel better. Sometimes I try and act happy but it's really hard. Think of things that make YOU happy. Sometimes dancing to music gets me hyped and happy about myself. Don't worry. Since your scared to tell you mom or a counseler write a note instead.

Sean Peters
Just remember that the second that you ask for help, you'll get it from someone and they won't stop until you're better. You gotta tell someone. The sooner you say it, the sooner you'll get better, and the sooner your life will get back on track. You only have one life, don't waste it in depression.

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