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I'm depressed today. How should I cheer myself up?

Virginia H
Think about all the people in the world that have it worse off than you do. Think of the suffering worldwide and the famine, war, and animosity that others face in their daily lives. Then take a good long look at yourself and ask yourself if you truly deserve to feel depressed when you really have so much going on for you. Give that a try. V

As for today, go out and enjoy yourself by doing something you like. If you feel down, it may be a good time to look at how you are doing in your life and what it is you don't like.
Inventise, make a list and work the list through by looking for options, what you can do about these things that make you feel bad. Go look at the list point by point. It will decrease the overwhelming feel. There is nothing in the world you can't develop a system for :-)

I found a great help in Alfons Ven, I was very depressed a year ago, so I called him up and got myself a 28 day cure. It helped tremendously. Send Myriam an email and try explain what's bothering you. myriam@alfonsven.com I wish you very well!
I'm doing my 8th cure and feel great. A cure is about 80 dollars.

go and do an activity that you like,

clear your mind.

Try to look at the glass half full, instead of half empty. Be grateful for the positive.

find a picture or a memory where you are doing something really zany or weird and then think to yourself "if i wasn't me, i'd be boring!" and then laugh yourself stupid over the photo

tonya j
go outside. run in the park. try to cheer up someone else, like in a nursing home. listen to crazy, funny music. watch a very bad and funny movie...try to distract yourself from your sorrow. take care. call a friend. God bless you

Little Miss Know it All ;)
Watch a good movie with a happy ending like Save the Last Dance or anything by Disney

Go out, go shopping, buy something pretty,

Call up your friends for drinks or ice cream

Do something on your to-do-list you always meant to get to but never did... until today

Why not just stop thinking those thoughts which are depressing??? You must have better things to think about which may actually be constructive

No one
I am amazed at how stupid people are. Don't they realize that
depression is a serious illness? why are you depressed? did
something happen to you to cause this? I usually go for a
drive into the park and take pictures. But if I am really upset, I
just lay down and sleep.
Find something you like to do - take pictures, do a scrapbook,
watch a movie, have dinner with a pal - do something for YOU!

Go Shopping!

visit a friend or family member

eat some comfort food and relax..., and remember to smile...

Life is good...


exercise! and go out with your friends and have fun!

Do what makes you happy that you can afford. Read a book. Take a bubble bath. Eat ice cream (natural antidepressant) Phone a friend. Cry a while then go for a long walk. Look up at the sky. Cook. Clean. Sleep it off.

Megan S
Find a friend, caring relative, or cuddly animal and give them a great big hug.

get a drink

UrbanMyth alias CMG
Try to talk with a friend or change ur mood by pressing the left hand thumb with the forefinger and imagine for example wht was ur launch yesterday and be ready for hapiness almost to pretend that u are happy

tatineni s
hang out with friends and dont be alone or read some books[love stories]

You should go take a walk to clear your head. Then you can think of something interesting to do that will cheer you up. Better yet, have a friend come with you. Besides, there are people out there who have it worse off than you.

When depression sets in...it's like a swamp of Bees that surround you and everything you want to do is boring and things you want to say don't come out right.
If a financial burden is at hand it makes it worse.
The best thing to do is go walking outside and breathe fresh air and maybe jog or take a longer walk. Refresh your mind and or go swimming.
leave the house for awhile visit friends and such. Go to the Mall and just window shop. You will feel better.

go and do something just for you - like paint your nails, do your hair, have a shower or a relaxing bath - make yourself look and feel nice and go to the shops just for coffee, or maybe go for a nice walk in the sunshine - if it is not serious then your mood will lift and you will soon be back on track - if you suffer with a mental illness then write down your feelings - get them out of you and onto paper and try and contact a friend or relative who understands your condition and have a chat to them - this may help you right now. If you like cooking then maybe bake a cake or make a nice dinner or something. Do something you like doing and this feeling should pass very soon. the more you think about being depressed the down you will become. Good Luck

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