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 Please Help! im very worried?
General Anxiety disorder

i have these problems. Im so distressed about them. The problems compounding problems. When treated the ...

 I feel so depressed. please help?
I can't stop crying and all I keep thinking about is ending my life.
please help!...

 Silent Calls... Am I being paranoid?
My neighbour was burgled a few months ago, and i've noticed that recently, whenever I am alone at home, somebody rings the house, occasionally multiple times very quickly.

When I ...

 I have ADHD and I just started to take meds today actually, he prescribed 10mg twice a day of methylin...?
(Methylin is a generic ritalin) He told me that I would definitely notice a change after the first pill, however when I took it I felt no change at all, just was tired. He said to start upping the ...

 I feel ...alone? I don't know what to do.?
Has anyone else felt this way. I don't have a lack of people around to talk to. Its just that I don't think anyone understands me at the level I want them to understand me? So I feel alone. ...

 can a psychologist help a extremely scatter-brained person get a degree?

 Do sleeping pills harm your body?
My mother has been taking Advil/Tylenol PM for as long as I can remember. She takes it every night, and any night I come back from college she always offers it to me so I can sleep. I don't ...

 What Are The Odds Of Being Murdered?
I have a huge fear, actually, it's my worst fear and I feel like someone's going to kill me every minute of my life. Could you tell me the actual chance of being murdered? Thanks....

 If I tell a guidance counselor that I cut myself would they tell my parents?
I have been cutting myself since 4th grade and now I am in 8th grade and I want to talk to someone about it. I was thinking about telling the guidance counselor at my school but i was wondering, ...

 very socially awkward.. will i ever get over it?
I've had a bad childhood. and now at 17 im very introvert, socially awkward. idon't have any friends. i don't even talk to anyone except my bf. it's hard for me to have convos ...

 What Exactly Is A Nervous Breakdown?

 how can you help depression?
i've never had depression or anything but i think my friend is going through a really bad stage of depression ever since her aunt died and parents started fighting. she crys about it all the ...

 Help, how do I stop thinking about suicide.?
I need some advice, my mom passed away about 6 months ago and ever since I lost the desire to live, I feel like committing a suicide, in fact I tried to kill my self twice but they didn't work.<...

 How do you recover from failure?

 Can cutting without intent to commit suicide for the purpose of relieving emotional pain get you locked up?
I have a serious problem with cutting. I am not suicidal and do not intend to injure myself to the point of death. However, it is one of the best ways that I am able to relieve emotional pain.

 Help panic attacks when I'm alone?
Ok .. I'm crazy if I'm with someone anyone I'm fine.. As soon as I'm alone I get panic attacks I can't breath I get chest pains I feel like I'm dying but it's only ...

 Could medicinal marijuana cure or help with bipolar disorder?
I have bipolar disorder, and for Health Class I had to make a pamphlet for a mental disorder, so I chose bipolar disorder, and I read that some people used medicinal marijuana, so I was wondering if ...

 plz help!! do you ever feel that thre is somebody out there that can have so much faith and confidence in you?
that can change your whole life, i mean i was abused all my life, and i just feels so depressed about it, anybody ever feel this ...

 How do you cope with your panic disorder?

 Adhd questions. . . can you get it randomly???!?!?!?
the doctor said i might have adhd i thinks so do i figdets alot in school i cant pay attetion usually i controll it by moveing legs or keeping my fingers busy drawing doodling tapping staring at ...

Geo N
How to regain my intelligence or by other words my full brain capacity?
when i was young, i used to be the top of my class with an average of 90 but when i got to the 11th grade, i stopped studying and maintained an average of 75. But as i got into college, and got into mechanical engineering as a major, i started to fail courses and even if i study, i still can't memorize a lot! plz help!

Undernutrition and deficiencies of iodine, iron, and folate are all important for the development of the brain and the emergent cognitive functions, and there is some evidence to suggest that zinc, vitamin B12, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids may also be important.

honey there is no special way for it, if there were some ways be sure that every one would try it. but there is one way that i found it my selfe and its realy realy effective: try to be able to write with ur both hands in this way u make both sides of ur brain active and it helps alot.try it u wont regret

Its Me
Start exercising your brain.

Play some logic puzzles, crosswords, anagrams, teasers, find the hidden object video games...

Brain is like a muscle. Pick it up and work it out and you'll be amazed at what it can do.

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